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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What's up coaches!

I'm happy to announce that Coach Leetpenith's Jaguars have defeated Beast10790's Seahawks 38-17 in the Superbowl tonight! Congrats to Leet he had one hell of a season and now its time to celebrate!! I know everyone is anxious to start Season 36's off-season asap, and trust me i want to get us there asap as well. The off-season will be starting tomorrow night at 8pm EST. Everyone will have 24 hours to view retired players and resign players. The schedule will be as follows:

  • Re-sign expiring contracts - You will have 24 hours to complete

  • Free-Agent Signing (3 Trials) - You will have 24 hours per trial

  • Scouting. - You will have 24 hours to scout players

  • The Player Draft - right now it looks like the draft's most voted on day and time will be Monday February 8th and 8pm EST. I still need everyone to vote on what days work for you, you can choose more than one remember. Please check your email today i did send that form.

  • You are NOW allowed to post on the trade confirmation board if you have trades completed between both parties.

During here until then, the staff and i will iron out some modified and added rules. So far this is what we have, i want everyone to check all the rules because some things have changed. You will be responsible for knowing everything. If you have any questions please let me know. I'll add below what we added and or changed:

  • @ Enzo, you are still not signed into the PS4 because you were accidentally fired. You need to go claim your team before we advance to the off-season.\

  • The Yearly Award polls have closed and now its time to vote for MVP!! Please go here to vote for the MVPs

That's about it for now guys, please make sure to be on tomorrow when we advance , to get a head start!!

MOF Season 36 Rule Changes: (Quick Overview)

4th Down Modification:
Situations when it's 4th and 1 or less inside the opponents 40 to 30, where it is difficult to make a field goal
- Wind factor, if it's too windy to kick a FG
- Kickers skill level, if you have a kicker with low kick power
- Lag issues. If your game is having lag, you are allowed to go for it

We will no longer be changing teams at any point.

Trade Voting Modification:
- You cannot process the trade on the PS4 until the trade is accepted by the MOF . Once trade is agreed upon two parties, the trade will be up for a vote through googledocs. It will be open for 24 hours. It will take 75% of the vote to pass a trade. If you decide to veto a trade, we will need a comment as to why.
*You will be prohibited from talking about voting on trades on groupme. If you are caught dissecting someone's trade publicly on groupme chat, you will have a player suspended for your upcoming game*

3.7.1 - After the Super Bowl ends, the staff will take 24 hours (or less) to do a coach by coach evaluation, rule change proposals, and anything else that will need to be discussed before advancing to the offseason.
3.7.2 - You can process trades the entire off-season, you will be allowed 3 off-season trades according to the rules. Once the pre-season begins, you will then be pushed to the in-season trade rules.
3.7.3 - You will need to be active during the off-season, to make sure you do not miss any important team timeline projects.
Re-sign expiring contracts - You will have 24 hours to complete
Free-Agent Signing (3 Trials) - You will have 24 hours per trial
Scouting. - You will have 24 hours to scout players
The Player Draft - I will set a time and day where the draft will take place if you cannot make it, you will be autopicked

5.1.1 - From here on out if any games have to be simmed, for any reason, the quarter length will be dropped to 2 minutes for the sim to prevent extremely high scores.

7.1.1 - The MOF has provided a system of disciplinary actions if rules or broken on the field, or off the field. If you violate any of the below guidelines, you will have a player suspended for your next regular season game. The staff will determine that player. If any staff members are directly involved in that team, they will not have a vote:
7.1.2 - If you are to break any gameplay rules that are in the rulebook during a game. The rulebreak must have video evidence, or admittance by the coaches themselves. Which is why we make it a point to tell you to broadcast your games, just in case.
7.1.3 - If you complain about your current game or opponent on the main groupme chat. If your opponent breaks a rule during your game, pause the game. Text your opponent and if it requires staff input message a staff member privately on groupme to review the issue. You are in no way to discuss issues on the main groupme chat.

* If you violate any of these guidelines multiple times, the MOF staff has the right to remove you completely from the league *

8.2.1 - We realize that with the jump to EA CFM that we are limited in determining if a complaint is warranted to a game replay. So we have come up with a system to help us the best we can.
8.2.2 - If you believe that your opponent broke a rule and that will directly effect the outcome of your game, PAUSE the game immediately. Do not let the game finish, because if you do, we won't be able to do anything. After you pause the game, text your opponen, and tell them that you are talking to a staff member about what happened. Post a message on the groupme chat, asking if there is a staff member here. A staff member will then reach out to you privately. Please explain what happened to that staff member. If you have video evidence, that will be needed to review. We will act quick to decide if the rule break will have a direct effect on the outcome of the game. If it does, you will quit the game and replay it.

Disconnection / Lag Issues Modification
9.1.7 - If a player is injured during your game, and your game is then disconnected, that player will remain "injured" depending on the severity of the injury. We will grab a list of the injuries in Madden '16 and make a list. If your player suffers anything more than a week injury, you CANNOT play him for that week or for however many weeks he is deemed "injured". This is to prevent anyone disconnecting the game on purpose after a key injury.

Kind Regards,

MOF Commissioner
President | Madden Online Football
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The NEW MOF Radio debuts Season 36 with JP and Leet taking the reigns! When they go live it will automatically start playing here on our website. Make sure to follow MOFRadio on Twitch to know exactly when we are set to debut!!




The dominance of Brandin Cooks has lasted all season long and some people say he single handedly won the NFC South title for the New Orleans Saints and coach Airik. His numbers are absolutely off the charts, and are MVP worthy. Not only that, but he was 117 yards away from breaking the MOF single season receiving yards record.

108 Receptions, 2,704 Yards, 19 Touchdowns



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As you all know this is a 100% free league to be a part of. All of the league fees come directly out of the Commissioner's pocket. The most recent expense is the LMS website. So I am asking for a donation for the website service, from all the coaches. It is not mandatory, but it would help greatly.



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1 - 1 Beast10790
2 - 2 Qpeezy35
3 4 Trigrdan
4 5 CheeferD
5 7 Jdidd

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