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Commissioner Newsletter
Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What's up coaches! 

We have officially opened up the rest of the season. We are looking to end the regular season on Monday October 19th, which means i want all games played by Sunday October 18th, including overdue games, replacement games, etc. Whatever is not played by October 19th, will be simmed. Also, pay attention to the deadlines in this newsletter, each set of games has their own deadline too.

We have a new Jets coach, it's Jdidd and his information is on the website, he's already got a buttload of games in, so great job!!  Also, Coach Roclo will be subbing for the Rams for the duration of the season. So please get with Roc to schedule your games vs the Rams. Also the Rams will be disqualified for post-season play. 

Season 35 is right around the corner, and i will be putting up a sign up thread in the next few days. There has been alot of discussion among the staff to reduce the number of teams going forward. Due to the inactivity of some coaches, and the continuous struggle to try and get a solid active 32 coaches, we will be reducing the number of teams going forward. I'm not sure if it's going to be reduced to 28 or 26, but that's the number im looking at. I want a solid, active, group of coaches and if this is what we have to do, then its whats best for business. I will keep you all in the loop about the decision, and the details, but either way, the MOF will improve from here on out, no matter what it takes. I'm also not completely throwing away the idea of 32 coaches, but right now, that's the plan.

In addition, we have updated the website: 

Updated: (Remember to refresh the page if you do not see updated content


*Keep in mind, if you have a game simmed that is YOUR fault, you will be disqualified for the post-season*
*If you or your opponent is currently on vacation, please let me know, i will be lenient with you*

WEEK 8 through 10 - Deadline Monday, October 12, 2015 - 7am EST is when i will be simming these games
Week 8: Ny Giants at New Orleans
Week 8: Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Week 8: Tennessee at Houston
Week 8: Green Bay at Denver
Week 9: Cleveland at Cincinnati
Week 9: Green Bay at Carolina

WEEK 11 through 13 - Deadline Monday, October 12, 2015 - 7am EST is when i will be simming these games
Week 11: Green Bay at Minnesota
Week 11: Cincinnati at Arizona
Week 12: Chicago at Green Bay
Week 12: New Orleans at Houston
Week 12: Buffalo at Kansas City
Week 12: Oakland at Tennessee
Week 12: Baltimore at Cleveland
Week 13: Carolina at New Orleans
Week 13: Cincinnati at Cleveland
Week 13: Indianapolis at Pittsburgh

(I will be more lenient with the Rams and Jets games because they literally just signed up or took over)

Week 1: Philadelphia at Atlanta
Week 3: Philadelphia at Ny Jets
Week 5: Indianapolis at Houston
Week 5: New Orleans at Philadelphia
Week 6: San Diego at Green Bay
Week 7: Cleveland at St. Louis
Week 7: Oakland at San Diego
Week 7: Philadelphia at Carolina
Week 8: San Francisco at St. Louis
Week 8: Ny Jets at Oakland
Week 9: St. Louis at Minnesota
Week 9: Philadelphia at Dallas
Week 11: Indianapolis at Atlanta
Week 11: Ny Jets at Houston
Week 11: St. Louis at Baltimore
Week 12: Philadelphia at Detroit
Week 12: St. Louis at Cincinnati
Week 12: Miami at Ny Jets
Week 13: Ny Jets at Ny Giants
Week 13: Arizona at St. Louis
Week 13: Philadelphia at New England

Enjoy the update fellas!

Season 34 Rule Changes (Quick Overview)

Settings Changes

1.1.10 Weather - According To Your Teams Cities Current Weather (Go to and see the current weather)

1.1.11 Allowed Playbooks
 - Any stock or custom playbook is allowed. However, remember the sim rule and if a playbook causes you to play "unsim" football, then that will be addressed.

+ 2.2.1 - Draining the clock is only allowed with 3:00 left in either half, or overtime. Other than those specific times we strongly suggest that the ball be snapped before 10 seconds left on the playclock. With the accelerated clock being 20 seconds, you will break the huddle with 20 seconds left, so that gives you 10 seconds to audible and hot route. We understand that package formations, audibles, and hot routes can take up some play clock and sometimes you will go under 10 seconds, but we do not want to see the playclock habitually going under 10 seconds while the clock is running. *Suggestion: Try and make your formation subs when the clock is stopped to avoid clock draining. (The only exception to this rule is the Mercy Rule Section 2.5.1)

+ 2.2.3 - Play-Action Edit:

You CANNOT call a playaction pass on 3rd down with 10 yards or more to go. (This includes calling a Playaction pass and bypassing the RB, WR, or TE animation or hot routing the RB, WR, or TE)

+ 2.2.4 - Edits
We removed the PlayAction, Screen, and HB Draw back to back plays. You can use these plays back to back, but remember to remain sim.


Coach Requirement Changes

8.1.5 - Scouting reports are NO LONGER MANDATORY. If you want to scout your opponent, please go through their twitch broadcasts.


Season 34 Deadliness
Week 1, 2, 3, 4 - Date Opened: Thursday, September 3 | Date Closed: Sunday, September 13

Week 5, 6, 7 - Date Opened: Wednesday,
September 10 | Date Closed: Sunday, September 20
Week 8, 9, 10 - Date Opened: Wednesday,
September 17 | Date Closed: Sunday, September 27
Week 11, 12, 13 - Date Opened: Wednesday, September
24 | Date Closed: Sunday, October 4
Week 14, 15 - Date Opened: Wednesday, October
1 | Date Closed: Sunday, October 11
Week 16, 17 - Date Opened: Wednesday, October 8 | Date Closed: Sunday, October 18

Weekly Radio Show Information
Time & Day: Wednesday's or Thursday's 11pm EST
Call In Number: (646) 595-3554

Kind Regards,

MOF Commissioner
President | Madden Online Football
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Well that was fast. Coach NYRedskins35 is back being the focal point of the MOF. He has won 4 superbowls in his career, and now he's started (9-2) in the newest edition of Madden, in Season 34.

He's also doing it without RG3. He's started Kirk Cousins and through 11 games Kirk has 3,156 yards passing, 31 touchdowns and only 12 interceptions. Incredible numbers for MVP candidate Cousins.



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As you all know this is a 100% free league to be a part of. All of the league fees come directly out of the Commissioner's pocket. The most recent expense is the LMS website. So I am asking for a donation for the website service, from all the coaches. It is not mandatory, but it would help greatly.



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The MOF has announced today that they have opened up a merchandise store. Featuring T-shirts, hats, mugs, sweatshirts, women's apparel, kids apparel, and much more. Click on the image to the left to visit the store and purchase items today! Click here to enter the store



1 2 MMXcalibur
2 1 NYRedskins
3 7 Pauly2110
4 14 Beast10790
5 4 JFon

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