Season 61 MOF Predictions: Playoff Picks, Award Predictions, Super Bowl Champion. A brand new MOF season is on the horizon, which means only one thing, predictions! Which teams will play into the post-season, and who will square off in the Super Bowl? We make our best guess.

Before we start the predictions, I want to take a moment and talk about the longevity and success of this league. 19 years ago, I was a 21 year old kid with an idea to create an online madden league, but really had no idea how it worked. With the help of Dolan (Lhu27) we created the MOF. We had some bumps and bruises in our first few seasons, but now 60 seasons later here we are. One of the most prestigious leagues out there. As we enter our unprecedented 61st season, a number that not many leagues have seen, I want to thank every single one of you for making this league what it is. I say this all the time, but this is a wonderful hobby for all of us. Something to get our minds off the everyday grind and have a place to escape for a few hours a week. I take pride and pleasure in providing that for you guys, so again, thank you for making the MOF great!

Welcome to the Season 61 Predictions! First and foremost, out of the 14 teams predicted to make the playoffs last season I got 5 right in the AFC and 4 right in the NFC. 0 for 4 in the title games. As far as season 60, the more things change, the more they stayed the same. We saw Coach KnightNoles once again stand alone atop the MOF mountain, as he won his 4th career Super Bowl in his 6th season here, and his 3rd this edition with the Denver Broncos. His dynasty is nothing short of outstanding, as we haven't seen many dynasties like the one he currently has going. We also saw two newbies compete for the NFC title, as the Eagles and Coach Boobie in his 3rd season and Coach Vlade_Divadacs91 in his rookie season battled for a trip to the Super Bowl. We saw Pettigrew and Hicks, two perennial playoff teams fall out of the playoffs completely, as we saw Coach BuffaloBill win his first division since joining the MOF. What kind of surprises we will see this season? Will Petti and Hicks be back? Will Knight win another title? All this and more will be answered, as we go through our Season 61 predictions.

*Remember all these predictions are very in depth. We go game by game with the current schedule and predict games 1 by 1 and that's how we come up with our algorithms. Remember this is all in good fun and for some, some bulletin board material! Enjoy

by Commissioner Jeff
March 26, 2021

Biggest Off-Season Addition: QB Carson Wentz - MIA (88 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: C Mitch Morse - BUF (83 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: DT Keenan Anderson - NE (75 ovr)

In a division that has been dominated by Coach Pettigrew95 in the first 3 seasons, we saw a new champion in Season 60. We can blame the fact that Petti had to take a leave of absence and forfeit 5 games in a row, but either way we saw the Buffalo Bills win the AFC East with a 7-9 record. I believe things will change this season as Pettigrew looks to not have any trips planned, as far as we know. The Patriots come into the season as the favorite in my eyes a focused Pettigrew, and a present Pettigrew is one of the top coaches in the MOF period. I think he will have his bumps and bruises along the way, but I see the Patriots winning this division by 3 or 4 games. With the new fatigue setting in place, we won't be seeing Sony Michel carry the ball 40-45 times a game anymore, but we should still see Petti run that rock successful. The New York Jets come into this season primed and ready to make some noise. Coach Bubba finished his comeback season at 5-11 but at one point was 5-7 and battling for the division lead, he lost 4 straight games to end the season but those 4 games were gauntlet type games. I think Bubba is starting to get his reigns back and we will see some bouts of greatness from him this season, I don't think we will see enough to win the division, but he will finish 2nd. I would be surprised if he competed for a wild-card in this beast of a conference though. The Buffalo Bills came into last season predicted to finish in last, instead they finished 1st. They unfortunately were beat in the 1st round by the Chiefs, but winning the division and getting to the playoffs is a great accomplishment. The sky is the limit for Coach BuffaloBill and these Bills who have a very nice team. David Beverly is turning into one of the greatest weapons in the MOF with his 96 speed and catching ability out of the backfield. Josh Allen of course, has one of the strongest arms in the game, and Keenan Allen and Michael Gallup are a great 1/2 punch at WR. The Bills could make some noise, but I am expecting a step backwards. With a first place schedule, and Pettigrew coming back, I think it will be a tough hill to climb to win this division again for Buffalo. The Miami Dolphins, last but not least, are finishing up our AFC East prediction. They made the biggest splash in the off-season by trading for QB Carson Wentz, but I do not believe that will equal wins. Unfortunately they are in a division that is only getting better and better each season. Shawty is one of those coaches though, that could win 6 games in a row if he gets on a roll. I don't see that happening this season, a tough schedule will be the death of them. Although they have some nice talent, Terron Truman and Josh Pryor, I just think they are a step behind the rest of the division when it comes to talent and that's why I am predicting them to finish last in the AFC East.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: LE Trey Flowers - CIN (85 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: TE Austin Hooper - CLE (92 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: MLB Anfernee Whigham - CLE (77 ovr)

The AFC North was once again won by the Cleveland Browns and Coach MrWitness36. That makes 3 straight division titles for Witness' Browns. This division has seen some great competition this entire edition, with new teams creeping up to the top every season it seems. We start with the Browns. They did lose TE Austin Hooper in the off-season to the Bears, which is a big loss because they did not replace him with anyone of significance. Their pass game took some shots over the past 2 seasons, with trading away OBJ last season as well. However, Witness finds ways to throw that ball effectively. The run game of the Browns is their bread and butter, with Chubb and Hunt they provide the best 1/2 punch in the MOF no doubt about it. However, when you think of Witness' Browns, you think of 1 thing. DEFENSE. They were the top defense in the entire league last season, and it has to do primarily with Myles Garrett. Who lining up at DT is a damn cheat code. The speed (85) and strength (98) is just not fair, and he cannot be blocked all by himself. Then you add the speed of the linebackers, and you have a lot of problems trying to move that football. The draft selection of Anfernee Whigham will be absolutely heard immediately. Next up is the Cincinnati Bengals, who finished last season at 9-7. How many times can one team finish 8th in the conference? That's what's going on in Cincinnati for Jfon the last two seasons. Can he get over that hurdle and get into the playoffs this season? He certainly has a shot. With the acquisition of Trey Flowers, much needed, they help that pass rush out. The emergence of Safety Cassius Marsh is a bright spot as well. The Bengals have all the keys on offense as well, Joe Mixon, Mike Evans, Joe Burrow. Jfon just has to win those close games, especially against Pittsburgh this season, if he wants a shot at the post-season. The Pittsburgh Steelers surprised many of us as they finished 12-4 last season. Now if you remember I predicted the Steelers to go 12-4 in Season 59, but I was one season away from his breakout year. Coach DoubleD is one hell of a GM, as every season he seems to be loaded with cap money and great draft selections. This season was a little bit of a quiet one for him, as he is geared up to make another run at the playoffs. I think this season will be a little different, as the schedule gets harder and competition gets stiffer. It will be a fight for that 7th seed in the AFC because that's all i think the Steelers can fight for, with the Browns being as good as they are. Now the Ravens come into this season as one of those wild-cards, i don't mean playoff wild-card, i mean loose cannons. They could beat Coach Knight's Broncos and then lose to Eddie's Cowboys. That's the kind of inconsistency we've been seeing out of Gouch since the first season of this edition. He has the talent, has the tools, he just needs to put it all together and he could absolutely make some noise. The run game is where he struggles the most, and when you run 4 times a game and pass 55, that is usually a recipe for disaster. So he will need to find a way to run that rock more successfully, or the Ravens will be doomed to the basement for another season.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: QB Jordan Love - IND (82 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: CB Kenny Moore II - IND (85 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: RT Carlos Gold - HOU (73 ovr)

The AFC South once again was secured by Coach BigDre's Jacksonville Jaguars who went 12-4 and ran away with the division once again for his 3rd straight division title. What has been Dre's a chillies heel is the post-season, where he's only won 1 game this entire edition. Entering the season the Jaguars had a 1-2 punch of Fournette and Marlon Mack, but as we are releasing these predictions, the Jaguars traded Marlon Mack to the Arizona Cardinals for some LB help. The Jaguars are a sure fire bet to win this division once again, I do not expect them to fall to any of these teams here in the South. The defense, combined with the talent, and the user talent of Dre is unmatched here in the AFC South. In fact, in 4 seasons the Jaguars are 20-4 inside the division, that's outstanding. Nothing will change this season. Now onto the other teams. The Titans enter this season with a disappointing feeling from last season. They finished 7-9 and were far away from any kind of playoff push the entire season. The topsy turby edition of Roclo's Titans continues as are predicting another mediocre season out of them. The Titans did not do much in the off-season to improve the team so i don't see much of a change in the standings. By default, they should finish around 8-8 and I think that might give them a shot at the wild-card this season, since the schedules are so tough in the AFC North. Derrick Henry is the key, at 30yrs old this could be a season where he doesn't stay healthy, hopefully for Roc that isn't the case. The Indianapolis Colts went out and immediately upgraded the QB position by signing Jordan Love, former QB of the year for the Packers, to a 4 year 160m dollar contract. They are looking to pass the ball more, but when you have a RB like Jonathan Taylor, why bother? Taylor is 4x AFC RB of the Year as he has rushed for 9,999 yards in 4 seasons, including 113 touchdowns and that's only on the ground. I don't have time to calculate the receiving yards. Taylor is the biggest weapon in the MOF right now, and Trig needs to figure out a way to win more games so we can see Taylor in the playoffs. Trig has not seen the post-season since Season 57 (1st season of this edition) as he's finished with double digit losing seasons for 4 seasons in a row. The Colts have what it takes to win games, but having a good team on paper doesn't mean much. Trig has a shot if he can get hot, and beat the Titans up and maybe steal one from the Jaguars, I honestly don't see it happening. I think Love will struggle, but Taylor will get his yards once again and probably finish close to MVP again. The Houston Texans are one of those teams who can beat you if you're not prepared or looking past him. They have proved that time and time again they can sneak one by you, just ask Roclo. The Texans however have not translated that kind of mindset into winning. They have finished in last place 3 out of the 4 seasons this edition and the last two seasons they finished 3-13 both times. I do not see much of a change this season, the teams in the division are just much much better and the QB situation in Houston is just getting worse by the minute. Colin Austin finished last season with 46 interceptions, and that was coming off a 56 interception Season 59. The Texans have a lot of work to do, that doesn't mean they wont sneak a game by you but not enough of them to make any changes in the standings.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: HB Matt Jones - LAC (84 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: HB Austin Ekeler - LAC (88 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: LE Brayden Adams - KC (73 ovr)

All 4 champions this edition have come out of the AFC West. Of course three of them being the Denver Broncos and Coach KnightNoles who won his 3rd title this edition, and 4th of his career. The Denver Broncos are arguably the best dynasty we've ever seen in the MOF as they continue to win and dominate competition. Coach Knight is everything every coach strides to be, as he is lethal in the user game and he's fantastic on the offensive side of the ball, taking advantage of every mistake he sees. Couple that with the fact that he's in one of the best divisions we've ever seen as well, with Enzo and MackDaddy. What Knight is doing is legendary, and it's almost second nature to just shrug your shoulders and say , eh its Knight, that's how great he's become, we just expect greatness everytime he hits the field. Well, there's nothing more else to say, Denver didn't lose much in the off-season, they didn't really gain much, they stayed the same. That's what great teams do, they just hold down the fort. The Broncos will be division winners once again, at the very least they'll be a 13 or 14 win wild-card team with a great chance at another title. The Kansas City Chiefs and Coach Enzo bounced back after a tough Season 59, with a 13 win season. What is crazy is sometimes it's overlooked how great the rest of the division is playing, but Enzo had himself one of, if not, his best season ever. Patrick Mahomes won the AFC MVP has he threw for 4,135 yards, 34 TDs, and 15 INTs with a rating of 120.4. I don't see any reason why he wont repeat that kind of performance again this season. The Chiefs had the best draft pick out of any of these teams, but that's not very hard when the entire division is drafting in the late 20s. The Chiefs will be in the playoffs as well, as I do not expect them to miss or lose more than 4 or 5 games. Some say the Chiefs and Chargers are the only real threat to Coach Knight in the AFC, and it's hard to argue that. Speaking of which, the Chargers are coming in next as I see them finishing 3rd in the division, which is nothing to shake your head at. Coach MackDaddy is coming off a solid season, where he was just a possession short of advancing in the playoffs. Mack cannot be overlooked here as he has the ability to win this division, as he's the only one to beat Coach Knight multiple times (including the playoffs) this edition. However he does have a problem beating Coach Enzo (2-6 this edition) which is why I'm placing the Chargers in 3rd place. The Chargers did lose Austin Ekeler in the off-season, but traded for speedy Matt Jones from Dallas, who looks to be the primary back in LA. The potential is endless for Mack and the Chargers, they just have to get over that hurdle called the Denver Broncos. The Las Vegas Raiders come in unfortunately last, as we expect nothing to change this season for the Raiders. They are stuck in this division, and it's like they are a sparring partner for Mike Tyson. I feel bad, but at the same time this is a great way to get better really fast. Playing these guys 6 times a season, for 5 or 6 seasons is a sure way to get better. The Raiders got better last season, 4-12, but its still better than Season 59. The Raiders have a tough schedule, and I would be surprised if they won more than 3 or 4 games this season. )'m sorry my man, that's just how the cookie is crumbling for you this edition.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: CB Avonte Maddox - NYG (85 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: QB Carson Wentz - PHI (88 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: DT Travis Bowen - DAL (78 ovr)

The NFC East was again super competitive in Season 60 with the Giants capturing another division title, and losing in the playoffs again. The Giants are turning into the MOF version of Dan Marino, winning in the regular season and falling short in the playoffs. The Giants added Avonte Maddux in the off-season from the Eagles in an unusual divisional trade. The focal point of the Giants is still Matt Breida and his 97 speed rating. Daniel Jones also had himself a great season, winning NFC QB of the year. The Giants pride themselves on defense though, where they have a ton of talent and make it extremely difficult on the opposing teams. I see the Giants winning the division once again, but it will be neck and neck once again with the Washington Football Team, as usual. The Washington Football Team didn't change much on their team from the end of last season, they traded Dwayne Haskins during last season for Tyson Bayless, which might have hurt since Washington was ousted in the 1st round of the playoffs by the Rams last season. The Washington Football Team is loaded at the RB position with Love and Gibson, the defensive line is also superb with Chase Young, Montez Sweat, Matthew Ioannidis, and Jonathan Allen. Washington will be there when its all said and done, we predicted them to win it all last season and they fell short, but we're predicting them to win it all again this season so they better deliver! Coach Betts has an astonishing 7 MOF titles and 13 Super Bowl appearances, and he doesn't want Knight catching up, so they will be primed and ready to make a deep run. So entering Season 60 who would have thought that the Eagles and Coach Boobie would be the team to make it the furthest in the playoffs? I didn't. But that's exactly what happened. The Eagles made it all the way to the NFC Championship, falling short to the Rams. Then they went ahead and traded Carson Wentz to the Miami Dolphins and then traded Avante Maddox to the division rival Giants. What did they get in return? Well they got the 2nd best QB in the draft Solomon Ellington. I think the Eagles lost too much to return to the level they were at last season. I expect them to fall short of the playoffs, yes i said it, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be right. The Eagles have a tough schedule, tough division and lost a lot so that usually is a recipe for disaster. The Dallas Cowboys round out the NFC East with one of the most talented rosters in the MOF. However for some reason Coach Eddie cannot turn that into success. That offensive line is still top notch, with two 90 overall rated players and another 86 ovr. Dak Prescott is great, Ezekiel Elliot is still rated a 99, Amari Cooper is a 97, CeeDee Lamb is a 92, how are these guys losing games? I guess it's because of this division, or because Eddie is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but either way Dallas has it all to compete. They need to this season, make some noise, make the playoffs! But... reality is their division is too tough, and schedule is crazy tough.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: TE Austin Hooper - CHI (92 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR Tyler Boyd - CHI (86 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: RG Will Wilcox - CHI (79 ovr)

Season 60 saw a new sheriff in town as the Minnesota Vikings won the division by a long shot as they swept the Packers, and won the division by 5 games! Will that happen again? I'm not so sure. I think Hicks' Packers will be back in the drivers seat as they will come back more focused. The Packers went out and cut Jordan Love, as Hicks was just not happy with him and they went and traded for Tua Tagovailoa who should be an upgrade, should keyword. The Packers were stricken by the turnover ball last season as Love threw 44 interceptions, which is not very Hicks like. However he ran the ball very well once again as James Carruthers ran for 1,425 yards and 19 touchdowns. The Packers only won 7 games, but I believe he will be focused and back on top of the division in Season 61, as long as he's focused! Which is hard when we get to this time of year for Hicks. The Minnesota Vikings shocked the entire league last season and finished 12-4, as we mentioned above that was 5 games ahead of the Packers for the division! The Vikings and Coach Krayzie finally put it all together and came up with a fantastic season making it to the divisional round where they lost to the Eagles in an exciting finish. Can they return to the form of last season? Well a lot of things fell into place for the Vikings last season, and it's asking a lot for that to happen again. First off they will have to beat those Packers twice, again, which is a task in itself. As long as the Vikings play their game, their rush attack with Dalvin Cook and their pass rush with Danielle Hunter, they will be right there, even if they don't win the division this season, I expect them to be in the playoffs as a wild-card team. The Chicago Bears and Coach Remo had a tough Season 60 as they only won 3 games, two against the Lions and one against the Buccaneers. The Bears also had a nice draft, grabbing RG Will Wilcox who is rated a 79 overall already before we even started playing, so he will be a stud in no time. Kyler Murray is back at the helm for the Bears, and things need to change for Murray this season or the Bears will end up right where they finished this season. Murray finished the season with 9 TDs and 54 INTs. I believe it starts with the run game, David Montgomery only rushed for 908 yards on 3.9 YPC. The Bears offense is clearly the issue as their defense is very solid and keeps them in games. The Bears need to get on that practice field and get that offense going and they will easily turn things around. The Detroit Lions joined the list of 7 other teams that went 0-16 in an MOF season. Coach Hova is a mess right now, and the Lions are struggling. There's no real nice way to say this, but I really don't see them winning a game this season either. We did predict them to go 1-15 because i just don't have the heart to predict a team to go 0-16 but I would be more shocked if the Lions won a game than if they didn't. They Lions actually made a couple of moves in the off-season, they traded their 1st overall pick for Javon Kinlaw, drafted WR Alonzo Hagans and SS Javon Ware. Which are really nice picks, so i would say that trade was absolutely successful. So there's really nothing left to say, but we hope Hova can win some games this season, it would be nice to see.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: HB Austin Ekeler - NO (88 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: QB Tua Tagovailoa - CAR (85 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: QB Tom Pritchett - NO (79 ovr)

Here's something that we haven't said in a long time, if ever, the Carolina Panthers are back to back NFC South champions!! Coach YoungCat21 has brought pride and respect back to the Carolina Panthers franchise as he won his 2nd straight division title, finishing 12-4 and 4 games ahead of the 2nd place New Orleans Saints. The Panthers continue to do it with Christian McCaffrey who ran for 2,113 yards and 29 TDs also caught 42 balls for 451 yards as well. There's no doubt that the offense is fueled by Run CMC but with this new fatigue setting entering this season, the Panthers better be ready to start feeding guys like Melvin Gordon and Teddy Middleton more as CMC will need a breather more often. The Panthers went ahead and traded Tua Tagovailoa to the Packers in the off-season, and then traded for... wait for it... Mitchell Trubisky!? What? Ew. That's an absolute nightmare and YoungCat will regret that trade when its time to win a game through the air. The Panthers are still my favorite to win the division but i think it will be a closer race this season than in seasons past. The New Orleans Saints and CoachQKP35 came back Season 60 with a vengeance as they went from 3-13 in Season 59 to 8-8 in Season 60 with a wild-card berth. The Saints also traded for the 1st overall pick in the draft and grabbed the blue chip Tom Pritchett to Quarterback these guys moving forward. Pritchett is product of Miami, and we all know how those Miami QBs turn out, but we think things will be different for the new Tom terrific in New Orleans. Alvin Kamara is still the focus of the Saints, but with the signing of Austin Ekeler that takes away some pressure from Kamara and will give Pritchett some more weapons to throw to. The Saints defense is usually what the problem is for Coach Q as they struggled to stop teams last season. I think that will eventually be the problem this season as well, I do expect the Saints to compete for a wild-card spot but I expect them to fall short with having to play the AFC West this season. The once dominant Coach BigReg and the Atlanta Falcons have become a shell of their former selves, finishing 7-9 last season and predicted to finish 7-9 again this season. Although I do think the Falcons will play better, its just that schedule that scares me. The Falcons went out and traded for WR Brandon Aiyuk and now they have 4 receivers with 92 speed or better, they also have Todd Gurley back for another season and Deon Hicks their speed back ready to take over when Gurley gets hurt (haha). They are returning Jimmy G at the helm who had a decent season with 31 TDs and 4,045 yards but also had 32 interceptions. If Reg wants to make it back to the promise land, Jimmy will have to at least throw 15 more TDs than INTs. Like I said before, Atlanta will look better for sure, but I just think that schedule will be the reason they finish below .500 once again. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had two coaches last season, the first coach we expected to lose from day 1 with his attitude overall, and we did lose him. Then we received Coach Hobo in his place, who looks like he's going to fit in just right here in the MOF. However, he did go 1-6 in his 7 games here, including a couple forfeit losses because of a leave of absence. It looks like Hobo is new to connected franchise mode, and coming along with that usually is bumps and bruises. I expect Tampa to have a rough season, but I also expect them to win a few games that we didn't see coming. The Bucs have a nice roster, and they will compete. It's just the type of competition here in the MOF that will be the mountain to climb.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR Tyler Boyd - SF (86 ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: P Johnny Hekker - LAR (87 ovr)
Best Draft Selection: LE Norman Edison - SEA (75 ovr)

The NFC West was nothing short of shocking last season. We saw two playoff teams from Season 59 fall short with double digit losing seasons, and we saw a rookie coach not only win the division but make it all the way to the Super Bowl in Coach Vlade_Divadacs91 and the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are led by RB Cam Akers who won the MOF NFC MVP award with his 2,224 yards rushing, 28 touchdowns, 558 yards receiving and 8 more touchdowns. That's an incredible season to say the least. Cam is obviously the Rams go to man, as they look to repeat as NFC West and NFC Champions. I don't really see them slowing down this season, as they get accustomed to the MOF and the competition. The Rams were also very impressive in the user department, as Coach Vlade has turned into one of the better users in just 1 season as he likes to control that safety and patrol the entire field. The Rams have a great roster, and with the skill of coach Vlade, these guys should take down the NFC West once again, and that's why I am predicting just that. The San Francisco 49ers had a disappointing Season 60, with the toughest schedule in the MOF the 49ers struggled to stop anyone, as they finished dead last in defense. Not only that, but Aaron Rodgers had himself an awful season throwing 42 interceptions and just 22 touchdowns. The bright spot though was Saquon Barkley, once again, rushing for 2,192 yards on 312 carries giving him the best YPC in the league at 7.0 along with 21 touchdowns. With the fatigue setting jumping up, as we mentioned, the 49ers went and traded for Superstar RB Will Allen from the Jets, to carry some of the load. They 49ers also traded Brandon Aiyuk to the Falcons and in return got Sheldrick Redwine (traded for Will Allen) and WR Russell Gage Jr. They also signed Tyler Boyd to replace Aiyuk. The 49ers have one of the fastest secondaries in the league, and that should help the pass rush. The 49ers have a better schedule this season, games they should win are on the horizon and I believe they will bounce back to form and make a run at the wild-card and maybe even the division, if things fall their way. The Arizona Cardinals were another one of those teams who fell off last season. After a great Season 59, the Cardinals dropped to 6-10 and right out of the playoffs. Many say its because they traded the X-factor QB Kyler Murray to the Bears, and it's hard to argue against that because Jacob Eason was primarily their starter and threw for 32 interceptions and only 14 TDs. Once they moved to Brandon Seither, i think they found their QB of the future as he finished as MOF Rookie of the Year for the NFC with 17 TDs and 9 INT. To make things even more confusing the Cardinals went ahead and signed Jalen Hurts in the off-season to compete for the starting job. The Cardinals also announced a trade after their Week 1 game and acquired Marlon Mack from the Jaguars to split carries with James Roberson. I place the Cardinals slightly behind the 49ers because of their slightly tougher schedule, it's really going to come down to their head to head games vs the 49ers to determine who will ultimately earn that wild-card spot, and you want to know their head to head record through 4 seasons? Its 4-4. The Seattle Seahawks come into this season off an awful 4-12 season 60. What is going on in Seattle? I feel like we've been asking ourselves this for the past few seasons. We all know Coach Minden can ball, he shows it time and time again as he has these breakout games where he can hang with anyone, then he throws 12 interceptions in a game and ends all hope. The turnovers are the issue, if he can limit them, watch out, they could easily shoot up the ladder of the division. DK Metcalf was off the charts last season, 97 catches, 2,411 yards and 24 TDs. Some all-time great numbers there. Their run game was the main issue, only 857 yards from Penny on 182 carries. Also, like we mentioned, Wilson threw 62 interceptions last season, WOW. I do not see the Seahawks really changing it up this season, this is their game, they like to chuck the rock and no one is gonna stop them from doing that.

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