Season 66 MOF Predictions: Playoff Picks, Award Predictions, Super Bowl Champion. A brand new MOF season is on the horizon, which means only one thing, predictions! Which teams will play into the post-season, and who will square off in the Super Bowl? We make our best guess.

Before we start the predictions, I want to take a moment and talk about the longevity and success of this league. 20 years ago, I was a 21 year old kid with an idea to create an online madden league, but really had no idea how it worked. With the help of Dolan (Lhu27) we created the MOF. We had some bumps and bruises in our first few seasons, but now 65 seasons later here we are. One of the most prestigious leagues out there. As we enter our unprecedented 64th season, a number that not many leagues have seen, I want to thank every single one of you for making this league what it is. I say this all the time, but this is a wonderful hobby for all of us. Something to get our minds off the everyday grind and have a place to escape for a few hours a week. I take pride and pleasure in providing that for you guys, so again, thank you for making the MOF great!

Welcome to the Season 66 Predictions! First, out of the 14 teams predicted to make the Season 65 playoffs, I got 5 right in the AFC and 6 right in the NFC. 2 for 4 in the title games, and the NFC champion was correctly predicted. We saw Rookie Coach Wilky take down the title as he beat MrWitness' 49ers 41-21 in the Super Bowl. Which means we finally saw MackDaddy lose in the playoffs as his run for 4 straight titles fell short as he lost to the Bears in the divisional round. As we jump into these predictions, we are doing them a little late into the season as Commish was on vacation (much needed) so we predicted based on the current record as of March 29th (mid week 8). So there's no excuse to get any playoff teams wrong this edition! So will we see Coach Wilky continue his strong start to his MOF career, or will someone knock him off before he gets to his 2nd title opportunity? Will we see MackDaddy return to the promise land? Or can we see someone like Q or Roclo take down the crown? Can we see teams like Enzo's Jets and Bubba's Chiefs bounce back? Maybe the Rams and Seahawks as well? All that and more will be answered as we go through our Season 66 season predictions.

*Remember all these predictions are very in depth. We go game by game with the current schedule and predict games 1 by 1 and that's how we come up with our algorithms. Remember this is all in good fun and for some, some bulletin board material! Enjoy

by Commissioner Jeff
March 29, 2022

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR Calvin Ridley - NE (96 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: QB Drew Lock - NE (79 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: RE John Fields - NYJ (80 ovr)

The AFC East was taken by storm by rookie coach Wilky who went 9-2 in the final 11 games after he took over for BKMotorsports, rode that wave through the playoffs and won the entire thing! One of, if not the most impressive beginning to an MOF career that we've ever seen. So Coach Wilky enters this season fresh and ready to defend his title. The Jets and coach Enzo had himself a very down season, going 4-13, and missing the post-season. The Bills had a bounce back season going 9-8 after a tough Season 64, and the Patriots just won 1 game. We begin with the Miami Dolphins, who I expect to win this division this season. He is the sexy pick, and he will have a target on his back. With Tom Brady's career pretty much over, the Dolphins went out and traded for Jalen Hurts and it looks like that was a great move. I think it will be enough to take this division once again, and make another deep run into the playoffs. The New York Jets come into this season with guns blazing. Enzo wants to avenge last season in the worst way, easily his worst season in his MOF career. I think he will do just that, with a great off-season draft and ready to focus, I think the Jets could easily battle the Dolphins for the division. I do give the slight edge to Miami, but the Jets should do enough to get into the post-season as a wild-card. The Buffalo Bills did have a bounce back season 65, but I still think they are the 3rd best team in this division. Barring another Jets debacle, i think the Bills finish in 3rd place and will have a tough time winning more than 5 or 6 games. Tougher schedule, tougher division with Wilky and a focused Enzo, spells trouble for the Bills. The Patriots come into this season with the biggest off-season move in the MOF by trading for x-factor receiver WR Calvin Ridley. They also traded away Drew Lock to the Rams which means Brett Hill will be the starting QB in New England. I'm not sure if thats a good thing, but the Pats have done better than expected so far this season, I still think he's a little bit away from making a huge impact.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: HB Cam Akers - CLE (96 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: HB Christian McCaffrey - CLE (97 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: CB Jarvis Green - BAL (82 ovr)

The AFC North was dominated once again by Canes' Browns as they went a shocking 16-1 and clinched the top seed in the AFC. Of course they were eliminated by the Dolphins but they still had themselves a fantastic season. We also saw the Bengals finish with a strong 10-7 record for the 2nd straight season, and this time making the playoffs!! We saw the Ravens get a bit better but then drop out a few games into this season, and the Steelers well being the Steelers. But we start with the Browns, who I think will win this division once again pretty handedly. The Browns have it all, offense, defense, and a hall of fame coach. That's a recipe for success each and every time. I think the Browns will be one of those teams who could represent the AFC in the Super Bowl if the cards fall correctly. The Ravens saw a coach change already this season as JakeLogan is out and Betroit is in. Coach Betroit is already doing a much better job and could really surprise some people and fight for a wild-card berth. The Ravens have a nice squad, and when they have some talent at the coach position, could make some noise. I still think they will fall short, but keep an eye on the 7th seed, it could be wide open in the AFC. Coach Shawty is always one of those yo-yo coaches, which means he has one good season, then one bad season, there are a few coaches like that here, but none more evident than Shawty. However, he broke that yo-yo persona last season when he finished 10-7 for the 2nd straight season and earned himself a playoff berth. He was ousted in the 1st round, but getting to the post-season in this stacked AFC is a great accomplishment. I think he will take a big step backwards this season, due to the fact that his 2nd place schedule is brutal, and the division has a better Ravens coach now, but, Shawty has proven me wrong before. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Coach Remo had himself a tough Season 65, he's having a tough edition all together. The Steelers don't have much talent, and he traded away Devin Bush and JuJu earlier this edition, so he's been trying to build. Unfortunately it has not gone as planned and I think the Steelers are in for another tough season.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR Michael Thomas - HOU (91 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: LB Darius Leonard - IND (92 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: CB Jonathan Cooper - TEN (81 ovr)

The AFC South was run by the Colts once again, but the Jaguars had a little bit to say about it as they knocked off the Colts for the first time this edition. The Titans and Texans both were also both very competitive last season finishing 1 game below .500. We start off with the Colts, who won their 3rd straight division title and won two playoff games, something that has been ailing them all edition. The Colts enter this season with a bit of a different approach, proving that they could provide offense running the ball or passing the ball, which makes them a very dangerous team that could easily win the entire thing. They did trade away one of their best defenders in Darius Leonard, but with DeForest Buckner playing DT, they don't need much else. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Coach Dre made their 2nd straight playoff appearance after a very hot end of their season which saw wins over the Packers and Colts. The Colts got their revenge in the playoffs though as they beat the Jaguars 45-14 in the wild-card round. Dre returns basically the same team that he ended the season with so we expect him to have the same success, but with a tougher schedule things could get a little messy as he has started the season a bit behind the 8-ball. I expect him to right the ship though, and be one of the wild-card teams. The Tennessee Titans had an up and down season 65 as they finished 8-9 and just missed out on the playoffs. I do see similar results this season as well, even though they have started very well, including a win over the Colts already, I think the Titans are the 3rd best team in the division but if things can fall their way they could definitely battle for a wild-card spot. Coach DoubleD again had himself a great draft, grabbing CB Jonathan Cooper who debuted as an 81 overall! Unreal. The Houston Texans have started off this season winless in 7 games already, and we did not expect that coming into the season. The Texans went out and signed WR Michael Thomas away from the Saints, and season in and season out since MMX took over, the Texans have been improving their team drastically. I think they will turn things around, not enough to get back in the race but enough to possibly play spoiler.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: LB C.J. Mosley - LV (78 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: SS Justin Simmons - DEN (89 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: LB DaVonte Cummins - KC (76 ovr)

The AFC West had some drama with a capital D last season. Coach Number1FanofEA was removed right before Week 18, going 15-1 and ready to make another run at the SB. Instead he was removed for constant issues in the chat, bad mouthing the league, and all of that jazz. So instead the Raiders were coached by Sub Bubba who lost in the divisional round. Now the Raiders are coached by long time MOF veteran Gouch! Last season the Chargers and Chiefs made their usual noise, but instead of the Chiefs making the playoffs they were buzz sawed out by losing a bunch of games towards the end of their season. The Chargers however, finished a strong 12-5 and made the wild-card once again. The Broncos played much better last season, but stuck in this division they only could win 7 games. This season is going to be interesting, as it already is, in the AFC West. Without the dominance of the last two Raiders coaches, the division is wide open. Speaking of which, the Chargers have to be the favorite even though the Chiefs currently lead the division and the Chargers are struggling a bit, i still think the Chargers have the moxie to get it done. It will be a race between them and the Chiefs who have gotten off to a great start. The Chiefs want to avenge last season's collapse and return stronger than ever and poised for a deep playoff run. The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes and honestly, that's all you need. The Raiders are an extremely talented team, but jumping into the cycle in the 5th season is always challenging no matter who you are. Coach Gouch doesn't have the same threat to the division as Chefscoopa or Number1Fan did, and that's not a knock on Gouch but a praise to the the former two coaches. That doesn't mean the Raiders won't make any noise, but I think it might take a bit for Gouch to get accustomed to the league. The Broncos did have a stronger season 65 but like we said, he is in a juggernaut division. I think the Broncos have a chance to surprise some people, but he's going to need things to really work out in his favor. They lost Justin Simmons, the reigning defending defensive MVP so that's a huge blow.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: LB Darius Leonard - WAS (92 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: LB Tim Cleary - WAS (77 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: HB Jackie Rose - PHI (74 ovr)

The NFC East was the shock of Season 65 as the Philadelphia Eagles dethroned Coach Betts' Washington Football team to win the division at 11-6. However Coach PremierPlayer took a premature leave this season as he left the league after starting 1-4. So you'd think, okay well then Washington should have taken control, wrong. The Giants are the ones that have taken advantage of the Eagles departure so far this season as they currently are in 1st place, surprisingly. Will it last? I don't think so. I believe the Washington Football team, although had a rocky start to the season, will come out on top when the dust settles because let's be honest, Coach Betts has the most wins in MOF history and that's saying something for a coach in a league that's been around as long as the MOF. Betts went out and made a splash, like he usually does, and brought in LB Darius Leonard from the Colts as well as LT Braden Smith. Two huge moves that just make them even better. I think they'll start to move passed the Giants soon, as Antonio Gibson will emerge as an MVP candidate. The New York Football Giants have been a pleasant surprise thus far and I think they have an honest shot at being a playoff team, and if they can keep up this level of play, they could definitely challenge for the NFC East title. I would love to see Doug get into the playoffs, but it's still going to be tough with a schedule that's not too simple coming up. The Dallas Cowboys have had 3 coaches in the past 10 games, and we think they finally have their guy in JackDiesel18. First off, what a great name, one of the better PSN names in recent history. He's already opened some eyes by beating Coach Betts' Washington Football team, but he has lost his last two games so i think he's more of a .500 player. I think Dallas has a chance to make a run, because the NFC is always shaky around the 6th & 7th seed. The Philadelphia Eagles sadly do not have a coach currently, and they will continue to receive sim losses until we get one. This late in the cycle, March/April, it's always hard to fill vacancies but we're confident we will get someone soon, so the 1-16 prediction probably wont hold water.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: LG Ryan Ramczyk - GB (93 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: QB Jordan Love - GB (86 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: CB Xavier Jefferson - CHI (75 ovr)

The NFC North once again saw Coach MackDaddy dominate last season, going 16-1, but it was forgotten because the Packers were finally eliminated in the playoffs in the divisional round by the Bears and Coach Pettigrew. You better believe Mack took that personally and came out and made some big moves by trading QB Jordan Love and acquiring LG Ryan Ramczyk to bolster that o-line. The Bears also have renewed confidence as they made their way to the NFC title game but fell short against the 49ers. The Vikings and Lions were who we thought they were, although Minnesota saw some bright spots as Detroit didn't have too many of those. We begin with the Packers who won 3 super bowls before losing that playoff game last season. We'd be fools to think he couldn't easily win his 4th in 5 seasons, because he can. We're seeing Aaron Rodgers keep up his level of play, so much so that Mack traded Jordan Love to the Seahawks. I don't see Mack slowing down for anyone, losing maybe 1 or 2 games total this season and ready for another shot at the crown. Don't count out the Bears either, Coach Pettigrew has clinched a playoff berth in 4 straight seasons under the Bears, and I don't see that stopping this season either. The Bears in some ways are stronger than ever, knowing that he has what it takes to defeat Mack he will get another shot in the playoffs, we think, but it's going to take a lot to beat Mack twice in the playoffs in any cycle. Pettigrew's Bears are good enough to win it all, but he has some hurdles to get over. The Vikings are going to be better than last season, that's for sure. Danielle Hunter is a menace and that defense is swarming. The offense is the weakness, ever since they traded Dalvin Cook to the Texans they've had a bit of a problem running that football so they started passing, a lot. Throwing a lot of interceptions. The Vikings also have what it takes to get to the post-season, they just have to play the Packers and Bears 4 times and that's usually 4 losses off the bat. The Detroit Lions are coming off a 2 win season, and they have already matched that this season. I don't really see them winning too many more games though, unfortunately, barring any kind of resurgence I think the Lions will finish in last place in the NFC North once again.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: HB Christian McCaffrey - CAR (97 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR Calvin Ridley - ATL (96 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: DT Kevin Edwards - ATL (76 ovr)

The NFC South was absolutely dominated by Coach Q and his Panthers last season, winning the division by 7 games over the 2nd place Falcons. I don't see much changing especially with the addition of Christian McCaffrey, i don't know how he does it but Q's Panthers just keep getting better and better each season. The Atlanta Falcons have rose to the challenge so far this season, giving tough competition and even beating the Panthers already once. The Buccaneers also are playing much much better this season ready to make a run. The Saints are having some troubles, but they also could easily beat anyone they play at any time. The Panthers like we said above, acquired Christian McCaffrey for Cam Akers straight up and it was a huge move. The Panthers were already one of the best rushing teams in the game and now with McCaffrey instead of Akers, wow. Lamar is a cheat code, and was cheated out of the MVP last season. I think the Panthers have a real shot at getting to the Super Bowl and representing the NFC. The Packers and 49ers stand in their way but if they can beat one of them, they have a great chance. The Atlanta Falcons look like they are back this season, after going 6-11 in Season 65, one of Reg's worst seasons since he's been here in the MOF, he took that personally and has been playing much better. Barring any kind of collapse, i think the Falcons should be a wild-card team. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also playing very good football. The draft pick of Tracey Thomas has been incredible, as he's already rushed for 664 yards in just 6 games. I think the Bucs have found their run game, which sets up their pass very well and we all know how great Jfon is with the user safety. I expect the Bucs to also be a playoff team or really fight for a wild-card spot. The Saints are struggling a little bit once again. Like we said though, Minden has the talent to beat anyone in this league and he's proved that over the years. Russell Wilson and Alvin Kamara is not even fair, how do you defend that? If Minden can cut back on his turnovers, he will really give a lot of teams problems.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: QB Jordan Love - SEA (86 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: SS Jaquiski Tartt - LAR (79 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: CB Greg Bushrod - LAR (81 ovr)

The NFC West yet again was won by Coach MrWitness36 and the 49ers, for the 4th straight season. The 49ers looked a little more human last season, and that's funny because they are the first team other than the Packers to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl all cycle. Trey Lance has been one of the best players all edition, and i would easily put him in the top 3 when it's all said and done, winning back to back MOF MVP awards, Lance looks to make it 3 in a row as the 49ers already have started out undefeated. The division has taken a bit of a step back as the Cardinals and Commish Jeff had to take 3 sim losses and a loss on ps remote play, while vacationing in Florida that has put a damper on his season and it will take a miracle to make a comeback to get into the playoffs. The Seahawks are always one of those teams that could go on a run but they are already behind the 8 ball through 7 games. The Rams traded for Drew Lock and WR Quez Watkins recently to try and make this offense a bit better but they are having some trouble so far this season. So we begin with the 49ers, I think they will easily win their 5th division title in a row, and they have a real shot at going undefeated, we cannot predict that, but I wouldn't be shocked if they did it. The Cardinals like we said before, have a serious uphill battle at 0-6 right now, for them to even win 6 or 7 games would be impressive right now. The Seahawks tied the Falcons earlier in the season, since then they are playing a bit better but will have to cut down those turnovers to really have a shot. They have a tough schedule coming up but with Jordan Love at QB they have a chance, they really do. The Los Angeles Rams and Coach Bengalsonly really have been active all edition making trades, signing players, and really trying to improve. He is another one of those coaches who can beat anyone on any given day. The problem is, like everyone else, is turnovers. When they play clean, they are extremely hard to beat. I think the Rams have a tough schedule, they will need things to fall their way to get into the post-season.

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