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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What's up coaches! Well we have 1 week to go in Season 29's regular season, and we basically have seeding left to determine, as well as 1 playoff spot in the NFC between the Packers and Bears.

The regular season will end on Sunday April 27th, if there are games scheduled for Sunday, that's fine, we will start the playoffs on Monday then. But if possible, we can start the playoffs Sunday.

I wanted to touch base on Season 30. We will be trying our best to get in another season or two before the new game comes out. To sign up for the new season visit this link:  remember you MUST sign up here if you want to be a part.

I emailed some old MOF veterans as well because I'm thinking of doing something different for Season 30. As we all know our League Central website is going down on May 1st for maintenance throughtout the summer. So after weeks of thought, I think our best option is running a CCM season, with the most up to date custom rosters we can find, including 2014 draft picks.

This will not be a normal CCM though, we will not have trades, free-agent pickups, a draft, or injuries. I want to keep it as close to the MOF vest as possible. So if we complete a season in CCM, we'll just restart and do another one.

As far as advancing. I figured we can advance every Monday, and Every Thursday. This way we can probably fit in 2 more seasons.

I want everyones opinion on this, but i think it will keep the MOF fresh, especially if we use Custom rosters. I can download rosters off Operation Sports. They usually have up to date madden rosters, including all free-agent moves, and created draft guys, like Manziel, etc.

So if you are interested, please sign up on the forum.

I will be including this in every single newsletter from here on out: I want to really make it clear on how you should be scheduling your games. You can check the rules here:  and click game scheduling to see it all. But let me go through what should be done when weeks open:

1. As soon as weeks open, you should be texting your opponents to set up your game.
2. If you do not hear from your opponent in 24 hours after your text, post on the forum your availability and post it in the correct game thread in the game scheduling forum.
3. If you do not hear from your opponent in 3 or 4 days then let the Commissioner know.
4. If you do not hear from them in 8 or 9 days, then definitely tell someone.
5. If the game passes the deadline, and we still havent heard from your opponent, then we have the correct backing in place to obviously see who was trying to get the game in.

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Radio Show Phone #: (646) 595-3554

Kind Regards,

Commissioner Dypko
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Coach Pauly has resurrected his career once again, this time with the MOF's all-time greatest team, the Chicago Bears. He's currently sitting at (10-2) and behind Green Bay in the standings, but there's no team hotter than the Bears right now, and if the MOF gods had it there way, we'd see a DeVito/Pauly SuperBowl for old times sake.

Once you break down the numbers, Madden '25 on the PS4 has been wonderful for good ol' Pauly. The Bears have the #1 ranked defense, by far in the MOF, giving up 185.0 Yards per game. He's 2nd in takeaways, with 38. And he's first in giveaways, with just 11. Pauly's recipe for success is driving him right to the title.



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As you all know this is a 100% free league to be a part of. All of the league fees come directly out of the Commissioner's pocket. The most recent expense is the LMS website. So I am asking for a donation for the website service, from all the coaches. It is not mandatory, but it would help greatly. We are set to pay MMX $200 every 3 months until we are paid off. After we are paid off we are set for good. I calculated and if every coach sent in $40 , that would cover us for life and possibly be able to get a trophy that we can pass around as well. My Paypal address is the quicker the better :-) Thank you all in advance, and thank you all who have donated thus far.

To donate simply click the button and enter the denomination you would like to contribute.



MOF Apparel
Updated October 19, 2011

The MOF has announced today that they have opened up a merchandise store. Featuring T-shirts, hats, mugs, sweatshirts, women's apparel, kids apparel, and much more. Click on the image to the left to visit the store and purchase items today! 
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1 2 BradDevito
2 1 Beast10790
3 - 3 NYRedskins
4 - 4 Ukcat98
5 - 5 Pauly2110

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