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Friday, October 24, 2014

What's up coaches! Lets congratulate coach IGotASxyWife and his Chiefs on his Super Bowl 30 win over Qpeezy's Cardinals 38-35 this afternoon!! Great season to both of you guys and Ron you really deserved it! The trophy will be sent out to you shortly.

With that said, it's time to move onto Season 31. We have conducted the Season 31 draft order tonight. Coach IGSW will be defending his championship with the Chiefs. We will begin the draft RIGHT NOW but we will not be putting any deadlines on the draft until Monday morning, to get everyone caught up and equipped.

Here is the official Season 31 draft order:

1. Trevpap
2. Trigrdan
3. BigDre245
4. Dpanther95
5. Latinyank77478
6. MMXCalibur
7. Dagger27
8. Classo1999
9. Krayzie300
10. Raydar
11. Pauly2110
12. MOF Commissioner
13. Stormdownburst
14. NYRedskins35
15. CheeferD
16. Canesbucs1
17. Beast10790
18. Pettigrew95
19. Qpeezy35
20. Hovadagod_23
21. TeamKA
22. Ukcat98
23. TXSpinRb8
24. Jnice2319
25. BradDevito
26. Uccbrett
27. Woody_08
28. Kckeith57
29. DaHitman7 ®
30. Rookie ® (In process)
31. Rookie ® (In process)

Season 31 schedule is up on the forum, if you want to take a look it's right here:
Also we have the most recent list of team ratings:

We have updated the website with a mock draft. Also MVP voting has also been opened up, so please go vote!

Season 31 Mock Draft:
Season 30 MVP Voting:

We have completely archived Season 30. We updated the Standings, Stats, Coaches, Hall of Fame records, Coach All-Time Records, and SB History. So go check them all out!!

We have updated some rules for the upcoming season. We have changed the 4th down rule a bit, and just reworded a couple of things. So here are the new rules:

2.1.3 - When faced with a 4th down situation, you should be kicking the majority of the time. Our 4th down rules are more relaxed than most leagues, but that doesn't mean you can abuse these rules. That being said, these are our 4th Down Rules:
You are ONLY allowed To Go For 4th Down In These Situations:
a.) 4th and 1 or less on your opponents side of the field at any point in the game.
b.) 4th down situations where it is difficult to make a field goal (ie: Wind factor, length factor, kicker skill level). Inside opponents 40 yd line only.
c.) Losing at any point in the 4th quarter.

2.1.4 - There are certain formations and plays that have been deemed "money" by the MOF staff. The following formations and plays are NOT to be abused.
a.) Playaction passes are not allowed to be called in back to back plays. You cannot call a playaction pass on 3rd down with 7 yards or more to go.
b.) Screen passes are not allowed to be called in back to back plays.
c.) Draw plays are not allowed to be called in back to back plays.

Also the draft process for next season (Season 32) will now be different as well. Coach Requirements will be the only thing that matters this season, so make sure you do your requirements. Take a look:

11.1.6 - We will draft in 4 groups.
a.) Previous Seasons Veterans.
b.) Veterans who did not play 16 games in the previous season.
c.) Returning Veterans from Seasons Past *Excluded from 11.1.7*
d.) Rookies. Any coach who has not completed 16 games in their career is considered a rookie.
11.1.7 - You will be sorted and randomized inside of the groups in 11.1.6 coach activity, aka Coach Requirements.You will be graded with the following format:
1.) A+ = All Coach Requirements Completed
2.) A = 90-99%
3.) B = 80-89%
4.) C = 70-79%
5.) D = 60-69%
6.) F = 50-59%
7.) Incomplete = 0%-49%

That's about it guys, we will be getting 2 more rookies by this weekend and we will have a full league. Good luck to everyone in the draft!

Week 1, 2, 3 - TBD
Week 4, 5, 6 - TBD
Week 7, 8, 9 - TBD
Week 10, 11, 12 - TBD
Week 13, 14, 15 - TBD
Week 16, 17 - TBD

Weekly Radio Show Informationn
Time & Day: 11:00pm EST on Thursdays
Call In Number: (646) 595-3554 

Kind Regards,

MOF Commissioner
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As you all know this is a 100% free league to be a part of. All of the league fees come directly out of the Commissioner's pocket. The most recent expense is the LMS website. So I am asking for a donation for the website service, from all the coaches. It is not mandatory, but it would help greatly.



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1 - 1 Qpeezy35
2 - 2 IGotASxyWife
3 - 3 Pettigrew95
4 6 Beast10790
5 5 Stormdown

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