Season 63 MOF Predictions: Playoff Picks, Award Predictions, Super Bowl Champion. A brand new MOF season is on the horizon, which means only one thing, predictions! Which teams will play into the post-season, and who will square off in the Super Bowl? We make our best guess.

Before we start the predictions, I want to take a moment and talk about the longevity and success of this league. 19 years ago, I was a 21 year old kid with an idea to create an online madden league, but really had no idea how it worked. With the help of Dolan (Lhu27) we created the MOF. We had some bumps and bruises in our first few seasons, but now 62 seasons later here we are. One of the most prestigious leagues out there. As we enter our unprecedented 62nd season, a number that not many leagues have seen, I want to thank every single one of you for making this league what it is. I say this all the time, but this is a wonderful hobby for all of us. Something to get our minds off the everyday grind and have a place to escape for a few hours a week. I take pride and pleasure in providing that for you guys, so again, thank you for making the MOF great!

Welcome to the Season 63 Predictions! First, out of the 14 teams predicted to make the Season 62 playoffs, I got 3 right in the AFC and 6 right in the NFC. 2 for 4 in the title games, and the champion was correctly predicted. Not too shabby, but I would still take these predictions with a grain of salt. Coach MackDaddy took down the crown in the first season of Madden '22. And he arguably had the best season of any coach in the history of the league. Breaking the completion % record, and winning a total of 20 games. He also broke the takeaways and defensive interceptions record by a team. Unreal! The crown is going to be hard to remove from his head this upcoming season. However, we did see some rookies come in last season and make their mark! The Houston Texans and Coach T.Haynes shocked the world as he knocked off Betts in the AFC title game to reach the Super Bowl, we also saw Coach Chefscoopa have himself a great 1st season with the Raiders. Will they have sophomore slumps or will they continue their legacy? The NFC will be stacked once again, I really don't see much changing a top the divisions and the Panthers traded for Lamar Jackson! Actually, I predicted the same exact 8 division champs that won in Season 62. However, some surprises, I like Atlanta, I like Arizona (cough), and I think Dallas and the Raiders might take a step back. We really can't wait for Dre to get back to Jacksonville, because we're tired of seeing them lose with Trevor. So who will take the title this season? Will Mack repeat? Will Betts get back there? All this and more will be answered, as we go through our Season 63 predictions.

*Remember all these predictions are very in depth. We go game by game with the current schedule and predict games 1 by 1 and that's how we come up with our algorithms. Remember this is all in good fun and for some, some bulletin board material! Enjoy

by Commissioner Jeff
November 7, 2021

Biggest Off-Season Addition: TE Noah Fant - NYJ (87 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: LB Donte Hightower - NE (82 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: HB Brian Claxton - NE (81 ovr)

The AFC East was basically dominated last season by Coach Betts and the Dolphins, and that's what we figured would happen. The Jets and Coach Enzo made a run late and made it into the playoffs, but never really threatened Betts stranglehold on the division. As far as the Bills, Coach Bill was definitely more competitive last season than his previous, but still he could only muster up 6 wins. As far as the Patriots, DoubleD has moved on to Nashville, and Coach ELBuccs who played 8 games with the Jaguars, is coming in. We begin with the Dolphins, who we believe should win their 2nd straight division title. Jaylon Waddle is set to have a breakout season as he finished last season with 1,717 yards and 18 TDs in his rookie season. The Dolphins didn't really make many moves in the off-season and their entire team is basically back from last season, that spells trouble for the rest of the division. The New York Jets are next on the radar, and with the finish Enzo had with the Jets last season, I think he can build off that entering this season. They went out and traded for Noah Fant and Patrick Surtain from Denver, which are huge moves. They also drafted one of the best players coming into the league in Chris Mackey at DE. Enter A.J. Bouye in free-agency and the Jets added some key pieces to make a run at Miami. I think they will fall short, but I expect Eh eh eh ehhnzo and the Jets to be in the playoffs. The Buffalo Bills enter the season with basically the same roster they exited last season with. Except they are missing J.C. Tretter. Their big move in the off-season was signing CB Desmond Trufant, and we'll see if Trufant has anything left in the tank early. I believe the Bills will win the same amount of games they did last season, give or take. I think the division is solid, and the Bills need to take that next step talent wise if they want to compete. The New England Patriots are in turmoil. They lost their coach in the off-season, and they were picked up by Coach ELBuccs. We do not know much about ELBuccs, except the fact that he went 0-8 as the interim fill in with Jacksonville. Now the fact is, the Patriots have a more talented roster, for sure. So i do not expect the Patriots and ELBuccs to go winless, however I think a struggle is on the horizon for these guys. They did draft Brian Claxton, the highest rated player coming out of the draft, with 94 speed and 94 accel. But this is a young team, with a rookie coach, we usually don't see that as a winning combination.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: LB Brian Burns - BAL (87 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: QB Lamar Jackson - BAL (96 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: QB DaShaun Arnaud - CLE (78 ovr)

The AFC North was a battle last season. We saw three teams virtually hold first place at least once during the season. Of course the Ravens finished at the top with a strong final act, but we also saw the Browns have to forfeit 3 games due to a vacation. We did see Shawty being Shawty with his strong start and dookie finish, and we saw Remo just not yet ready for the big time yet. We also see a division that has 3 rookie quarterbacks, all drafted in the top 5, something I don't think anyone has ever seen. The Baltimore Ravens are first on our list here because we believe, even with the trade of Lamar Jackson, that they will repeat as AFC North champions. That was not a typo. The Ravens and CoachQ traded Lamar Jackson in the off-season to the Carolina Panthers for Brian Burns and the 5th overall pick in the draft (and i think another 1st rd pick). The Ravens were set to draft one of the 4 QB studs entering the draft, however that back fired when Denver jumped ahead of them in the draft. So instead the Ravens drafted DeAngelo Charlton who needs some development but has great potential, and in the meantime signed Colin Kaepernick who had a career year last season with the Browns. The Ravens also grabbed Tony Pollard, Danny Shelton, and Brian Burns. Huge improvements. I believe they wont lose much of an edge at all. The Cleveland Browns will be better this season. They finished last season at 9-8 and prob would've won 1 or 2 more games if they didn't have to forfeit 3 because of vacation. That was the difference in winning the division or a wild-card for Canesbucs1. Canes also made a big move, letting Kaepernick go (To the Ravens) and trading Denzel Ward for the 1st overall pick, in which they drafted DeShaun Arnaud who looks to be the real deal, but also needs some coaching up. The Browns did lose a big piece in the secondary, but I still think with McCaffrey, Beckham Jr., the emerging Antony Schwartz, that these guys are going to put up points and be a force. I think they will challenge the Ravens for the division title, and I believe they will be back in the playoffs as well. The Cincinnati Bengals were a top the AFC North for the first few weeks of last season, and they looked like the team to beat. Joe Mixon was incredible, and won the CFM MVP with over 2400 yards rushing. However things don't always go as planned for Coach Shawty. He is considered one of the most streaky coaches in the MOF, and possibly MOF history. He can reel off 5 or 6 wins in a row, but can easily drop the same amount in a row too. Any given Sunday was written for Shawty. I believe everyone kind of caught up with getting used to this game, so Shawty is going to need to change up his game if he wants to compete in this division. I still expect him to win some games where you say, "wow, he looks great". But then to lose some where you say, "wow he won a Super Bowl here?" Shawty will finish in 3rd place, but his record could be anywhere from 8-9 to 6-11. The Pittsburgh Steelers have some work to do. Coach Remo signed on with a team that needs a rebuild, and he's in the middle of that. He drafted Gregory Kramer to take over for Big Ben who was cut, and did not actually retire. They also have Najee Harris, another young player. Don't forget the trade that brought in Davante Adams, so they are building a nice big three in Pittsburgh. I still think Remo is a season or two away from having the team ready to really compete. Unfortunately we do not expect many wins in Pittsburgh this season, but I can definitely tell you that we're rooting for him.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR D.K. Metcalf - TEN (91 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: SS Kenny Moore II - IND (87 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: LB Paul Collins - HOU (74 ovr)

The AFC South last season was an absolute shock to everyone in the league. We saw rookie coach T.Haynes and the Texans come in and demand respect as he won the division, and on top of that, beat the winning-est coach in MOF history to get to the Super Bowl. Respect is earned and he did just that. We saw the Colts and Coach Boobie continue his strong play and get to the playoffs with a very good squad. We saw the Titans and Coach YoungCat take his ball and go home after a tough 8-9 season, even though we predicted them to be much better than that. And we saw Coach BigDre245 just play 9 games before interim Coach ELBuccs came in and lose the other 8. So we are going to begin with the surprise of Season 62, Coach T.Haynes and those high flying Texans. Deshaun Watson broke the record for completions in a season, we also saw him throw for over 5800 yards. Brevin Jordan emerged as the top tight end in the MOF, and we saw Brandin Cooks continue to torch the league in yet another edition. The Texans coach is a phenomenal decision maker, he finds the open guy, he checks down when he needs to, and he is incredible at the playaction. I expect Houston, with virtually the same team coming back, to repeat as AFC South champs. Will he have competition? Sure, the Colts should give him some trouble, but i still think Houston will win it. The Colts are next. Coach Boobie_MTZ7 had himself a serious season with HB Jonathan Taylor. There is no stat for this, but I am willing to bet Taylor was about 70% of the total offense of the Colts with 1,981 yards rushing and 534 yards receiving. The Colts are so confident in Taylor that they let Marlon Mack walk in the off-season to Cleveland. The Colts did make one nice move, trading for WR Cooper Kupp to give Jalen Hurts another weapon to work with, however they did lose SS Kenny Moore in the process. They definitely have some holes, but Boobie is very good at masking them and playing to the strength of his team. I expect the Colts to battle for the AFC South, but to just fall short, however i still expect them to be in the big dance when the smoke clears. The Tennessee Titans last season had Coach YoungCat21 behind the sticks and YoungCat has a great MOF career record, but he let the game get the best of him, dropped some sims, let his 3 year old son play some games, and just lost interest. I understand that the game sometimes just doesn't live up to the hype, however this league is bigger than the game. As funny as that sounds, just let that comment sink in. Nevertheless, the Titans were picked up by former Patriots Coach DoubleD187 who moved teams. He immediately made a trade to acquire DK Metcalf from the Chiefs in a huge move. The Titans offensive is very nice with Julio, Henry, and now DK. They went and drafted TE Larry Murray who was regarded as the best tight end entering the draft and so far he is. The Titans definitely have one of the best offenses in the league, but their defensive line needs some work, and in a division with Houston and Indy, they're going to struggle against the run game. I expect the Titans to dazzle some opponents and come real close to a playoff berth but I think they are 1 season away from really getting there. The Jacksonville Jaguars were an absolute dumpster fire last season. Coach BigDre245 went 4-5 in the first 9 games of the season before he had to take a leave of absence to move. Enter coach ELBuccs, who proceeded to lose out, 0-8 to finish the season. Now this season BigDre is still on the reserve list and MOF Hall of Fame coach MMXCalibur is making his triumphant return after being away for 28 seasons. MMX definitely has the skills to win some games and keep the Jags afloat until Dre gets back in a couple weeks, but I still think the rust will be thick on MMX and Dre when he returns, enough to disrupt the season. I do not expect much from the Jags, who, like we said, will be playing musical coaches. I do think when Dre is settled and moved in, things will be different in Jacksonville, until then, last place.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: DT Michael Pierce - LV (92 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: TE Travis Kelce - KC (98 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: HB Deon Cook - DEN (79 ovr)

The AFC West was predicted completely incorrect last season, and I should be embarrassed of myself. I underestimated Coach Bubba and rookie Coach Chefscoopa. I definitely thought MrRoclo would have been better as well. I predicted Coach Trig right on the money though. The division was a fun one to watch, the Chiefs pretty much ran away with it for most of the season, until the end when the Raiders caught up. The Chiefs however beat the Raiders 3 times (including playoffs) to put them on top. I believe the Chiefs will repeat as AFC West champions but it will not be as easy this season. The Chiefs are in cap hell, we know this, they are paying Mahomes like 85 million a year or something and they had to trade DK Metcalf and Travis Kelce, two HUGE losses, I cannot think of a team that lost that much in one season. But these are the Chiefs, they still have Mahomes, Hill, and Hardman. Don't forget Edwards-Helaire who is turning into a star RB. The Chiefs figured out a way to keep Chris Jones and Frank Clark, and good thing! The Chiefs will still be a force, even with those big losses. The Las Vegas Raiders and Coach Chefscoopa had a brilliant rookie season, finishing 10-7 and reaching the playoffs in his first season here. That doesn't happen much, so soak that in! However, these guys make so many moves we need to start calling him Michael Jackson. It's almost like the real Al Davis has been resurrected. They made so many moves, that they had so many players on 1 year deals, that they only had 37 players entering the pre-season. What! they moved Tyree Jackson back to QB, who has a 27 accuracy rating, but they still have Derek Carr but looks like they are starting Nolan Davis, what? It's hard to keep up with the moves the Raiders are making, but I believe it will hurt them in the long run. Sometimes less is more, and the more moves they make the more chaotic the team is becoming. I still think the Raiders will battle the Chiefs for the division, however I believe they will fall short, and I think their wild-card berth will be in jeopardy as well. The Denver Broncos and Coach Trig had some really nice moments last season, some thought he was going to turn the corner and get into the playoffs, but they just did not have enough steam. The Broncos were extremely active in the off-season, making trades, and drafting Chip Dugan to take over for Drew Lock, in what was a surprising move. They also drafted HB Deon Cook who looks to start right away with his 90 speed and 94 accel. The Broncos traded away TE Noah Fant and WR KJ Hamler, and those were some big weapons that will make an impact. They still have Jeudy, Sutton, and it looks like Albert Okwuegbunamamuenamdumah will be taking over at Tight End, who? I expect Denver to take a step back, only because they need to develop a rookie QB and HB, but i also expect those two players to be BEASTS after this season. Denver is on the come up. The Los Angeles Chargers and Coach Roclo had a disappointing season 62. We expected the Chargers to come in and win this division, instead they went 7-10 and finished in last. Roclo's head wasn't in it, i don't think, so he's going to need to focus up. This division is a lot better than we expected, so if Roc wants to get out of the basement, he's going to need to get better. A big bright spot last season was Austin Ekeler who was a ton of the Chargers offense. Ekeler had over 1,000 yards receiving out of the backfield, and I expect the same kind of productivity this season as well. The Chargers did not do too much in the off-season, they did draft DE Wendell Brooks who is a Superstar and ready to make an immediate impact. The Chargers are a wild-card type of team, Roclo can beat anyone in this league, but he can also lose to anyone in this league. Things that would not surprise me, Roclo winning the division, Roclo finishing 5-12. Odds are he will be somewhere in the middle.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR D.J. Moore - PHI (87 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR Sterling Shepard - NYG (81 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: QB John Keyes - PHI (77 ovr)

The NFC East last season was exactly what we expected. Coach Estrada absolutely dominated the division, finishing 16-1 and winning by 5 games. Estrada was great on offense, great on defense, he was an absolute juggernaut. The Dallas Cowboys were also very good, a lot better than we thought going 11-6 and getting into the playoffs with a strong run game and defense. The Giants and Doug were better than we thought he'd be, finishing 6-11 in his best season in his MOF career, and we saw rookie Coach Mlett go 2-15 and what we expected from the rebuilding Eagles. We start with Washington. Coach Estrada will win this division, without question. The question is how many games will he win? 14, 15, 16? Can he go undefeated? I don't think he cares, what he cares about is turning around that playoff record. Estrada has one of the best career records through 9 seasons here, 112-32-1 (.776) but he is just 4-7 in the playoffs, with zero super bowl appearances. I would say Estrada is turning into the modern day Dan Marino, but Marino at least went to a Super Bowl. I think the trend could be broken this season, Estrada has the talent, he has the team, he just needs to open it up in the playoffs.. have a drink before the game young blood. The Dallas Cowboys and Coach Rob Powers had themselves a really nice Season 62. The Cowboys finished 11-6 and made the playoffs as a wild-card. I admitted, i did not see this coming. I thought the Cowboys would be decent, but not this good. He returns basically the same squad, minus Tony Pollard for Devin Duvernay, but they have top notch players at every skill position. The trade for Maxx Crosby immediately puts him in as a starter. This team is young, and good, and it's hard to lose with them. However, you knew that was coming right? The Cowboys play a tougher schedule this season, I think they will take a little bit of a step back but I still think they will battle for a wild-card. It will just be much closer. The New York Giants and Coach Dougalicious could have won comeback coach of the year last season. Doug easily had his best season of his MOF career, going 6-11. I know it's not a great record, but Doug showed signs of improvement. The Giants are surprisingly talented in a lot of spots. They have a solid secondary, and with the draft of heisman winner Will Dixon, have nice depth at linebacker. What i am concerned with is the amount of turnovers. If Doug can limit his interceptions, and run that rock with Barkley, then he can take that next step to wild-card threat. I think he is still a season away, but I wouldn't be shocked to see him win 6 or 7 games this season too. The Philadelphia Eagles and Coach Mlett return for his sophomore season. MLett's rookie season was not very good, as you can see. However, the Eagles made ALOT of moves last season and it gave him a lot of draft picks. He was able to acquire DJ Moore and Jeremy Chinn from the Panthers. Drafted John Keyes, Matt Sheppard, and Jimmy Stanton who should all be starters entering the season. The Eagles are in full rebuild mode, and it's going to be fun to watch. I still think the Eagles will be in last place, best case scenario, 3rd place. However, i think they can double their win total from last season, which is a huge accomplishment.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: CB Denzel Ward - DET (92 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: DT Michael Pierce - MIN (92 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: SS Cary Morse - DET (80 ovr)

The NFC North was dominated, by MackDaddy's Packers. Mack's Pack were exactly who we thought they were. 16-1 in the regular season, then 4-0 in the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers completely destroyed the MOF, breaking the completion percentage record. The defense was incredible, forcing the most amount of turnovers, ever! What was nice though was to see the Chicago Bears return to MOF glory! The MOF historic franchise was revived by Coach Pettigrew95, going 12-5 and making the playoffs. The Vikings were a bit of a let down, we thought they'd be better, and the Lions just stunk up the joint going 2-15. We start with the reigning, defending, champions the Green Bay Packers and MackDaddy. What can we say that hasn't been said already about Coach Mack? Arguably the greatest season in MOF history. Mack is on another level right now, and as long as Rodgers doesn't retire, Mack has to be the favorite to repeat not only as NFC North champions, but Super Bowl champions as well. Mack didn't really make too many eye opening moves, except the signing of Rob Gronkowski and Zach Ertz because they lost Robert Tonyan to free-agency. Two underrated moves, i expect Gronk to have a huge year under Mack. The defense is still solid, with probably the best secondary in the league as Alexander tries to repeat his Season 62 performance o 18 interceptions. Bottom line, we pick Green Bay to go 16-1 but he has a legit chance at going undefeated. The Chicago Bears are next on our list, and if the Bears are in any other division in the MOF, he would most likely win it. Petti went 12-5 with these Bears, and knocked out the favored Panthers in the wild-card round, before dropping his 3rd game of the season to Coach Mack. The more Petti sees Mack, the better shot he will have at beating him. I don't think it will happen this season, but it could. The Bears enter this season with the emerging star Justin Fields, some nice offensive weapons, and a very good defense. The went out and signed Keanu Neal and Benardrick McKinney to play linebacker, and they also signed Brian Poole and Lamarcus Joyner. The same Lamarcus Joyner who scored 7 defensive touchdowns last season. The Bears will be in the playoffs, but it will be as a wild-card. The Minnesota Vikings and Coach Krayzie are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Very tough division with two hall of fame coaches in Mack and Petti, and they are expected to compete with that? It's a very tall task. The Vikings did their best to improve this team by cutting Kirk Cousins and signing Matthew Stafford. They also drafted Jeffrey Johnson who could be the next Justin Jefferson. They also drafted Mike Skinner who they will move to defensive end, and he will be a future star no doubt about it. The Vikings have a very nice team, there's no question. They have the talent, but like we said they are in a juggernaut division. Their best bet would be to somehow upset the Bears and leap frog them in the division, they could still get a wild-card, but it's going to be tough losing 4 games off the bat to GB and CHI. The Detroit Lions had the 1st overall pick in the draft, but they traded it to the Browns and received Denzel Ward in the process. Which means they are going to roll with Jared Goff as their starter and Jameis Winston as his backup. Okay. They were still able to draft a blue chip in Cary Morse at SS who should do great along side Xavier Woods. The problem is this division. Tex has had himself some great seasons here in the MOF, but he's also had some tough ones. In a division with perennial playoff coaches, it only spells trouble. I do not expect the Lions to win a lot of games, hell I expect them to have the first pick in the upcoming draft again, but if Tex can figure this out, he could be a tough coach to beat.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: QB Lamar Jackson - CAR (96 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: LB Brian Burns - CAR (87 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: DT Alex Bonds - NO (76 ovr)

This division was pretty much predicted on point, just flip the Bucs and Panthers. Coach SonGoku's Panthers won a ton of games (13-4) and led the division from week 1 on, he was disappointed in the playoffs but the slate is now wiped clean. The Tampa Bay Bucs and Jfon played very well at times last season, but they just didn't have enough in the tank to beat the all mighty Mack in the playoffs. Then you have Bigreg who made a run at the end, but just fell short with some tough losses. Then you have the Saints, and Minden who just were all out of sorts last season. We do start with the Carolina Panthers though, because we believe we're going to see a new side of SonGoku, a championship version. The Panthers went out and made the biggest move of the off-season in acquiring QB Lamar Jackson from the Baltimore Ravens. In the process they traded LB Brian Burns. Then in another trade, got rid of WR DJ Moore and S Jeremy Chinn. Some say they got worse, some say all they got now is Lamar and Chubb and their defense got worse. They definitely took some talent off this team, but I feel like Goku's strength is his defense and he can plug whoever there and make it work. The real move was getting Lamar Jackson. While it's true, his best receiver is Terrace Marshall Jr. (73 overall, 91 speed), i think the Panthers will be even better than last season. Lamar Jackson is that damn good, pair him with Nick Chubb and you have the best running attack in the MOF. The Panthers should win this division by the same amount of games they did last season. The Atlanta Falcons, as we mentioned above, made a surge at the end of the season and almost wound up in the playoffs. I think this season will be very similar, I think it will be a dog fight for 2nd place and the winner will be the 7th seed in the playoffs. The Falcons went out and got better. They drafted Joshua Porter to start at HB, Kyle Pitts is x-factor rated at TE, and Calvin Ridley is x-factor at WR. They will be in search for a new QB very soon, but as of right now Matt Ryan should do. The defense is solid, I really like the resigning of Dante Fowler Jr. who proved he still can get after it. BigReg was once the top dawg in the NFC South, he hasn't been the same coach for a few seasons now, but I think he will get back to some glory days this season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Coach Jfon made their triumphant reconciliation last season and it was a good one. They went to the playoffs, but were bounced early. They were able to hold off the Falcons late surge, but this season I think will be a little different. Of course, the Bucs and Falcons could easily flip flop either way, I'm just giving the edge to the Falcons because of a slight easier schedule. The Bucs return most of the same starters, including a 45 year old Tom Brady who didn't really lose any ratings. They did lose Rob Gronkowski, but they still have OJ Howard right there. I really like the signing of DT Brandon Williams to plug up the defensive line, and they also grabbed Olivier Vernon for that d-line as well. The Bucs have talent everywhere, there's no doubt. He also has shown that he can beat the Panthers, as he did last season. So we might be way out of bounds with this prediction (just preparing myself in case I'm wrong). The New Orleans Saints and Coach Mindenplaya had a terrible season 62. There's no way to sugar coat a 4-13 season. Minden is not that type of coach though. I expect a full bounce back and a very tough Saints team moving forward. The real issue is at QB. They went ahead and decided not to resign Winston or Taysom Hill and drafted Matt Bass and George Wagner. We're not sure who is going to start but it looks like Bass might be the better option. The rest of the team is loaded. The conundrum is you really cannot win games with a 68 rated QB. If i were the Saints, I'd try to get myself a young QB either with a trade or a big draft pick. Although i think the Saints will be more competitive this season, I think he's in for a long 18 weeks.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: TE Travis Kelce - ARI (98 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR Cooper Kupp - LAR (87 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: CB Ben Shepard - ARI (72 ovr)

The NFC West was another division that we nailed right on the head. The 49ers went 15-2, completely dominating season. The problem is it really went under the radar with the huge seasons out of Washington and the Packers. The Cardinals were not who we thought they would be, finishing under .500 without a playoff berth. The Rams showed some promise but highly under performed and the Seahawks were replaced mid-season by coach AssuredFame who brought a little more hope to Seattle. The 49ers return with Coach MrWitness, the newly inducted into the Hall of Fame coach is ready to take that next step. QB Trey Lance had himself a great season 62 and has turned himself into a SS dev. )'m sure he will have the opportunity to turn him into x-factor this season. Of course Kittle, Deebo, and Aiyuk return as big weapons. Mostert is getting a year older, but his speed is still rated 97, wow. The 49ers didn't really have to do much in the off-season to a pretty solid squad, they did bring back Reuben Foster for some LB depth. The 49ers are my favorites to win this division again, and that's not really a shock. Barring any kind of catastrophic injury, the 49ers should be a top threat to the Packers once again. The Arizona Cardinals I believe are still the 2nd best team in this division. Commish had a good start to the season, but fell short as competition grew heavier. Kyler Murray threw 56 interceptions, and I believe 30 of them were against 4 teams. Regardless, they must protect the ball better. It looks like Commish is starting to change up his offensive gameplan, as he was not running the ball like he's used to. The trade for Cam Akers, in addition to Chase Edmonds and James Conner, he has 3 stars at RB. Let's not overlook the trade for Travis Kelce, which was arguably the biggest move outside of Carolina getting Lamar Jackson. X-factor Tight Ends and Commish go together like peanut butter and jelly. Don't forget Hopkins, Kirk, Isabella, and Rondale Moore. The Cards have a ton of weapons on offense, Commish just needs to not turn it over as much. The defense was ranked 4th overall last season, and everyone is returning! I think the Cards can be a wild-card team if they can again, limit the turnovers. The Seattle Seahawks and Coach AssuredFame are able to wipe the slate clean and start fresh this season. Seattle had 2 wins last season, both in division. They had a comeback against the Cardinals, were they were down 28-0 and ended up winning 29-28. They must build off that, and see that maybe they are a little to conservative when the game starts. The Seahawks didn't really make any eye opening moves, but they did trade for Jarvis Landry and they drafted Kevin Riles (95 speed). So now Wilson has some better weapons. I really like their secondary and the way Coach AssuredFame ball hawks. That alone will win them some games. I still think he needs to shake off some rust, but he has some winnable games on his schedule and I think he will figure this game out by the end of this season, and will be a threat in Season 64. The Los Angeles Rams and Coach Bengalsonly were a bit of a let down last season. The Rams are one of the most talented teams in the game, and they won only 6 games. Bengalsonly is one of those coaches though, who can go 6-11 and then turn around and go 12-5. The problem is they traded WR Cooper Kupp, and then did not resign Matthew Stafford. Two very big losses. It looks like at the moment Jalen Taylor, rookie out of Tennessee might be the starter and if you are going to rebuild you might as well get him the reps. The defense is still phenomenal Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey and then they went out and acquired Kenny Moore to play CB too. The defense is there, but the offense needs a lot of work. I expect the Rams to struggle based on the fact that they need a stronger QB.

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