Table of Contents:

Mission Statement

Section 1 - League Settings

Section 2 - Game Play

Section 3 - Team Management: Gameday

Section 4 - Team Management: Front Office

Section 5 - Franchise Regulations

Section 6 - Code Of Conduct

Section 7 - League Requirements

Section 8 - MOF League Incentive Program

Section 9 - MOF Draft For Teams & Lottery Chance Process

Mission Statement:

    The MOF in general has become a great success because of the dedication on the part of everyone involved. We are now an exclusive Madden league. It is the opinion of the Commissioner and the MOF Staff, that while the MOF will seek to provide a clear, comprehensive, and fair set of rules, we also want to emphasize good sportsmanship amongst the league's coaches. That sportsmanship should be what dictates your style of play, NOT these rules. These rules should be merely a fallback for when basic sportsmanship breaks down, but will be strictly enforced. Play the game as you would see it in the NFL, and you should steer clear of violating anything that follows.

    NOTE: Rules are subject to change by the Commissioners and Staff at any time. Sufficient notice will be given in any such event via discord and/or email. If anyone feels that a rule is unjust or may need to be rewritten, feel free to discuss on the proper rule discussion channel on discord. We are always willing to re-evaluate.

Section 1 - League Settings

    Our league settings are currently set by our Connected Franchise Mode League. You do not have to change anything pertaining to the game when you play league games. There are some preferences that are user, those recommendations are below as well.

  • Skill Level: All-Madden

  • Game Style: Simulation

  • Quarter Length: 9 Minutes

  • Accelerated Clock: 15 Seconds

  • Game Style: Simulation

  • Practice Injuries: On. When ON, injuries may occur during weekly training due to setting the practice intensity to Full pads or higher practice reps in weekly strategy.

  • Offensive PlayCall Cooldown: 6

  • Defensive PlayCall Cooldown: 3

  • Dynamic Momentum / Home Field Advantage: Off

  • Free Agent Motivation Impact: Normal

  • Development Trait Regression: On

  • Desired X-Factor Dev Players: 75/75

  • Desired SS Dev Players: 100/100

  • Desired Star Dev Players: 400/500

  • Advance Time (Regular Season): Every 72 hours at 9pm EST tentatively depending on games remaining and how fast they are being played. The staff has the right to sim your game if you are the last one left and it is NOT scheduled.

  • Advance Time (Post-Season): Every 48 hours at 9pm EST tentatively.

  • Fill Roster: Make sure this is turned off in settings, if it is on the CPU will sign and release players when needed.

  • When signing up for the league please create your own coach DO NOT USE AN ACTIVE COACH. Use your screen name, or a name that the league is familiar with. Usually something mirroring your PSN nickname. Example: Coach QKP35.

Section 1.1 - League Sliders

    League sliders are subject to change at any time before, during, or after the season as the staff deems fair. You will be notified if any sliders are to be changed.

  • Game Options - Injuries: 27 (Up from 23 in Madden '23)

  • Game Options - Fatigue: 70 (Up from 45 in Season 3 of Madden '24 - Season 74)

  • XP Sliders - XP Sliders - Offensive Lineman: 130/300, Fullbacks 130/300, All other positions 100/300.

  • Age Progression XP Rate: Normal

  • Age Regression XP Rate: Normal

Section 2 - Game Play

Section 2.1 - Simulation

  • 2.1.1: The MOF credo is to play a simulation style of football. This is the first and foremost decree. Please understand if you are caught breaking any game play rules during your game the following things can occur:

    • Your game could be subject to replay especially if the rule break directly affects the outcome of the game.
    • You could be forced to punt if the rule break is watched live by a staff member.
    • You will endure an MOF fine. Every situation will be treated as it's own situation.
  • 2.1.2: We understand that with every edition of the game there are some AI glitches. It is nearly impossible to list and find all the AI glitches in every edition. However if you are found using an AI glitch, you will have a player suspended and you will be subject to further penalties possibly including removal. We take AI glitches very seriously and all cases will be handled accordingly.

Section 2.2 - Offense

  • 2.2.1: Draining the clock is only allowed with 3:00 left in either half, or overtime. Other than those specific times we strongly suggest that the ball be snapped before 10 seconds left on the playclock. We understand that package formations, audibles, and hot routes can take up some play clock and sometimes you will go under 10 seconds, but we do not want to see the playclock habitually going under 10 seconds while the clock is running. *Suggestion: Try and make your formation subs when the clock is stopped to avoid clock draining.

    • The only exception to this rule is the Mercy Rule Section 2.5.1

  • 2.2.2: 4th Down Rules: We understand that today's NFL we are seeing a lot more teams go for 4th downs in situations that used to be frowned upon in league play. With that said, we want to mimic real life as much as possible so we revamped the 4th down rules as such:

    • You may go for any 4th down and 5 or less on your opponent side of the field.

    • You may go for any 4th down if you are losing in the 2nd half

  • 2.2.3: There are certain plays that we have guidelines on. These plays also cannot be used in excess as well as the following situations:

    • You CANNOT call a playaction pass on 3rd down or 4th down with 10 yards or more to go. (This includes calling a Playaction pass and bypassing the RB, WR, or TE animation or hot routing the RB, WR, or TE)

    • You CANNOT call any RPO play on 3rd down or 4th down with 10 yards to go or more.

    • You are NOW allowed to subsitute a HB into the FB position in short yardage situations (inside either 5 yard line).

  • 2.2.4: You are NOT allowed to immediately roll out to the sideline with your QB. Which means hiking the ball, holding R2 and sprinting to the sideline with zero pressure, and zero pocket collapsing. The computer controlled defenders in coverage cannot react fast enough when the CPU WR's re-route. If you are not being pressured by the defense, and if the pocket is not collapsing, immediately rolling out with your QB is prohibited. This rule is contingent on plays that are designed to rollout on certain playaction plays that has the QB on a PA bootleg.

  • 2.2.5: Motioning - If you manually put a receiver or TE in motion, you have to wait until they come to a complete stop to hike the ball.

  • 2.2.6: Playmaker - Prohibited - When you are in control of your quarterback, before passing to a runner, Playmaker is used by tilting the right stick in the direction you want the receiver to run. Unfortunately, you don't just get to choose the receiver you change the run of. Playmaker will automatically lock on to the runner nearest to the QB, which you'll see by a yellow outline around them.

    • You are prohibited from using playmaker. No exceptions.

    • If you do use playmaker, you will be forced to punt on your next play.

    • If you happen to score off playmaker, you will be subject to ending the game and losing by forfeit.

    • If you happen to WIN the game off playmaker, you will be subject to sim losses, player suspensions, and possible league removal.

  • 2.2.7: QB Drop Backs - You absolutely cannot drop back more than 10 yards (unless you are being rushed). It is unrealistic for QBs to be dropping back 15, 20+ yards to wait for receivers to get open. If you are doing this, you will be subject to player suspension. In addition if you do this, you will be forced to punt the ball immediately after.

  • 2.2.8: No Huddle - If no huddle is called you CANNOT run the same play out of the same formation.

  • 2.2.9: Goal Line Formation - You may ONLY use the goal line formation inside either 5 yard line.

  • 2.2.10: You are no longer allowed to use Custom Playbooks. You must use a NFL stock playbook from the game itself. You are allowed to use any NFL stock playbook however you still need to mix up your offensive play calling.

  • 2.2.11: You are now allowed to use the NFL live playbook option.

    • In addition you MUST show your opponent your playbook before your game starts. This way we can confirm you are not using a custom and using a stock PB that is not banned.

Section 2.3 - Defense

  • 2.3.1: You MUST rush at mimimum 3 players at all times. You cannot choose a play that rushes 3 players and audible one into coverage. You cannot call any plays that rush only 2 players.

  • 2.3.2: Manually Usering Defender Guidelines: You may move one and ONLY one player manually pre-snap and you MUST user that player until the ball is snapped.

    • When user controlling a defender, you MAY NOT use the dive button to dive through the offensive line, at the offensive line, or through a hole in the offensive line at the ball carrier (this includes the QB in the pocket). Example - User is controlling the MLB. Ball is snapped and handed to RB, MLB presses square to dive through the hole to make the tackle from 5 yards away.
      (Diving to make an open field tackle is okay)
    • Lurking around the line of scrimmage with a defender and leaping to intercept balls downfield will be prohibited. If you are manually controlling a defender, you must drop back into a zone or manually cover a receiver, you may NOT sit right at the line of scrimmage and jump as soon as the ball is thrown
    • Defensive Lineman:
      • A defensive lineman is defined as any defender that is on the line of scrimmage in a 3-point stance. Also known as a Down Lineman. Players that are standing on the line of scrimmage are NOT considered down lineman.
      • You ARE allowed to manually control a Defensive Lineman (Down Lineman) but ONLY for the purposes of rushing the passer.
      • You CANNOT manually drop a defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage. The only exception to this rule is if the defensive play that was called puts your defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage.
      • You CANNOT hot route a defensive lineman (down lineman) into coverage. (Including covering Flats or to Spy).
      • You CANNOT manually move defensive lineman in any direction until the ball is snapped.
    • Linebackers:
      • If you are usering an LB that is set to be blitzing then you MUST blitz. You CANNOT peel off into coverage. If you want to play coverage you MUST manually hot route the LB into coverage first.
    • Defensive Backs:
      • If you are usering a defensive back, you may NOT move them inside the linebackers or on the line of scrimmage unless you are in a goalline situation (Inside your own 10).
      • If you are usering a DB that is at the 3rd level OR usering a DB at the line of scrimmage, you cannot immediately run to the LB level and strafe when the ball is snapped.

Section 2.4 - Special Teams

  • 2.4.1: You cannot move any players manually pre-snap on punt returns or field goal blocks.

  • 2.4.2: When punting you may move the punt arrow left, right, and up. However if you move the arrow down (line drive) you must punt it out of bounds. You cannot line drive a punt at a returner.

  • 2.4.3: You are ONLY allowed to use one fake kick per game (Punt, FG, XP).

Section 2.5 - Sportsmanship & Mercy

The MOF prides itself on sportsmanship and fair play. We are a family here in the MOF. I do understand games can get out of hand but we are all expected to play with respect to our opponents. The following is a guideline but that does not mean you should try to put up 80 points on the board before the 4th quarter. If you are consistently trying to run up the score you will be subject to fines and or MOF termination:

  • 2.5.1: If you are winning by 35 points or more in the 4th quarter, you can ONLY pass on 3rd and 10 or longer for a FIRST DOWN ONLY just to keep the clock moving. Other than that you ABSOLUTELY must run the ball and run the play clock down to 1. This doesn't mean you can run sweep and toss plays to try to get to the outside and score more. The object is to run a much time off the clock as possible without embarrassing your opponent by scoring more.

  • 2.5.2: Once you are up by 35 points or more in the 4th quarter, you MUST substitute your #1 QB, #1 RB, #1 WR, and #1 TE out of the game. They cannot see the field again unless your opponent cuts the lead less than 35 points.

    • NOTE: You are prohibited from allowing your opponent to score on purpose so you can keep your starters in. If we see that you are purposely letting your opponent score, you are subject to penalties and or removal.

  • 2.5.3: Once you are in the mercy rule range, you MAY still score, realistically, but use discretion. We understand sometimes these types of games happen. You can still kick Field Goals, return interceptions, fumbles, break long runs if it happens. But please do not go out of your way to embarrass your opponent. Run the clock, get out of there as fast as possible.

  • 2.5.4: It is MANDATORY that if you can run out the clock to end the game, you MUST do so. There is absolutely no excuse or reason to run plays when you can simply take knees and run the clock out.

  • 2.5.5: On the flip side, if you are on the losing end of a blow out, you are expected to keep your cool and stay focused on finishing the game. No one likes to be blown out, but it does happen. Jumping offside, running players out of the way, or taking anger out during the game will not be tolerated.

Section 3 - Team Management: Game Day

Section 3.1 - Depth Chart & Substitution

  • All skill positions must play their natural position (QB, HB, WR, TE, CB, S)

    • Example: You cannot add HB to the WR position on the depth chart

  • The 3rd TE Spot may be a TE, FB, or OLINE only

  • The FB position may have a TE at the 2nd spot (IF you do not have a FB on your roster, you can use an HB or TE).

  • All positions on Depth Chart must have first TWO SPOTS filled with APPROVED players.

    • Example: Safeties must have 2 safeties in first two spots on depth chart & the 3rd can be filled with an APPROVED cornerback.

Section 3.2 - Sub Package Depth Chart Requirements

  • RLE, RRE can be a mixture of OLB, DE and DT

  • RDT can be a mixture of DE, DT

  • OLB, MLB can be a mixture of OLB, MLB

  • SUBLBER: We will be ONLY allowing Linebackers in the SUB LB position. Safties are no longer allowed to be at SUB LB under any circumstance.

  • SLCB can be a mixture of CB or Safety

  • The linebacker position on your depth chart can ONLY be filled by linebackers, no exceptions:

    • Formation packages that place safeties at the linebacker level are okay, as long as they are NOT in the LB position on the depth chart and as long as they are not the starting safeties on your team. (Example: Nickel 3-3-5, 46, etc.)

Section 4 - Team Management: Front Office

Section 4.1 - Salary Cap Management

  • Madden allows you to go over the cap by franchising players. This is a flaw in the game. You may NOT be over the salary cap at any point in the season. If you are, you must do whatever you have to do to be under the cap. You CANNOT play a game when you are over the salary cap. You will receive forfeit losses until you can get under.

  • If a coach deliberately makes moves that sends their team into "Cap Hell" and then quits or is removed, we will clear the cap penalties for the new coach coming in. This is the only reason we would clear cap penalties for anyone.

Section 4.2 - Roster Requirements

  • You MUST have a minimum of 48 players on your roster and a maximum 53 players on your roster when we begin each season, and you must maintain at least 48 players throughout the season. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you will be prohibited from playing any games until you get to that number. If you are not at the minimum before the season starts, you may sign as many free-agents as you need to get to that number. However you CANNOT drop a handful of guys just to sign a handful of guys. If you are in a cap situation where you cannot sign any players you MUST make trades, cuts, or whatever you can do to get the cap room to meet the minimum.

Section 4.3 - Trading Players

  • The MOF trade deadline will now be after Week 10 instead of Week 8. Pushing the Trade Deadline to week 10 instead of week 8 will let coaches sell off players if their season has been lost. It gives them more flexibility. Week 8 you cant really tell if you're out yet, so its more of a risk and reluctance to trade. I believe the NFL is also looking to push their trade deadline as well.

  • You will have a limit of 4 trades per season. (Off-season to Trade Deadline).

  • Rookie coaches coming into the league have to play 6 regular season games before they can make a trade.

  • Trades involving ONLY draft picks will not count against your overall trade limit for the season

  • You CAN now trade free-agents you picked up in the same season, any player you acquire in the same season and any rookie.

  • Coaches must submit their trade proposals using the trade system from neonsportz (tutorial below). Then the voting process will begin.

  • You cannot process the trade on the PS5 until the trade is accepted by the MOF staff. Once trade is agreed upon two parties, the trade will be up for a staff only vote. It will be open for a max of 24 hours. It will take a majority number to pass a trade depending on the amount of staff members we have. If we decide to veto a trade, we will comment as to why and how to make it more even. Neonsportz now has trade value next to each player on your roster, you can use that to even out trades when proposing.

  • With the new trading system and the speed in which we can approve them, we are now allowing trading during the draft. However you must submit the trade, get the correct amount of votes, and execute the trade on the PS5 before your pick comes up. We WILL NOT pause the draft for trades.

  • You have 3 attempts at acquiring or trading any particular player. If all 3 trades are vetoed you cannot acquire or trade that particular player for 1 whole season.

    • Example: Giants proposed trading Rashard Jennings to the Packers for Eddie Lacy in three seperate trades, those players cant be offered to each other for one whole season.

Section 4.4 - Free Agent Signing & Re-Signing Players

  • First season of the new game, prior to the preseason starting there will be will be a free agent waiver wire in reverse order of the team draft. We will use the most up to date roster for the franchise (first season). Any player that is a free-agent on the latest roster, will be available to be picked in the free-agent draft.

    • The free-agent waiver wire will stay open for 24 hours.

    • You will pick your player through discord, via a DM or directly on the main chat channel.

    • After the 24 hour deadline (or after every coach has picked) we will process the free-agent waiver wire, and you can then sign your player.

  • The maximum length of free-agent contracts will be 4 years. You CANNOT exceed a 4 year contract. We will have admins making sure all contracts meet the rule. If you sign a player for more than 4 years we will be forcing you to release that player.

  • Once we move into the pre-season advances you will only be allowed to sign ONE player for the ENTIRE Preseason. This Is Done To Prevent Hoarding.

  • If you need to fill your roster during pre-season to get to 48, players have to be rated 65 overall or lower.

  • Once we move into the regular season, you are ONLY allowed to sign 1 free-agent per advance.

    • Starting Week 2 you will be allowed to sign players off teams practice squads & signing players off a teams practice squad or onto your own practice squad will count towards your 1 player signed. Make sure you do not sign any practice squad players that are on the teams protected list which will be posted on discord on the practice-squad-protection channel.

    • Exception - If your team suffers an injury to a player that is longer than 1 week, you may sign an additional player per injury. Please let a staff member know.

    • You CANNOT re-sign a player that you cut in the same season, you must wait until the off-season. Unless approved by staff.
      This is mainly to stop coaches from cutting players then immediately resigning For salary purposes.

  • There will be no limit in re-signing your own players during the season. If the player asks for 5 years, 6 years, etc. You are allowed to meet the players demands.

    • You may NOT release players during the playoffs. You MUST wait until the off-season begins. This prevents playoff teams from picking up solid free-agents and it also helps with record checking purposes for the website.

    • For coaches coming in taking over a franchise sometimes the previous coach either let re-signs expire, or withdrew on them. You will have a shot to keep them during free-agency round 1. We will protect the free-agents you wish you re-sign and you have to offer them exactly what they are asking for and you can only do this during round 1. If they decline your offer or you forget to put an offer in, these free-agents are fair game to the rest of the league after round 1. *This will be a case by case basis*

  • Practice Squad Protection - We are allowed to protect up to 2 players on the practice squad. Please announce your player(s) you would like to protect before the regular season starts on the practice-squad-protection channel on discord. In the real NFL, someone could try to sign a PS player but that team has the right ot sign them to their 53 so this would be our way to keep that player.

Section 4.5 - Waiver System

  • Waiver System: You CANNOT drop any player rated 85 or above without league approval. If you need to drop a player that is rated 85 or above, you must contact the staff so we can take the restriction off the league settings. Once a player that is rated 85 or above is released, we will go through a waiver system.

  • We will hold a waiver wire claim for the player cut. You will have 24 hours (or less depending on when we are set to advance) to put a claim on the player on the corresponding discord channel.
    • From the first business day after the Super Bowl until the day after the third regular season week, assignments are based on a claiming order that is the same as the order in which clubs were positioned in that season's player draft (Before any trades).
    • From the beginning of the fourth regular season weekend through the Super Bowl, assignments are based on the inverse order of their win-loss record.
    • For example, a team with fewer wins will be awarded a player off waivers ahead of a team with a better record. If a player passes through waivers unclaimed, he becomes a free agent.
    • We will contact you via discord for your claim status.

Section 4.6 - Position Change Requests

  • You can only submit position change requests during the off-season.

  • If you suffer an injury during the regular season, or make a trade, then you may request a position change, and it must be approved no matter what the change is.

  • Position changes for players that have abilities will need to be changed back to their original abilities that they had before the change.

  • The following position changes DO NOT NEED a position request form in the off-season:

    • LT, LG, C, RG, RT

    • SS & FS


    • RE, DT, LE

    • OLB & DE

    • If a player has played a position in real life he will be allowed to be moved back or to that position.

      • Example: Isaiah Simmons has played both LB and S he will be allowed to play both in the MOF.

  • We will be forcing you guys to change positions on players that primarily play a certain position. Example, if Myles Garrett is listed as a DE but plays DT 90% of the time, we are making you change his position to DT.

  • We have come up with a standardization about moving safeties to linebacker. We understand as safeties get older, they start to regress and they are more suited to become linebackers, so we have come up with a system that will allow you to move your safety to linebacker. As log as the safety falls into these guidelines, you will be allowed to move them to outside linebacker. You will still need to send in a request form:

    • 30 years of age or older

    • 84 speed or lower

Section 4.7 - Player Editing

  • You are NO LONGER ALLOWED have free range to edit players abilities. Abilities for players who earn SS or X-Factor status during he season will be handed out randomly by the computer. You will be able to change x-factor and abilities of players for MOF Dollars. Please refer to Section 8 MOF League Incentive Program for the cost value of each ability tier.

  • If a SS or X-Factor player earns an ability slot during the season and it is not auto filled by the CPU we can Spin the Wheel for an ability or you can purchase one through league incentives (Section 8).

  • You are NO LONGER ALLOWED to edit players during the season. The only exception is if you make a trade or sign a free-agent. Then you can edit players position, number and equipment WITH APPROVAL.

  • You are allowed to change names of rookies coming into the league. Please refer to the League Incentives portion of the rules. Names must be approved and it will cost $40 MOF dollars.

  • You may NOT change a QB throwing hand.

  • You can change players equipment and numbers but only on new players you acquire. You MUST follow the NFL rules with jersey numbers:

Section 4.8 - Off-Season

  • After the Super Bowl ends, the staff will take 24 hours (or less) to do a coach by coach evaluation, rule change proposals, and anything else that will need to be discussed before advancing to the offseason.

  • The season trade limit will now restart. You can start proposing accepted trades to the MOF staff.

  • You will need to be active during the off-season, to make sure you do not miss any important team timeline projects.

  • The off-season stages will have a certain set amount of time:

    • Day 1: Re-sign expiring contracts - You will have 24 hours to complete.

    • Day 2: Free-Agent Signing Stage 1 - You will have 24 hours to complete. There will be a limit of 5 concurrent bids allowed.

    • Day 3: Free-Agent Signing Stage 2 - You will have 24 hours to complete. You will have unlimited amount of concurrent bids.

    • Day 4: Free-Agent Signing Stage 3 & Rookie 5th Year Deals - You will have 30 minutes to complete. You will have unlimited amount of concurrent bids.

    • Day 4: Free-Agent Wrap-Up & Scouting - You will have 30 minutes to complete.

    • Day 4: The Player Draft: This will begin immediately after the Free-Agent and Scouting Stage.

    • Day 4: After the player draft we will advance to the pre-season. Please do NOT play any pre-season games.

    • Day 4: Training Camp - You will have 24 hours to complete. Before the pre-season begins you will participate in your training camp

    • Day 5: We will advance the pre-season every 10 minutes until we get to the regular season. Injuries will be turned off for the pre-season.

    • Day 5: Regular Season Starts.

Section 4.9 - Staff Points & Coaching Trees

  • You can ONLY make coaching changes during the off-season. If you make a trade during the season that impacts your style of offense you can ask staff for permission to change schemes but that will be the only exception.

Section 5 - Franchise Regulations

Section 5.1 - Changing Teams

    We are now allowing coaches to change teams ONCE per madden edition under the following conditions:

  • You are allowed to trade during the initial team draft. You can trade your draft pick spot for a team or a team for a team, you cannot trade a draft pick spot for another draft pick spot. Once the draft is complete, the 32nd team has been chosen, you are no longer allowed to trade teams.

  • You will be allowed to pick up an open team and drop your team:

    • When there is an open team we will give coaches a deadline of an undetermined amount of time, depending on when the deadline of the current week is, to put their name in the "hat" for the open team.

    • We will determine who gets the team by a lottery system. The amount of losses you have will be the amount of lottery chances you will have. Example: Coach Kevin is 1-7 and Coach James is 2-6, they were the only teams to put in for the open team. Kevin will get 7 chances, James will get 6.

    • If there is interest from coaches for the team that was given up, we will hold another lottery and repeat.

    • The new coach coming in will receive the open team.

  • If you leave the league for any reason, and come back, you will be unable to change teams for the rest of the edition.

Section 5.2 - Game Scheduling

  • Must Contact Opponent Within 24 Hours Of Advance in scheduling discord channel. If this is not done, your game will be subject to sim when its time to advance (early or on time).

  • Games CANNOT be scheduled after the 24 hour contact period, to be played within 1 hour of scheduled advance without staff approval. (Example: If we advance at 9pm, you cannot start a game at 8:30pm without approval)

  • If you are having trouble reaching your opponent, please tag the staff in your designated game scheduling thread on discord.

Section 5.3 - Forced Results

  • If your game has not been played by the proposed deadline, it will be simulated in favor of the coach who was more available or it will be a straight simulation:

    • The staff will contact coaches that have unplayed games close to the deadline for a status update.

    • The staff will determine if the game will be a force win or a straight simulation.

    • Injuries will be off for ALL simulated games.

Section 5.4 - Playoff Qualification Rules

  • We will no longer be implementing any playoff qualification rules.

Section 5.5 - Rules For Playing the CPU

  • We are no longer allowing coaches to play the CPU.

Section 5.6 - Disconnections

  • When you begin any game, and you experience lag, you have every right to restart the game. Just pause the game and let your opponent know.

  • If you are disconnected at any point in your game it is up to both coaches to come up with a solution that satisfies both parties. The staff will ONLY get involved if a solution cannot be met.

  • At no time are you allowed to force an opponent to restart a game due to something that has nothing to do with lag. If there is a non-lag issue that is going on, please talk to a staff member.

  • If a player is injured during your game, and your game is then disconnected, that player will remain "injured" depending on the severity of the injury. The staff will determine the length that player will be out according to their injury. You will be unable play said player for that week or for however many weeks he is deemed "injured". This is to prevent anyone disconnecting the game on purpose after a key injury.

Section 6 - Code of Conduct

    MOF is a community and a place for all football fans and madden lovers to get together and play in a fun environment. All coaches are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner with each other whether it be through text message, Discord, or during a game.

Section 6.1 - Behavior Policy

  • You are NOT permitted to be on any Discord channels during your game. The only exception to this rule is if you have a question about the rules. If you are on the chat room during your game for any other reason, you will have a player suspended and possibly penalized further to the discretion of the staff.

  • Trash talking and friendly jabbing is permitted, however if it gets out of hand and complaints are made, you will be warned. Further infractions with be dealt with harshly. If for any reason a coach feels someone is making their MOF experience not enjoyable or fun, they can follow the proper procedure to file a complaint with the MOF Staff. These types of issues are taken very seriously and are not welcome in the league in general. Check your personal issues at the door when it's time to have fun in league play.

Section 6.2 - Complaints & In-Game Issues

  • To file an official complaint, please fill out a complaint form located on the website. That complaint goes straight to the staff and the complaint will immediately be brought up and discussed. Please do NOT complain publically on Discord channels.

  • Violations must be reported within 24 hours after completion of your game. Anything later will not be eligible for any penalty, but the issue will be addressed.

  • We will NOT accept any complaints without video evidence with a time stamp. When sending in a complaint, have your video URL ready and let us know when the rule infraction takes place. Snapshots and screen shots will also be accepted.

  • We will NOT accept any complaints that have nothing to do with breaking a rule. If you want to send in a complaint about a coach using too much of a certain play or formation, please break that complaint down with number of times a play was used, etc.

  • If a coach breaks a rule during the game you are encouraged to pause the game and message that coach to let them know. If you believe that your opponent broke a rule that will directly effect the outcome of your game, PAUSE the game immediately, get a staff member on Discord.

Section 6.3 - Statute Of Limitations

  • Coaches leaving and coming back in same edition: Lose ALL tenure and will be treated as a rookie. Sim limits, zero tolerance on rule breaks, etc. Unlike rookie coaches who don?t get to trade for 6 weeks, the same applies to returning vet but for the duration of the season regardless if they come back week 3 or 13.

  • If you are REMOVED from the league for any reason besides breaking gameplay rules you will be banned from a possible comeback until the new edition of the game under staff consideration. It is possible to re-join the league under a probational period and or with chat privileges revoked.

  • Taking a leave of absence during the season cannot last longer than 6 games. If you will be gone for more than 6 games you will need a sub-coach to play your games until you return. Or you will be subject to being replaced.

  • All returns from coaches who are removed or have resigned will all be discussed on a case by case basis.

Section 7 - League Requirements

Section 7.1 - Mandatory Streaming / Uploading Games

  • It is absolutely MANDATORY that every coach streams or uploads their game to YouTube. It doesn't matter if you are home, away, or on the moon. Every coach MUST stream or upload. We will have a dedicated staff member checking everyone coaches YouTube channel at every advance and creating a report.

  • All coaches are required to disable their music in madden general settings. This is required to prevent YouTube from flagging and removing your uploaded games. Instructions to do so are here:

    • How to disable music in Madden: Please note you might have to disable the PA music during the game as well.

    • It is your responsibility to make sure that your game does not get removed off Youtube, if it happens, it will be treated as a "no stream/upload".

  • If you are uploading your game instead there are a few things you need to be aware of. You must change your save game video to 60 minutes. Save your game at halftime and then again after the game in case your game goes over 60 minutes. Recording can be started by hitting share twice and stopped by hitting share twice. Hit The share button again and select save Video clip. You have 24 hours to upload your game to YouTube after its completion (or before we advance). Instructions to save your game are here:

  • Every video will be REQUIRED to be labeled:

    • Title: MOF Season (xx) - Week (xx) - Away Team at Home Team.

    • Description: #MOF(yourteam) example: #MOFPackers and #MOFS44WK(number) example: Week 2 of Season 44 would be #MOFS44WK2.

    • If your stream/upload is not labeled correctly, it will be treated as a "no stream/upload".

Section 7.2 - Coach Requirements & Guidelines

  • You must have the latest installmant of Madden for PS5, along with internet access. This seems obvious, but this basically means you cannot go to a friends house to play your games.

  • Having and being on Discord is mandatory. When you are tagged you are expected to respond in a timely matter.

  • Each coach will have the opportunity to create their own MOF team twitter account. We would like to see a consistent activity of tweets from coaches to maintain our full sim experience. Each coach will be asked to tweet at least once each in game week (typically after a game sort of like a press conference) and set up their broadcast to automatically tweet when their game starts. This will give our league a very active feel. At this time Twitter expectations are NOT mandatory.

  • Each coach will have the opportunity create news articles via neonsportz to add to the league immersion. Team news is NOT mandatory.

  • If a coach needs to take a leave of absence during the season, vacation, etc. Please fill out the Leave of Absence form on the website. This way we know you are not around.

Section 7.3 - MOF Accountability & Fines

    Here in the MOF we will hold each coach accountable for following gameplay rules, code of conduct, and league requirements. The MOF staff has every right to take each matter in a case by case basis and can hand out multiple fines per infraction. You will be notified officially in a discord DM on what was violated and the fines you have endured. Failure to adhere to the fine(s) can result in MOF termination. Please observe the following guidelines:

  • An MOF fine can be any or all of the following:

    • A player suspension

    • MOF Dollar fine

    • Draft pick forfeiting

  • Violating ANY GAMPEPLAY rule will result in a fine. There are a few ways to determine if a game play rule was broken:

    • Video evidence posted by a coach in an official complaint.

    • If an MOF staff member witnesses the rule violation while watching your game.

  • Violating the code of conduct of the league will result in a fine. There are a few ways to determine if the code of conduct rule was violated:

    • We can see if you are violating the code of conduct by looking through the Discord chats or screen shots.

    • If you are personally texting another coach we will also ask for screen shots.

  • We will be handing down fines for not streaming/archiving your games:

    • 1 missed stream/upload will result in a $25 MOF Dollar Fine.

    • 2 missed streams/uploads or more will result in $50 MOF Dollar Fine per missed stream/upload.

    • If you are having problems streaming or uploading please reach out to staff member asap to rectify the issue.

  • The process of "Forfeiting Draft Picks" is as follows:

    • Depending which pick has been forfeited, you will be forced to pick the last player rated in the draft. If you do not, we will edit the player you drafted to all zero ratings.

  • Under NO circumstances are you allowed to quit during a game. This also includes forcing any kind of disconnection. If you do quit a game, you will be disciplined accordingly. This also includes "friendly quitting" and conceding games. You must finish league games out. If you are having any kind of unruly experience with your opponent during a game, pause the game and get a staff member involved on Discord.

Section 8 - MOF League Incentive Program

  • Starting in Season 59 we will be introducing a league incentive program where we reward activity & immersion with league perks.

  • We will have a designated League Incentive manager that keeps track of all activity and earnings, but we also urge you to keep track of your own as well.

  • The first part of this we will be showing you how much each league participation item will earn you:

    • Team Tweets: Update about your teams performance, must use #MOF, #MOFSWK (Example MOFS62WK12) and @MOFLeagues in your tweet - Max 1 per advance week: 4 MOF Dollars Each

    • Team Article Posted to Neonsportz (Minimum 200 Words) - Max 10 Per Season: 4 MOF Dollars Each

    • League Article (not about your team) posted to Neonsportz (minimum 250 Words) - Max 10 Per Season: 6 MOF Dollars Each

    • Expert Pick Panel - Be a part of expert picks panel (5 person max first come first serve) - last place coach eliminated next season: 50 MOF Dollars For Season

    • Power Rankings - Includes comments about each team - Once per week Max 8 per season: 15 MOF Dollars Each

    • Submit a league article to be posted on the website (750 words or more) - Max 5 per season 15 MOF Dollars Each

    • League Weekly Highlight Videos (10 Different Highlights) - Max 1 per advance: 15 MOF Dollars Each

    • Radio Show or Podcast - No maximum: 50 MOF Dollars Per Show

    • Create & Run a league personality twitter account (Example: MOF Skip Bayless, MOF Jim Rome, etc. - Minimum 35 tweets - 16 different weeks): 50 MOF Dollars For Season

    • Live Game Commentary (With another league member) through YouTube/Twitch etc. Regular Season - Max 10 per season: 25 MOF Dollars Each

    • Live Game Commentary (With another league member) through YouTube/Twitch etc. Playoffs - No Max: 35 MOF Dollars Each

    • Live Game Commentary (With another league member) through YouTube/Twitch etc. Super Bowl: 50 MOF Dollars

    • Awards for Top Content Creators Throughout the Edition (Which can be a cumulative combination of tweets, team news reports and league content): Top 3 Coaches Awarded: 100 MOF Dollars Each

    • League Pick 'Ems: 50 MOF Dollars for Weekly Winner, 200 for Yearly Winner, 150 for 2nd Place, 100 for 3rd Place

    • League Survivor Pool: 250 MOF Dollars for Winner

  • Using the values you have earned in the above list, you will be able to purchase league perks throughout the season.

    • Additional Lottery balls in the MOF Team Draft for next edition: 1 MOF Dollar Per Lottery Ball & Maximum of 200 MOF Dollars

    • Name change of 1 Madden auto generated rookie - Name must be approved by MOF Staff: 40 MOF Dollars

    • QB Style Throwing Motion Change for Madden auto generated rookie (Slinger 1 and 2 prohibited): 100 MOF Dollars

    • 1 Additional Trade (No Maximum): 100 MOF Dollars Each

    • 1 Additional Free-Agent Pickup For Current Week (No Maximum): 25 MOF Dollars Each

    • Dev Upgrade: Normal to Star - 1 player per season (You cannot upgrade Rookies): 200 MOF Dollars Each

    • We have created a tier for ability changes. You can purchase changes at any point in the season. Please refer to his chart:

      • Elite Ability Change for 1 Player: 200 MOF Dollars Each

      • Great Ability Change for 1 Player: 150 MOF Dollars Each

      • Mid-Tier Ability Change for 1 Player: 100 MOF Dollars Each

      • Low-Tier Ability Change for 1 Player: 75 MOF Dollars Each

    • Additional Free Agent Signing For Current Week: 25 MOF Dollars Each

    • Clear Cap Penalties at Any Time: 500 MOF Dollars Each

    • Buyout Contract: 200 MOF Dollars Each. Explanation: Buyout rule: Where any player 30 or older who has been on a team more than 5 years can be given a buyout on the contract and cut them by paying 50% of the normal penalty. You can only use it once during a madden cycle though and you cannot resign the player ever. Contact the commissioner before doing so.

    • Picker Wheel On Any Ability: 10 MOF Dollars Each. This is allowed 1 time per player per season. Once you receive your new ability, it cannot be changed. Every available ability in the tier will be on the picker wheel.

Section 9 - MOF Draft For Teams & Lottery Chance Process

  • Every new release of Madden we will conduct a draft for your team for the upcoming CFM.

  • We will position you, randomly inside of 8 groups.

    • 1st group - Veterans that did not make playoffs all of previous edition of Madden.

    • 2nd group - Veterans that made playoffs less than 50% of previous edition of Madden.

    • 3rd group - Veterans that made playoffs 50%-99% of previous edition of Madden.

    • 4th group - Veterans that made playoffs 100% or more of previous edition of Madden.

    • 5th group - Veterans that did not play in ALL seasons previous edition of Madden.

    • 6th group - Rookies who played in previous edition (Rookie = any coach who has not played 16 regular season games in MOF).

    • 7th group - Returning veterans who did not play in MOF previous edition of Madden.

    • 8th group - Rookies who never played in MOF before.

  • Coaches must start AND finish every single season of CFM without any unapproved leave of absences, to be considered in the first 5 groups of the next edition draft. Approved leave of absences include vacations, work leave, and personal reasons. If you leave the league abruptly without an approved leave and come back, you will not be eligible to qualify for a full edition completion.

  • From there we will have a draft lottery. Depending on which number you fall into in your group, you will get a default set number of lottery ball chances. So if you are a rookie coming in, you will be in the 32nd position only receiving 1 lottery ball. If you are in the first group you will get a chance at the 1st position receiving 32 lottery balls. The more lottery ball chances, the better your draft chances will be. There are multiple ways to increase your lottery chances before the draft takes place:

    • You will be able to purchase more lottery ball chances through Venmo with all proceeds going towards the league. It will act as a donation, and you can purchase 1 lottery ball for $1. Remember no matter how many chances you purchase, it does NOT guarantee you the #1 pick. It just increases your chances.

    • We will have contests throughout the year where you can bet lottery chances to win more. NFL Super Bowl box pool, MOF Super Bowl box pool, NCAA March Madness tournament to name a few.

    • You will have a deadline of the day of the draft order release to purchase lottery chances. We will broadcast the draft order release live on YouTube!

  • Once all the lottery chances are final, we will conduct the draft order through a lottery system using:

  • The draft will begin after the draft order is released. Once the draft begins you will have a max of 2 hours once the clock has started, to make your selection. We prefer that everyone makes their selection through Discord. If you feel like you might miss your deadline, you can always send us your top teams that you would like. (We will not count the hours from 12am-8am EST)

  • If you miss your selection, you have until the end of the draft to make your pick at anytime.