Season 76 MOF Predictions: Playoff Picks, Award Predictions, Super Bowl Champion. A brand new MOF season is on the horizon, which means only one thing, predictions! Which teams will play into the post-season, and who will square off in the Super Bowl? We make our best guess.

Before we start the predictions, I want to take a moment and talk about the longevity and success of this league. 22 years ago, I was a 21 year old kid with an idea to create an online madden league, but really had no idea how it worked. With the help of Dolan (Lhu27) we created the MOF. We had some bumps and bruises in our first few seasons, but now 75 seasons later here we are. One of the most prestigious leagues out there. As we enter our unprecedented 76th season, a number that not many leagues, if any, have ever seen, I want to thank every single one of you for making this league what it is. I say this all the time, but this is a wonderful hobby for all of us. Something to get our minds off the everyday grind and have a place to escape for a few hours a week. I take pride and pleasure in providing that for you guys, so again, thank you for making the MOF great!

Welcome to the Season 76 Predictions! So last season's numbers, I was 5 for 7 in the AFC. In the NFC I was 6 for 7. I predicted the Super Bowl right on the money, some call me Commishtradamous. I was surprised that the Colts didn't make the playoffs, also surprised the 49ers missed (not really). We are starting to see some rookies come in here and wreak havoc immediately, which is nice to see! We also saw Beast come back to the MOF and pick up his Hall of Fame career right where he left off finishing 15-2. So what's up this season? What's not up!? We have 3 departures, and they are huge. Pettigrew, Betroit, and your defending champion Wilky have all decided to call it an edition and ride off into the sunset. That opens the door wide open in the NFC, or does it? Canes moved over to Atlanta, and it looks like we got some players coming in to take the Eagles and Cardinals. The Panthers remain open as this article is written, but Coach Q will be subbing for them. How about the AFC? No big changes, but we do have a dark horse in the Dolphins that we should be talking about! So coming into the season, will the Colts get back to the playoffs? Will the Jets make one last run? Can anyone beat the Steelers? The new season is always filled with excitement, so without further ado, here are your MOF Season 76 Predictions!

*Remember all these predictions are very in depth. We go game by game with the current schedule and predict games 1 by 1 and that's how we come up with our algorithms. Remember this is all in good fun and for some, some bulletin board material! Enjoy

by Commissioner Jeff

Biggest Off-Season Addition: LB Jaelan Phillips - NE (88 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: LT Trent Williams - NYJ (91 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: HB Isaiah Kirkpatrick - NE (83 ovr)

The AFC East was once again dominated by Coach Bubba and the Bills. The Bills went 16-1 which is an incredible accomplishment. We saw the Miami Dolphins have a change of the guards as DocHolliday was replaced by DevCode1523 and all Devcode did was go 5-1 in his 6 game tenure. We saw the Jets finish 7-10 and the Patriots finish 5-12. We will start with the 4-time AFC East winners, the Buffalo Bills. I really don't see them losing this division. The competition is getting a little bit better with the addition of Dev, but other than that the Bills should roll. Josh Allen, the highest rated QB in the game at 99 overall, with 98 throw power is back with this 3 speedy WRs in Chark, Cone, and Allen all with 97, or 96 speed. They also got HB James Cook with 94 speed, and two rookies with 93 and 92 speed respectively in Collins and Quinton. There's no question the Bills offense is dominant, but what about that defense? They have two x-factor DTs in Clayton and Cadet and 1 X-Factor FS in Ingram, and 3 more Superstar DBs in Preston, Venable, and Stanley. The Bills are the 2nd highest rated team in the MOF and it shows. If I was a betting man, I would put it all on the Bills to win the AFC East. The Miami Dolphins and Coach Devcode made an immediate splash when he came into the league in Week 12. Dev won his first 5 games, and then lost Week 18 to Arizona, but he looked very very good in those 6 games. Enough to make me predict them to be a wild-card team. I love QB Will Levis, with that 95 THP and very good accuracy numbers he's an up and coming QB. HB De'Von Achane is a wonderful weapon out of the backfield, with his 96 speed and 97 Acc. The Miami coach that was in between Doc and Dev traded away Tyreek Hill, but they got McLaurin out of the deal and still have Jaylen Waddle and his 98 speed. Miami lost LB Jaelan Phillips in the offseason, but replaced him with LB Luke Van Ness, in what many think was an upgrade. The secondary is still led by Jalen Ramsey who is now 32 yrs old, and FS Gordon Wall who is now an x-factor. The Dolphins have a nice team, they are in the right division to win some games and that's why I think Dev is gonna be a wild-card team this season. The New York Jets and Coach Gouch are one of those teams to keep an eye on. Gouch is very streaky, sometimes he can blow out a team you wouldn't think, or he'd lose to a team you wouldn't think. There's no question that Gouch has had some problems at the QB position. Trading away Bernard Glenn last season, cutting Sam Howell after last season, and signing Mac Jones this offseason. The offense is going to focus around HB Breece Hall, there's no secret there. They also went out and signed HB Miles Sanders to spell. The Jets like speed at WR, which is why there's not a single receiver under 93 speed on the roster. They also lost LT Trent Williams to retirement, which absolutely hurts but the Jets still have a good line. The defensive line is also very strong, one of the strongest in the MOF. Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, and Ed Oliver. Sauce Gardner is a 99 overall x-factor CB, and SS Talanoa Hufanga and Marcus Williams are a very good safety tandem. The Jets have a good squad, of course the QB situation is a huge problem and I think that will ultimately be the demise of the team as they fall short of the playoffs. The Patriots and Coach Shawty are coming off another tough losing season but this season they went out and improved that offense by drafting HB Isaiah Kirkpatrick. Sure he doesn't have the speed, but at 5'11" and 233 pounds, he's going to be a tank. I expect him to get a load of offensive touches, since the Patriots are still hurting at QB and WR.. and TE. With no superstar players, and no player over a 92 speed on offense. That's just not going to cut it in today's game. The defense is another story. TJ Watt, Josh Uche, both Superstar Linebackers. CB Marshon Lattimore x-factor defensive back and they just signed LB Jaelan Phillips away from the Dolphins. Sure their defense is solid, but the offense just isn't there and that's why I am predicting the Patriots to finish last in the AFC East.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: K Justin Tucker - PIT (91 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: K Justin Tucker - BAL (91 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: CB Marquise Sutton - CIN (79 ovr)

Another season, another Super Bowl appearance. This time the AFC North didn't win it, for the first time in 3 seasons. The Pittsburgh Steelers are following in the Ravens footsteps, making the last two super bowls. The Steelers went 14-3 last season, the Ravens 12-5. Which is funny, because that's a little lesser than we thought. The Bengals finished 9-8 and Browns 8-9. I predicted them all to go over .500 and I was pretty close. We begin with the Steelers, who went out and stole Justin Tucker from the Ravens, and yeah maybe it's just a kicker but Tucker is no ordinary kicker. He's a superstar kicker, that I believe is immunized to pressure kicks, which can make or break a game. Of course when you talk about Reub's Steelers, you have to talk about the development of QB Kenny Pickett. 92 overall, SS dev. HB Gilbert Wolff with his 96 speed, and the ability to juke half of the football field. Then you have the dynamic receivers, Ja'Marr Chase, Calvin Austin, and Tyquan Thornton. Just weapons everywhere. DT Jonathan Allen was the defensive MVP of Season 75, he returns at 32 yrs old and still an x-factor. They also got Daron Mills and Aaron Saxton, two young x-factor linebackers. Then CB Joey Porter who's another x-factor defensive player. The Steelers are one of the best squads in the game, and it shows. I think they will once again win this AFC North, but it will be a battle with the Ravens, and do we expect anything less? The Baltimore Ravens and Coach Mack took a step back last season winning only 12 games, a number any other team would be proud of, but the Ravens are used to winning 15 or 16. When you talk about Baltimore, you immediately bring up Lamar Jackson. 97 speed, 95 THP and mid to upper 90s in all accuracy numbers. The guy is arguably the best QB in the game and impossible to stop, you can only hope to contain him. The Ravens went out and replaced Duvernay by drafting WR Deshawn Fulcher, who has 96 speed. Keep an eye on him, I think he could have rookie of the year aspirations. Returning for another season is HB J.K. Dobbins who at 97 overall and x-factor, is one of the top Rbs in the game. Obviously the Ravens live and die with those two x-factor middle linebackers. Roquan Smith and Trenton Simpson. 97 and 96 overall respectively. Simpson, 92 speed at LB is just unfair. Couple that with a solid secondary led by SS Kyle Hamilton, and x-factor CB Sean Young, you wonder why the Ravens are always on top. There's no doubt the Ravens can win this division. However the last few times they've played Pittsburgh, they've lost. I think 4 straight including playoffs, so revenge is on the menu this season. Coach MrWitness and the Browns started off last season on a roll. Beating the Ravens, Bengals, and starting off 3-0. They fell back down to earth a bit and finished the season 5-9. Of course we expected a lot more out of the hall of fame coach, but it wasn't in the cards last season. I think this season will be a lot different. He shook the rust off last season, and is more used to his team. Witness is one of those coaches who will figure it out, he's just that good. HB Nick Chubb is a year older, but still an x-factor HB at 31 yrs old. They also went out and signed WR Christian Kirk who still has it at 30 yrs old. I also like Torrence and Schwartz as their speedy go to WRs. Dalton Kincaid is also a SS TE who is a big target for QB Miles Knott, who is getting better as well. I love the defense of the Browns. Led by RE Myles Garrett, 97 ovr, 31 yrs old. CB Denzel Ward, 92 ovr, 30 yrs old. Greg Newsome and Martin Emerson also very good Dbs. The moral of the story is the Browns are older, yes, but they still have talent. Enough talent to compete for a wild-card spot. I think we're gonna see a different side of Witness, and the Browns are going to be in the playoffs. The Cincinnati Bengals had a coaching change in the off-season, out is Coach Canesbucs, and in his Coach Hachie1212. Hachie took over the Cardinals for the last two games last season and won both 2-0. However, moving to the AFC North might have been a bad idea. The division is filled with all 4 AFC Champions this edition, and 3 out of the 4 Super Bowl champs. Of course I'm talking about Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Not to mention Hall of Fame coach MrWitness and the Browns. You couldn't pay me to enter this division, but Hachie is up for the challenge and what we've seen so far out of him, he might be ready for it. Of course, I have predicted the Bengals to finish last and I think they will be in for a rude awakening once the division schedule hits. But with all that said, the Bengals are tied for the best overall team rating in the MOF. 91 overall. QB Anthony Richardson is a 96 overall X-factor QB. Kenneth Walker is a 98 ovr star HB. Bryce Andrews, x-factor TE. WR Tyrone Woodley also an x-factor. Oh I'm not done. DT Roy White, LE Maxx Crosby, LB Fred Warner, CB DJ Turner all x-factors. DE Chase Young, DT Sidney Hill also superstars. The Bengals have a TON of talent, they are just in a tough division. Would I be shocked if the Bengals made the playoffs? No. I would be shocked if they finished in 2nd place. But we know how it goes, rookies are very rarely predicted to have winning records, you have to prove me wrong.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: HB Tyler Allgeier - TEN (83 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: DT Christian Wilkins - TEN (87 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: CB Dom Tomlinson - HOU (82 ovr)

I knew this was going to happen. The one time I finally predict the Colts to win the division, the sh*t the bed. Instead, Dre's Jaguars took advantage and took the division crown. The Titans wound up finishing 2nd and finally earning that wild-card spot they've been gunning for. The aforementioned Colts finished in 3rd place, because I put too much pressure on them. Then you had the Texans, finishing with the worst record in the MOF. So we begin with the defending AFC South champs, the Jaguars. Who I predict will win the division once again. The emergence of Michael Pittman was one of the many bright spots for the Jaguars last season. Giving Lawrence another target in addition to Ridley and Engram. Travis Etienne is an x-factor now and with 93 speed is one of the top backs in the MOF. Shelton Mayweather also has come into his own, turning to x-factor at just 24 yrs old at DE. Coupled with the two x-factor linebackers in Allen and Walker, these guys are all over the field and they just added FS Ji'Ayir Brown from the 49ers as well. The Jaguars have a strong team, probably the strongest team in the division that and the fact Dre is the most consistent coach in the division is why I am predicting the Jags to win back to back division titles. The Tennessee Titans made their presence felt last season and cracked the playoffs. HB Derrick Henry finally called it quits and retired on the Titans, but have no fear they replaced Henry with Tyler Allgeier and they drafted the infamous Sheldon Terry last season who won MOF ROY. I do like the addition of Allgeier though who is built just like Henry. X-factor at TE with Chig Okonkwo, and nice speed with Garrett Wilson, Gabe Davis, and Kadarius Toney at WR. The defensive line of the Titans is a little underwhelming, with only Jeffery Simmons rated higher than a 69. The Titans went out and traded both of their stud safeties last season, Byard and Hooker and it hurts but they have nice replacements in Justin Mack and Nyles Fowler who both have good speed. The Titans will battle for a wild-card but I think they fall short by a game or two, they could give the Jags a run at the division because Roc is unpredictable. The Colts won the division 3 seasons in a row before last, and I am mad at them. Anyway, they were tasked with a tough schedule and it really took a toll on them. QB Trey Lance took over the starting job last season and threw 27 TDs to 38 INTs, so he might not be the answer. Regardless, the Colts are running with Lance again at QB. HB Jonathan Taylor is the bread and butter on offense, 96 speed and SS dev. The WRs of the Colts are very good, with Tee Higgins, Amari Cooper, and Sheldon Griffith. Griffith has 96 speed and 85 SPC. The defense is hurting a bit, the defensive line is below average, linebackers are very speedy. Covington 90, Chaney 91, Bush 89, and Okereke 89. Prob the fastest linebacker tandem in the MOF. The secondary is built nice with Marlon Humphrey, Tre-Davious White, and Tramon Greenwood. Everytime I pick the Colts to finish anywhere else but 1st, they seem to prove me wrong, so let's see. I think the Colts finish behind the Jags and Titans, but they could fight for a wild-card. The Houston Texans are coming into this season with the first overall pick under their belt. CB Dom Tomlinson who looks to start immediately with his 96 speed, 84 ZCV, and 83 MCV. He's a true #1 pick and it'll be fun to watch him. The problem with the Texans is that they just don't finish the game. They have the talent, CJ Stroud, Rodney Teague, Shane Bayless, DK Metcalf, Benjamin Pryor. They have weapons as you can see. They also signed QB Brock Purdy and HB Israel Abanikanda to back up. Coach Latinyank has had success in the MOF, he's still well over 500 but this edition has been tough on him. Can the Texans turn it around this season? Well, i think this division could be shaky, if Alex can get hot you never know. I do think they will finish last though.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR Stefon Diggs - LAC (89 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: TE Travis Kelce - KC (85 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: LB Marvin Youngblood - LV (76 ovr)

The AFC West finished exactly how I thought it would last season. The Chargers and Coach Beast made his triumphant return and it was even better than we thought it would as he finished 15-2 and won the division handedly. The Chiefs finished in 2nd and were a wild-card team. The Broncos were very disappointing finishing at 5-11-1 and then the Raiders and Remo finished last at 3-14. We begin with those defending AFC West champs, the LA Chargers and Coach Beast. The name of the Chargers game last season was the running attack, that's no secret. The Chargers threw the ball 268 times last season and rushed it 464 times. That's almost 2:1 ratio. So it's simple right, stop the run and beat the Chargers? Well then you have to deal with Justin Herbert. Sure he had more INTs than TDs last season but Herbert is still rated 92 overall and with the addition of WR Stefon Diggs, they have even more weapons on offense in addition to TE Will Spears, WR Quentin Johnson, and WR Reshard Lindley. Love the defense of the Chargers as well, Braxton Tomlinson the only x-factor on defense, but at DT that's a huge plus. Really like the secondary led by Derwin James. They have three very nice CBs in McMichael, Jackson, and Samuel Jr. The Chargers I think take a bit of a step back this season but I still believe they will wind up the AFC West champs, it will just be much closer than last season. The Chiefs finished 10-7 last season and were a wild-card team, they fell short against the Steelers but they made it that's a plus. The Chiefs are still equipped with probably the best QB/RB 1/2 punch in the MOF with Patrick Mahomes and Christian McCaffrey. TE Travis Kelce finally retired and now he can be a stay at home mom. I expect TE Josh Walker to take his place and the Chiefs shouldn't really miss a beat there. WRs are a bit suspect with Rashee Rice the #1 at 88 speed. Danny Gray will most likely be the 2 with 95 speed, but other than that the Chiefs are hurting at WR. Chris Jones is returning for another season at 33 yrs old, and still at SS. Linebackers could also use some help, but Pete Werner and Shaquille Leonard are a nice tandem. CB Kaiir Elam is one of the top CBs in the game, x-factor at 94 ovr. They also have Sneed and McDuffie who are very good CBs. The Chiefs have a good team, no doubt. They are weak at WR and the TE spot is undetermined. I think they can battle for the division but will fall short, they will be right there in the wild-card race though. Denver had a tough Season 75 finishing 5-11-1 which is very unlike BigReg to finish with such a poor record. We did see the emergence of QB Juan Stockton though, who really came into his own. We also saw HB Javonte Williams take the next step and get to x-factor dev. They really could use an upgrade at TE, but it looks like Sam Hamilton could get the start this season. WRs are quick, but they are not strong so a simple bump could really cause problems for these guys. They also only have 1 ability player on defense, CB Patrick Surtain II. I do like LB Drew Sanders, and LB Baron Browning. But these guys have some developing to do, with not much time left. Denver will need to reach and dig down deep to get ahead of KC or LAC which I just don't see happening. I see Denver battling for wild-card but falling short. The Raiders had a tough Season 75 as well, finishing 3-14 and in last place. I actually predicted the Raiders to finish 2-15 and they finished 3-14, so that's a plus. The Raiders have a nice team, led by Joe Burrow who is an x-factor 98 overall rated QB. They also have two Superstar HBs, yes two, Josh Jacobs and Luke Sheppard. Both very good and nice weapons. They went and added WR Keenan Allen who is 35 yrs old, to go along with Davonte Adams who is 34 years old easily the oldest WR tandem in the MOF. I also love WR Jermaine Copeland, 96 speed! The Raiders only have 1 superstar on defense, and that's SS Tre'von Moehrig. Also watch out for CB Jakorian Bennett that has 97 speed. The Raiders have a nice roster but Remo is having a tough edition, and I expect hard times to continue. We all love Remo, and would love nothing else but to see him win!! So let's hope that he can turn it around.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: TE Michael Mayer - NYG (92 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: C Joel Bitonio - WAS (92 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: TE Courtland Franklin - PHI (76 ovr)

The NFC East was taken back by Hall of Fame Coach Portisss26 last season as the Commanders went 10-7. The Eagles and Pettigrew did finish 9-8 and make the playoffs as well, but Pettigrew has decided to pursue his love for the ballet and wont be returning this season. The Giants were better last season at 7-10, and the Cowboys also were better finishing 6-11 and in last. We begin with the defending division champs, the Commanders. I believe they are the best team in the division, overall, with the coach. I absolutely love what Betts has done with QB Mark Schaffer turning him into an x-factor at 25 yrs old, and 95 throw power. He's everything that Betts was wishing for when he drafted him. Antonio Gibson is a superstar RB and Brian Robinson is right behind him as well. The Commanders acquired WR Tyreek Hill last season for Terry McLaurin (who was traded two times by Betts this edition) and Hill is 33 yrs old, 99 speed and 95 overall. That's scary! Don't forget WR Jahan Dotson who is also and x-factor and 94 speed. The Defense, Chad Sharpton is now an x-factor DE. And they still have MLB Jordyn Brooks and Brandon Smith. The secondary is built nice, with Emmanuel Forbes Jr. and Tyrone Pettis at CB. The Commanders have built a great team, and they are my favorites to win the east especially with the departure of Coach Pettigrew. Speaking of the Eagles, they are next on the list here. Coach TheStrawBlacks is making his MOF Debut this season and we don't know much about him, all that we know is that the Eagles are his favorite squad. We all know what that means. It means you just play better when you have your squad, period. Despite all of that, the Eagles have a very nice team. Pettigrew built a great team for Straw to continue with, and it starts with X-factor QB Jalen Hurts, and X-factor HB D'Andre Swift. They also drafted TE Courtland Franklin, who is a hidden dev TE and I'm assuming is going to be a stud. They did lose AJ Brown to free-agency but they retained DeVonta Smith and Quez Watkins, who has proved to be a huge deep threat. I love the DL on this team, Jordan Davis, Jalen Carter, Josh Sweat, and Marco Weston make up a very nice front 4. Then you add the speed of these LBs, Nick Bolton, Nolan Smith, Nakobe Dean, Javonte Pace, and they just drafted Alexander Cannon! They have some fast linebackers boy. The secondary is average, led by only 1 ability player, Budda Wallace at CB. We normally don't predict rookies to come in and having winning records, but I have a feeling that the Eagles might be an exception and surprise everyone and get to the playoffs. I still have them falling short, but it's going to be very close. The New York Giants have been improving their team maybe more than anyone in the last few off-seasons. They have drafted well, see QB Brett Ferguson, HB Nick Brooks, WR Jerome Clifton, DT Steve Harvey. They have made great moves, trading for TE Michael Mayer, signing LB Logan Wilson, trading for FS Kevin Byard. Coach Bill is arguably the GM of the edition with these moves, the only problem is they are not turning into wins on the field. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what the problem is but we can start and end with Brett Ferguson's 12 TDs to 48 INTs ratio. If he can throw half of the interceptions he threw last season, they will be a 10 win team. I think with the addition of Straw with Philly, we're not going to see much change when Pettigrew was here, I still think Philly is going to finish above the Giants. However, like I said, if the Giants cut down the turnovers they have the ability to win a lot of games and shock the league. However, I do not believe that they will, and it will be their downfall. That's why I am predicting the Giants to finish in 3rd. Coach Mindenplaya and the Cowboys finished 4-13 for 3 straight seasons, last season they finished 6-11. Although it's still a double digit losing season, it's a 2 game improvement. The good news is QB Jamie Nowak is an x-factor, 88 overall with 95 THP. The bad news, he threw 50 interceptions last season. That seems to be the demise of the teams that continually finish with double digit losses. It's the turnovers. Tony Pollard is back again for his age 30 season, but the Cowboys went out and drafted Denzel Allen who could see some time. The Cowboys signed Cooper Kupp last season and he was a great second option with WR CeeDee Lamb who returns as a SS dev 97 overall rated WR. The defense is led by 99 overall x-factor DE Micah Parsons who with 94 speed at DE is just unfair. I love the development of LB Ladarious Taylor at MLB, and ROLB Damone Clark. Trevon Diggs leads the secondary along with Chris Thompson who had himself a great Season 75. The Dallas Cowboys have talent, there's no denying that as you can see their roster, it's just those pesky turnovers that will due them in. I predict the Cowboys to move back to their 4-13 streak this season.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: C Drew Dalman - GB (80 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: CB Jaire Alexander - GB (95 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: DT Tyler Fowler - DET (80 ovr)

The NFC North was once again won by the Lions but was once again won by a team that won just 9 games. The Vikings finished a close second at 8-9, then the Bears had a coaching switch right at the end of the season and finished 5-12 and so did the Packers. We do begin with the Detroit Lions, who are getting better and better as Jfon is also getting better and better. The Lions are rated a 91 which is tied for the top overall rated team in the game. Jfon has been a fantastic GM as QB Nick Huntington is turning into a must see QB with his 81 speed, and 95 THP. Jahmyr Gibbs is easily one of, if not the best HB in the game overall 99 with x-factor ability. Then you have an X-factor at TE with Chris Alfaro, WR Jameson Williams also x-factor with 99 speed. The Lions offense is giving defensive coordinators nightmares and you can see why. Even the offensive line, two superstars in Penei Sewell and Frank Granow both rated 93 and 92 respectively. The defense doesn't have any ability players, but they are loaded with stars and talent. Aidan Hutchinson, Jack Campbell, CJ Gardner Johnson. The Lions have a ton of talent, and Coach Jfon is really improving as we go later in the edition. I honestly think this division is going to be a lot of fun to watch but I am giving the edge to Jfon's Lions for the crown. The Minnesota Vikings also have built a fantastic squad under the tutelage of Coach Krayzie. Last season they just fell short of the division title by 1 game and I think we could see more of the same thing this season, but the difference is I think the Vikings are good enough to get into the playoffs. X-factor QB Logan Taylor has been fantastic for Kray, as well as Cam Akers who doesn't seem to age. They have TE Lucas Magana who has turned into the best TE in the game, along with Justin Jefferson, 99 overall x-factor, Jordan Addison, and the draft pick of WR Jake Logan who has 99 speed and is my pick for rookie of the year in the NFC. When you think of Kray though, you think of his enormous pass rush ability. Danielle Hunter is single handedly one of the greatest defensive lineman in MOF history and it's all because of Coach Krayzie. Also watch out for Bruce Baker who he has been usering too, and looks like a beast! I love Jesus Martinez, 91 speed at MLB and the secondary is also underrated with Derrick Forrest, Byron Murphy, and Lewis Cine. The Vikings have the squad to over take the Lions, no doubt, I think it will be a fun race this season. The Chicago Bears were replaced late in Season 75 with Coach Breezy. Breezy came in and won his only game he played against the Rams, so we don't know much about him. We do know the Bears need some help on their roster, but they also have some nice studs. Justin Fields of course, Orlando Floyd at HB, Cole Kmet and Daniel Hall at TE. Then prob the best offensive weapon they have WR DJ Moore at 89 ovr SS dev. The offensive line of the Bears needs some upgrades, no doubt they are going to struggle against teams like the Vikings who like to rush the QB. The defense is pretty nice for Chicago, DeMarcus Joseph just turned to x-factor at DE, and they have Tremaine Edmunds at LB who is usually top 3 in total tackles every single season. As we know, it's very hard to predict rookies especially when they only played 1 game, but I have a feeling the Bears are going to make some noise. I think they might just fall short of the playoffs, but I wouldn't be shocked if they found their way in either. The Green Bay Packers come into this season losing the highest rated free-agent in the division, and almost the league with CB Jaire Alexander moving to the Rams. Listen, the Packers have not done much of anything to improve their roster. They are the lowest rated team in the MOF and it's showing. They were able to win 5 games last season, and I'm not really sure how. They have zero ability players on offense, and their top player is 84 rated WR Christian Watson. Their offensive line was bolstered by the signing of C Drew Dalman, but other than that their offensive line is very bad. Their defense is very good, i will have to give them that. DT Kenny Clark is wreaking havoc with his TFLs. Rashan Gary and Quay Walker are one of the best two LBs in the game and on the same team. Despite losing Alexander, they still have SS Paul Fox who almost won defensive MVP. So the Packers have a very nice defense, but their offense is so bad that I would be surprised if they won more than 2 games this season.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: QB Desmond Ridder - TB (94 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: RE Aaron Donald - ATL (94 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: HB Percy Youngblood - CAR (79 ovr)

Last season saw yet another Super Bowl representative come out of the NFC South, this time it was Coach Wilky and the Atlanta Falcons who won their first Super Bowl of the edition! The Carolina Panthers and Coach Betroit were also right there, finishing 13-4 and battling for that divisional crown. The Saints once again, where the 3rd place team but finished with a 11-6 record and made the playoffs and the poor Buccaneers were stuck in last once again in this juggernaut division at 3-14. So we saw some serious overhauling in the offseason in this division. Coach Wilky has decided to part ways with the MOF leaving the Atlanta Falcons open, Coach Canesbucs moved from Cincinnati to Atlanta in a huge move. The Atlanta Falcons are an absolute juggernaut there's really no way around saying it. Coach Wilky left Canes a team that he can win it all with. The biggest issue is that QB Desmond Ridder has left Atlanta for Tampa Bay, also they lost Aaron Donald to retirement. Those two losses are nothing to take lightly. Canes replaced Ridder with Tua, who is still a great QB SS dev. Bijan Robinson is 99 overall x-factor RB with 93 speed. They got two x-factor TEs in Kyle Pitts and Andrew Nielsen. Then they have Eric Beckham who almost won MVP in his 2nd season at 98 speed at WR. The offensive line is led by 98 overall Chris Lindstrom and 94 overall C Creed Humphrey. The defense although they lost Donald, still have Tashaun Nolan, DeForest Buckner on the line. They have Haason Reddick who is still kicking at 32 yrs old. Troy Anderson and PJ Forney at MLB too. The secondary, AJ Terrell at 96 overall, Jessie Bates at 96 overall, Jamal Adams still playing great at 89 overall. This team is stacked. I expect Coach Canes to win this division, it will be fun, but I still think the Falcons are best suited to take it. The New Orleans Saints are taking advantage of Coach Wilky and Coach Betroit leaving. I still think they will finish 2nd or even 3rd but Coach Boobie knows what he's doing down there in New Orleans. The Saints were 1 game away from the Super Bowl last season until they lost to Atlanta in the NFC Championship. What's interesting is that the Saints are not a highly rated team, only 84 which is actually 5th worst in the MOF. The Saints also look like they might be heading in a different direction at QB as Mike Henley could take over for Malik Cunningham, in his 2nd season. Zhaire Fulcher returns in his 2nd season as well as the primary back, but they also have Keaton Mitchell and Najee Booker to spell. Love that they also have two X-factor TEs in Levi Jenkins and Tyrone Huffman. The Saints also went out and signed WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba who looks to be the new number 1 WR. They still have Olave and Doubs as well. The Saints defense is lacking star power, and that could be the reason why they are rated lower. LB David Ojabo is the highest rated player on defense at 86 and SS dev. The secondary has some speed, but they are not rated too high. The Saints still find ways to win double digits every single season and I don't see it being any different this season. Boobie is a premier coach and winning with a team that has a defense rated like that, is impressive. The Carolina Panthers and Coach Betroit also went their separate ways in the off-season, and the Panthers are actually still open as we write this article. So Coach Q has decided to step up for us and sub in until we can find a coach, which might not happen this late in the edition. Which means one thing, Coach Q will bring the Panthers to the playoffs. I don't have any doubts. Carolina has been built into a power house by Coach Betroit and now Sub Q will reap the rewards. It starts with QB Bryce Young, who is an x-factor 98 overall rated QB. Then they have 3 very good RBs in Pierce, Grant, and rookie Youngblood. TE Jarrad Chamberlain provides a huge target at 6'5" 275 and they also have some tall WRs in Drake London 6'4", Jonathan Mingo 6'2", and Isaiah Cox 6'5". I think we know what the smart way to build a receiving corps is!? They don't have a ton of speed at WR, but when you have monsters like that, that can catch anything in traffic, who needs speed? The defense is also very good with 90 overall rated players everywhere. DT Derrick Brown, LB Brian Burns, CB Jaycee Horn. That's not even mentioning LB Chris Byers, and Tyler Cameron who are both 87 and 90 speed overall. The Panthers are a great team, like we said, I don't know how much Q can invest as a sub but they are so good that I am predicting them to get into the playoffs regardless if Q coaches them all season or not. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are stuck in a division that could very well be the greatest we've ever seen. So what do you do when you have a division like this? You steal! That's exactly what the Bucs did when they went and took QB Desmond Ridder in free-agency. Which is one of the biggest moves of the off-season. Not only that, but they also still have TE Mark Andrews who will be a huge weapon for Ridder. HB Rachaad White returns and looks to be the starter. WR Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are still going strong at 31 and 34 years old! They do have Trey Palmer who I expect to see more time with his 95 speed. The defense is lacking ability players, and that is not good in a division like this one. The top players are in the secondary which helps, Antoine Winfield Jr and Budda Baker obviously very good players but older. Devin White also an older side at LB. Then Vita Vea and Montez Sweat 32 and 30 yrs old as well. So the Bucs need some youth to develop, although it's a little late for that in the edition. If the Bucs were in any other division they could win 8 or 9 games, since they are stuck here, I still unfortunately see them finishing in last.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: CB Jaire Alexander - LAR (95 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: TE Michael Mayer - SEA (92 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: CB Antoine Davis - SEA (78 ovr)

The NFC West was once again won by the Seattle Seahawks who had an easier time last season than the season before. The Arizona Cardinals saw a coach change towards the end of the season that had Hicks leave and Hachie1212 come in and win the remaining 2 games. The Commish took a step backwards finishing 7-9-1 in disappointing fashion. Then the Rams finished last but improved from Season 74, with a 5-12 record. We begin with the 2-time defending NFC West champs. Coach Q is easily one of the best GMs of this edition as he has built a strong squad in Seattle. I think the QB position is something that is still up in the air, as Q doesn't know if Dak or Hill will start most of the games. Other than that, every single other position is solid. Pachecho and Charbonnet very nice 1/2 punch at HB. Also Alvin Kamara who refuses to retire is there too. WR George Pickens leads a very good pack of receivers, with Linton, Marshall, Hyatt and the draft pick of Duckworth. They did trade Michael Mayer in the off-season and look to start Joe Richardson or Darnell Washington, two young TEs. The defense is where it's at in Seattle. That defensive line with Kancey and Murphy are insane along with Teair Tart and Odafe Oweh. One of the best d-lines in the MOF. The linebackers could use an upgrade, but they are all quick and have good PRC. The secondary is tops in the MOF period. Three x-factors, Tariq Woolen, Dillon Price, and Amani Hooker. How are you going to throw the ball against this team? You also have Julian Love who seems to be everywhere picking balls off like crazy. The Seahawks are my favorites once again because they are the most consistent and they have a fantastic defense. Seattle is a team that will take advantage of the departures of Pettigrew, Wilky, and Betroit. Commish Jeff had a down season 75 as he came off a nice season 74. The 49ers decided to move away from Brock Purdy and traded for Bernard Glenn last season from the Jets. X-factor with 99 throw power, it's an immediate improvement. HB Tony Barrett is one of the best Rbs in the game, if he can stay healthy which has been a huge problem. The depth at HB is nice in San Francisco though with Dent and Peppers. George Kittle is still an x-factor at 33 yrs old, and Deebo a SS at 31 yrs old. Aiyuk and Tre Hatchett also round out a nice set of receivers. The offensive line was helped with the signing of Elgton Jenkins in the offseason, an 89 ovr RG. The defense which usually is the Commish's forte, is down a bit. Only 1 superstar in LB Justin Moon, the secondary and defensive line is hurting a bit with no ability players. They will have to rely on that run game since Commish's passing skills are very inconsistent. That's why I don't see them winning this division. The 49ers could possibly earn a wild-card but they will have to stay healthy, limit the turnovers, and play better defense than last season. The Arizona Cardinals saw some change last season, Coach Bhicks was replaced as he usually is every time he's here and was replaced by Coach Hachie1212 who won his remaining two games and then left for Cincinnati. Enter Coach MightyLipDrip, who will definitely be in the running for the greatest screen name in MOF history. We have no idea how MightyLipDrip is going to play since he hasn't even played a down yet in the MOF, but we do know he has Kyler Murray who he should focus his offense around with QB reads and scrambles. I expect a lot of running out of Murray this season. Other than Murray, and maybe Marquise Brown, the Cardinals are lacking star power. HB isn't to great, 75 overall Ezekiel Cregg looks to be the starter this season. Rondale Moore is also quick but not as quick as Marquise Brown. I really do like TE Greg Dulcich who should be a nice safety blanket for Murray. On defense, there is only 1 ability player and that's CB Tyrell Terry who had himself a great season 75. There's a lack of talent on defense for Arizona, and that is going to be a tough hurdle for rookie coach Mighty. I still have them winning about 7 or 8 games and possibly could get into the playoffs if he is better than we think! Either way, welcome to the MOF and we hope you enjoy your Arizona challenge. The LA Rams and Coach TSG improved greatly last season, and yeah he only won 5 games but he won 1 the season before. The Rams must have a lot of cap space because they seem to grab the top free-agents as they signed CB Jaire Alexander and WR AJ Brown this off-season. TSG has done a great job turning this roster around. The draft pick of Bobby Dunlap, the trade for Saquon Barkley and David Njoku. Then signing AJ Brown, they have a very nice offense! The offensive line is in shambles though, with the highest rated lineman at 79 overall. The defense also still needs help, CB Jaire Alexander immediately becomes the top player on the defensive side of the ball because other than him, we're talking about Jamin Davis as the next highest rated who is also very good with his 90 speed at LB. The Rams could win more than 5 games this season, depending on how good Arizona is. Or they might fall back to 3 wins or so. Either way, the Rams are getting better, I do think they will be in last still but they will be a tough out.

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