The V.I.P Room

FINALLY!! The streets have been watching and waiting to hear these words so………. Good evening gents and germs & welcome to another edition of the VIP Room. All access passes have been checked and your name's are on the list so push aside the velvet rope and gain entry into paradise. Take a seat, order yourself a sip, and allow me to dazzle you with insights from the champion's room.

by BigDre245
February 11, 2021

Before we begin, let me enlighten you on the new changes to the lounge. The VIP Room used to only be open to those sporting championship hardware upon entry. No tipping the bouncer or saying "you know a guy" was allowed here. You had to have climbed the mountaintop and seen into the valley to sample the supple wares of the exclusive realm of the MOF. However after careful deliberation, the rope now swings for those that have also attained Hall of fame honors. Elite ballers receiving their bronze bust have established themselves as bona-fide royalty in the MOF so the VIP Room must follow suit and deny them no more. So with that revelation, allow me to welcome my fellow immortalized brethren to the champagne lounge, Qpeezy & Jfon. The bubbly is cold and the ladies are colder so snuggle in and enjoy what the boom boom room has to offer.

A lot has changed since we last retired to the inner sanctum of the MOF and we will spend a moment catching up. Gone are the silky pipes of RobPowers who felt it easier to bid ado to the proving grounds than silence his golden tongue over trivial matters men face in the heat of battle. We pour out some liquor as well to other longtime owners who cashed out their tabs and moved to non-Madden greener pastures. Dpanther, SonOfGoku, and Showkiller also sailed off into the sunset and threw their cleats over the power lines to ball no more. Since our last encounter, we saw another longtime coach leave and dare to try and sully the good name of the MOF with childish antics. Nothing more to say there. But with departures come arrivals and we welcome back some new blood and old in Youngcat and Bubbaduran as they try to rekindle the magic they once had here. Times have changed boys so bring your A game or find a-nother game to play.

Enough of that, let's talk ball now and the latest shot-caller is MackDaddy himself as he claimed his second title last season in dramatic fashion. It should come as no shock to see Mack once again reign supreme over the MOF as he has danced with the title on a few other occasions only to have it slip away. Putting a second stone in his gauntlet makes him a cemented don in the HOF ranks so, the cap we tip to thee champ. Ladies, take a bottle of our best bubbly to the main booth and throw caution to the wind as you show the champ a "good time". Bottoms up, oh and turn your drinks up as well.

The new season beckons and the MOF is ushering in the 60th rendition of The Hunger Games as all fight to reign as the one true master of our collective domain. This edition of the VIP Room is dedicated to that task. We brothers have gathered here every August for 60 seasons to not only prove our football genius but to also be a part of a community that finds comfort in competition. To the 32 we have her now, thank you. Thank you for being the adoring crowd seeking entry into the hallowed ground upon which a select few stand and spill whiskey and tell lies of our rise to the top. We all anguish, we all cheer, we all try to best each other; but it is humbly that I am glad we all return. Not every player can be champion, but every player is…. family.

We are glad to be back in the velvet room and promise to open the club more regularly. We only serve top shelf here and bottle service is complementary gentlemen so settle up your tabs until we light the cigars again. The VIP Room is now closed.