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Commissioner DypkoCommissioner Newsletter
Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whats up Coaches, 

Alright so here we are. We had a little blip last week with League Central that caused us all to lose our scores and stats. You guys have done a great job getting the scores back in, and i dont expect you all to put every single stat back in, but just do what you can from your past broadcasts. I suggest from here on out, broadcasting your stats at the end of your game. Then when you're done broadcasting, create a highlight of your player and team stats. It will save forever. Just in case anything ever happens again. Also it will make it 100x easier when entering your stats in League Central, you can just reference your highlighted broadcast of your stats. As far as games that remain unplayed or that need to be re-input, i have compiled a list. We only have 9 games unplayed or that need to be re-input, that's excellent guys! Great job, as always:

Games Unplayed / Or Need To Be Input:
Week 3: Baltimore at Philadelphia
Week 4: Philadelphia at Chicago
Week 7: Houston at Green Bay
Week 7: Detroit at Carolina
Week 7: Tampa Bay at San Diego
Week 7: Dallas at Chicago
Week 8: Philadelphia at Green Bay
Week 8: Minnesota at Dallas
Week 9: Detroit at Philadelphia

We have a bunch of things to go over in this newsletter. Nothing more important than Coach Requirements. Obviously player stats, game recaps, team stats, and scoring summaries are going to be excused for the Week's 4 through 6 games that were played before 1.22.15 *HOWEVER BROADCASTS & SCOUTING REPORTS ARE STILL REQUIRED* Anything that was played on January 23, 2015 and further, you will be required as usual, to enter your requirements. In addition, anything I had previously recorded regarding your requirements, will stand. (Week's 1 through 3). This will be difficult to compile, so be patient with me. If i make a mistake, just let me know, but all Stats, Recaps and Scoring Summaries for Week 4 through 6 will be excused.

Also, a few of you guys have asked about the system. Every Wednesday night, i will go through the requirements. So that means you have a few more days after the deadline to enter your requirements. If you play a game after the deadline, you are still required to enter your requirements. Only exception is if you play a game 24 hours before i check requirements. So you'd have to play a game 2 days after the deadline to be excused. *Take a deep breath...* I know that's alot to take in. So anyone with any questions, let me know.

As far as logins to the website. They have changed. MMX created new usernames and passwords. If you cannot get into the website, your username is in the standings portion of League Central, and your password will be your teams abbreviation. (Tampa Bay = TAM, New Orleans = NOR, New England = NWE, Kansas City = KAN, etc.) 

I will have a radio show tomorrow night to catch us all up to speed, and get us back on the right track, so make sure to tune in at 11pm EST.

MMX has created a portion of the website where you can make expert picks! Just hover over your name on the right, and click Weekly Predictions. You can pick games up until they are opened. So right now you cannot pick anything but Week 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. Once the week is opened, you can no longer make a prediction. Test it out, we might do something fun with this next season!

With all of that said, before we get into the requirements update, Weeks 10, 11, and 12 are open. As far as weekly awards, i will end up doing a bunch of them next week. The stats just arent completely in from everyone yet to have an accurate POTW system.

 We also have updated the website with the following:
 Power Rankings: 
 Expert Picks Week 10, 11, 12: 
 (Remember to refresh the page if you do not see updated content)

Okay so coach requirements. The standings are in the chart below. If you believe I made a mistake, which does happen, just please let me know and show me proof. There is still some issues with broadcasting, if i dont see the game archived in your list, then to me you didn't broadcast. If it's labeled something else, then relabel it and show me! So here it is:

Coaches having Issues Broadcasting:
Pauly2110 - Naming all broadcasts "SB" and not archiving
Mellomoney93 - Naming all  broadcasts "NFL game"

Explanations Week 4 through 6
New Orleans Saints (Pauly2110) - No Broadcast Week 4 vs Falcons
Atlanta Falcons (Classo1999) - No Scouting Report Week 4 vs Saints, No Scouting Report Week 5 vs Vikings, No Scouting Report Week 6 vs Raiders
Miami Dolphins (Qpeezy35) - No Scouting Report Week 4 vs Bills, No Scouting Report Week 6 vs Patriots
Tennessee Titans (Woody_08) - Incomplete Scouting Report Week 4 vs Colts - Only Posted Video, No Scouting Report Week 5 vs Raiders, Incomplete Scouting Report Week 6 vs Chiefs - Only Posted Video
Minnesota Vikings (Krayzie300) - No Scouting Report Week 5 vs Falcons, No Broadcast Week 6 vs Bears
Chicago Bears (Trigrdan) - No Scouting Report Week 5 vs Texans, No Scouting Report Week 6 vs Vikings
New York Giants (BradDevito) - No Scouting Report Week 5 vs Browns
Green Bay Packers (CheeferD) - No Scouting Report Week 5 vs Jaguars, No Scouting Report Week 6 vs Buccaneers
New York Jets (MrRoclo) - No Scouting Report Week 5 vs Dolphins, No Scouting Report Week 6 vs Cardinals
Oakland Raiders (Mellomoney93) - No Broadcast Week 5 vs Titans, No Scouting Report Week 6 vs Falcons
San Diego Chargers (CombatCook84) - No Scouting Report Week 6 vs Broncos

Explanations Week 1 through 3
Washington Redskins (Jnice2319) - No Scouting Report Week 1 vs Eagles
New York Jets (MrRoclo) - No Scouting Report Week 1 vs Steelers
New Orleans Saints (Pauly2110) - No Broadcast Week 1 vs Bears
Detroit Lions (TeamKA) - No Broadcast Week 1 vs Vikings
Atlanta Falcons (Classo1999) - No Scouting Report Week 1 vs Cardinals, No Scouting Report Week 2 vs Rams, No Broadcast & Scouting Report Week 3 vs Seahawks
Tennessee Titans (Woody_08) - No Scouting Report Week 1 vs Dolphins, No Scouting Report Week 2 vs Broncos, No Scouting Report Week 3 vs Texans
New York Giants (BradDevito) - No Scouting Report Week 2 vs Eagles

Season 32 Rule Changes (Quick Overview)

Gameplay Changes
+ All-Madden settings automatically turn off your tackling cone and kicking arrows. Kicking arrow is ALLOWED to be used however the tackling cone is NOT ALLOWED:
To turn on the Kick Aiming Arc go to Settings > Visual Feedback > Kick Aiming Arc - On.
To turn off the tackling cone go to Settings > Visual Feedback > Defensive Graphics - None.

+ 1.1.12 Banned Playbooks - The Eagles, Run 'n' Shoot, & Pistol Offensive Playbooks are NOT allowed to be used.

+ 2.1.4 - We do not have any strict depth chart rules. The only thing that we ask is that you DO NOT sub in a HB when running the FB Dive. Also, make sure any substitutions you make, on depth chart or formation subs, are realistic. Basically if you do not see it on Sunday, we should not be seeing it in the MOF.

+ 2.1.3 - When faced with a 4th down situation, you should be kicking the majority of the time. Our 4th down rules are more relaxed than most leagues, but that doesn't mean you can abuse these rules. That being said, these are our 4th Down Rules:

You are ONLY allowed To Go For 4th Down In These Situations:
             a.) 4th and 1 or less on your opponents side of the field at any point in the game.
             b.) Situations where it is difficult to make a field goal (ie: Wind factor, length factor, kicker skill level). Inside opponents 40 yd line only.
             c.) When there is 5 seconds or less left in the 1st half and you are in throwing distance for a hail mary. (Only from your 40 to your opponents 40 yard lines).
             d.) Losing at any point in the 4th quarter.
             e.) Losing by 28 points or more at any time in the game.

+ 2.1.4 - There are certain plays that we have rules on. These plays also cannot be used in excess as well as the following situations:

             a.) Playaction passes are not allowed to be called in back to back plays. You CANNOT call a playaction pass on 3rd down with 7 yards or more to go. (This includes calling a Playaction pass and bypassing the RB animation or hot routing the RB)
             b.) Screen passes are not allowed to be called in back to back plays.
             c.) Draw plays are not allowed to be called in back to back plays.

             d.) FB Dive can only be used inside your 5 yard line or inside your opponents 5 yard line.

+ 2.1.6 - No huddle offense should never be abused. You can use No huddle at any time, as a change of pace, but you should not base your entire offense on No Huddle.

+ 2.1.7 - There has been issues with Madden '15 with bypassing the RB animation during Playaction passes. There is no reason to do this unless you are trying to cause some sort of glitch. If you do not want to call a Playaction pass, then don't call one. Hitting R2 to bypass the animation or hot routing the RB to bypass the animation while you are under center is considered a glitch in the Madden community. While we will not have any rules against this, if it becomes a problem we will further look into putting a rule in place.

+ 2.3.2 - After you manually move a player pre-snap, you can't just change immediately after the ball is snapped. That's just like moving a guy than switching to a D-Lineman. If you move any player on defense pre-snap you must stay in control of him for the majority of the play, if you need to change to get after the QB or HB you can do that after the play developed, but until than you must stay controlling the player you manually moved pre-snap.

2.4.6 - It is known that if you call a squib kick when the return team is in an onside return formation, you will recover the squib kick 99% of the time if you barely move the power meter. You will NOTT
be allowed to call squib kick in onside kick situations.

Draft Configuration Changes
11.1.6 - We will draft in 4 groups.
              a.) Previous Seasons Veterans.
              b.) Veterans who did not play 16 games in the previous season.
              c.) Returning Veterans from Seasons Past *Excluded from 11.1.7*
              d.) Rookies. Any coach who has not completed 16 regular season games in their career is considered a rookie.

+ 11.1.7 - You will be sorted and randomized inside of the groups in 11.1.6 coach activity, aka Coach Requirements. You will be graded with the following format:
(Remember previous seasons non-playoff teams will always pick in front of previous seasons playoff teams inside these groups)

              1.) A+ = All Coach Requirements Completed

              2.) A = 90-99%

              3.) B = 80-89%
              4.) C = 70-79%
              5.) D = 60-69%
              6.) F = 50-59%
              7.) Incomplete = 0%-49%

MOF Super Bowl Changes

+ 12.1.1
- Starting Season 32 we will rotate the AFC and NFC home team for the Super Bowl regardless of their record.

              1.) All odd seasons the AFC will be the home team.

              2.) All even seasons the NFC will be the home team.
+ 12.1.2 - You must play the Super Bowl in the Super Bowl stadium in the game. Every installment of Madden has the Super Bowl stadium as a selection.

+ 12.1.3 - You must give the league adequate amount of time to watch the game. Everyone definitely wants to watch the game, so try and give an announcement 24 hours before you play the game.

Season 32 Deadlines
Week 1, 2, 3 - Date Opened: Monday, January 5 | Date Closed: Sunday, January 18
Week 4, 5, 6 - Date Opened: Wednesday, January 14 | Date Closed: Sunday, January 25
Week 7, 8, 9 - Date Opened: Wednesday, January 21 | Date Closed: Sunday, February 1
Week 10, 11, 12 - Date Opened: Wednesday, January 28 | Date Closed: Sunday, February 8
Week 13, 14, 15 - Date Opened: Wednesday, February 4 | Date Closed: Sunday, February 15
Week 16, 17 - Date Opened: Wednesday, February 11 | Date Closed: Sunday, February 22

Weekly Radio Show Informationn
Time & Day: 6:00pm EST on Thursdays
Call In Number: (646) 595-3554 

Kind Regards,

MOF Commissioner
President | Madden Online Football
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MOF League Central |
Forum |
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AIM | MOFCommissioner
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Coach Krayzie is (5-2) currently with the Vikings and they are talking about them being the top team in the NFC North! They lost their two games in division, which hurts in the long run, but if they can keep playing great and winning games, they can easily be a dark horse this season!!



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As you all know this is a 100% free league to be a part of. All of the league fees come directly out of the Commissioner's pocket. The most recent expense is the LMS website. So I am asking for a donation for the website service, from all the coaches. It is not mandatory, but it would help greatly.



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2 3 Canesbucs
3 2 IGSW
4 6 BigDre245
5 12 Raydar

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