Season 58 MOF Predictions: Playoff Picks, Award Predictions, Super Bowl Champion. A brand new MOF season is on the horizon, which means only one thing, predictions! Which teams will play into the post-season, and who will square off in the Super Bowl? We make our best guess.

Before we start the predictions, I want to take a moment and talk about the longevity and success of this league. 18 years ago, I was a 21 year old kid with an idea to create an online madden league, but really had no idea how it worked. With the help of Dolan (Lhu27) we created the MOF. We had some bumps and bruises in our first few seasons, but 57 seasons later here we are. One of the most prestigious leagues out there. As we enter our 58th season, a number that not many leagues have seen, I want to thank every single one of you for making this league what it is. I say this all the time, but this is a wonderful hobby for all of us. Something to get our minds off the everyday grind and have a place to escape for a few hours a week. I take pride and pleasure in providing that for you guys, so again, thank you for making the MOF great!

Welcome to the Season 58 Predictions! Season 57 was filled with great action and great playoff games. We saw Pettigrew and MrWitness battle in a 3-overtime playoff game, missed field goals, turnovers, it was a game for the ages. However when all the smoke cleared, Coach Knightnoles won his 2nd straight SB title. Knight has made the Super Bowl in each of his first 3 seasons, that is something we've never seen before and it's extremely impressive. Can Knight make it 4 for 4? Or will someone finally be able to take him out? We also saw Bhicks complete an undefeated season, only to lose in the Super Bowl. Will the NFC North be historically bad once again? Will the AFC West be the toast of the town? Can Coach Betts regain his glory as he goes for his 8th Super Bowl title? Or will Estrada take the next step? All this and more is answered, as we go through our Season 58 predictions.

*Remember all these predictions are very in depth. We go game by game with the current schedule and predict games 1 by 1 and that's how we come up with our algorithms. Remember this is all in good fun and for some, some bulletin board material! Enjoy

by Commissioner Jeff & Coach Krayzie300 &
October 27, 2020

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR T.Y. Hilton - NE (85 Ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: CB Logan Ryan - MIA (87 Ovr)
Best Draft Selection: LE Cesar Reyes - NYJ (76 Ovr)

This AFC East was basically dominated last season by Pettigrew's Patriots. There was really no competition for the division. I expect the same thing this season. The Patriots lost Edelman to retirement but they replaced him with T.Y. Hilton, which is an upgrade in my eyes. Other than that, the Patriots didn't do too much changing in the off-season, and why would he have to? Sony Michel proved to be a wrecking ball in the post-season, especially in that triple overtime wild-card game. I expect the Patriots to really do some damage this season, don't ask me why, but I think Pettigrew will nail down his QB troubles and really make a run at the Super Bowl. The New York Jets finished 2nd last season and they actually had an outside shot at the playoffs in the last few weeks but couldn't get the job done. The Jets had the best draft in the MOF, with 3 first round picks including Cesar Reyes who should start at DE right away. WR Floyd Thomas and CB James Bryant were also drafted in the 1st round, and look to make an immediate impact. I think the Jets are still a season away from really being a force, i wouldn't be surprised if they snuck into the playoffs, but I really don't see them being better than .500. The Miami Dolphins are next on deck, they started out last season at 4-1 and really looked poised to have a great season. Then they dropped 8 of their last 11 games and wound up 7-9. The Dolphins showed some brilliance at points last season, but too much inconsistently in this league will leave you on the outside looking in. Miami lost CB Logan Ryan to the Jaguars, and they didn't replace him however some argue that they didn't need to with Byron Jones and Xavien Howard already there. Tua Tagovailoa makes his sophomore debut with hopefully more success in the tank. Tua threw 30 interceptions last season to only 21 touchdowns, and it doesn't look great, but that's pretty much an average season here for a QB. I expect Miami to be more that 3-8 team in the 2nd half, than that 4-1 team in the first. Expect some huge wins, but expect some disappointing losses. The Buffalo Bills round out the division and being predicted to finish in the basement. Last season they finished 3-13 and in last place, and we expect the same again this season. Coach Bill will need to improve his overall ability to make some headway in the MOF, especially in a division with Pettigrew. I do think he will eventually get it going, because the Bills have a very good team. The Bills were able to sign TE Jared Cook in the off-season and that will help out that pass game, they also signed Devonta Freeman to split carries with Devin Singletary. Look for Buffalo to be competitive, but just not consistent enough.


New England Patriots: Coach Pettigrew
Season 2 back with his Patriots, Coach Pettigrew is looking to improve on his 12-4 first place season. Last season Sony Michel, not Cam Newton led the offense. Michel had a career year notching 2099 yard rushing on the ground, and that doesnt include his monstrous triple overtime game in the playoffs. Looking to improve his passing game this season, Sophomore starter Newton will need to improve a great deal to take the next step. Coach Petti added WRs T.Y. Hilton in free agency and drafted WR Floyd Holmes to pair with the up and coming NKeal Harry and the speedy Breshad Perriman. If Cam Newton can cut down in the interceptions this year look to see the Patriots winning the division once again
Last Season 12-4 (1st place)
Season 58 Prediction: 11-5 (1st Place)

New York Jets: Coach SonGoku
I will admit, I dont know a whole lot about coach Goku, but what I do know is he took a team with a garbage roster and led them to an 8-8 record last season. QB Sam Darnold was on the trading block for much of the offseason but the Jets couldnt find a trade partner. Fellow bust Mitchell Trubisky was added to compete for the starting job. The Jets had a very nice draft adding WR Floyd Thomas, potential Superstar DE Cesar Reyes and CB James Bryant. This is a very young team with no one rated over 82 as of press time. But if Coach Goku can lead last years team to 8-8 record, there is no telling what he can do with an improved version of this squad. However I feel he is still a few years away
Last Season 8-8 (2nd place)
Season 58 Prediction: 9-7 (3rd Place)

Miami Dolphins: Coach Shawtypizzle
The Miami Dolphins are among the youngest teams in the league. Coach Pizzle is revered as a team builder in most MOF circles and he has a lot of young talent down in south beach. Led by Tua Tagovailoa this team went 7-9 last season and was lacking offensive weapons. This was addressed in the draft. With the 8th overall pick the Dolphins landed WR Terron Truman the fastest WR in the draft (97) and got a potential steal in the second round with HB Josh Pryor who I believe will start over incumbent Jordan Howard. Defensively the team is led by CB Byron Jones and DE/LB Chandler Jones. There is a bright future in Miami and coach pizzle statistically has done well in his teams 2nd and 3rd seasons of an edition. The Dolphins are my sleeper pick to make the playoffs this season
Last Season 7-9 (3rd Place)
Season 58 Prediction: 10-6 (2nd Place)

Buffalo Bills: Coach BuffaloBill
Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills, thank you Chris Berman for one of the most overused cliches of all time. But give credit to the Bills faithful for being loyal during all these years of mediocracy. After going 3-13 last season the Bills look to get back on track this year. The Bills have a very solid roster and the season will all depend on the maturation of QB Josh Allen, if he can make steps to become a franchise QB the Bills could make some noise this season. It could be win now mode for the Bills however as they have a lot of aging veterans at key positions. Outside of their #1 pick Xfactor DE Taurean Bibbs The bills had a very shakey draft in terms of skill and depth building. Look for the Bills to make some trades during the season to get young and load up for the future.
Last Season 3-13
Season 58 Prediction: 5-11 (4th Place)

Biggest Off-Season Addition: LT Terron Armstead - CIN (96 Ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: LE Calais Campbell - BAL (95 Ovr)
Best Draft Selection: WR Darrell Pinkney - PIT (77 Ovr)

The AFC North had some surprises last season. We saw MrWitness collapse at the end of the season to fall out of first place and barely make the playoffs. We saw Jfon's first season in Cincinnati fall short, and we saw Gouch surprise the MOF and take the division all together. This season I see things a little differently. The Cleveland Browns, as we mentioned before, collapsed down the stretch losing I believe 5 or 6 games in a row including the wild-card round. I think the Browns will clean that up this season and come out on top of the division. MrWitness is 3-time Super Bowl champion and I think he knows how to bounce back. I believe we will see more of Nick Chubb this season, who is rated a 92 overall, and only received 160 carries last season for 663 yards. Very disappointing. I expect bigger things out of the Browns and Witness this season. The rest of this division is going to be extremely competitive. Any of the remaining 3 teams could end up being in 2nd place, I do think whoever does end up in 2nd place, will sneak into the playoffs. The team I believe will jump ahead is Jfon's Bengals. The Bengals finished 5-10-1 last season, and after tying the Browns and Witness Week 1, a lot of experts thought the Bengals would be a tough out all season, that wasn't the case. The Bengals went out and added the best left tackle in the MOF, Terron Armstead, to protect Burrow and help with the run game. Speaking of Burrow, he finished last season with 25 TDs and 48 INTs, that will absolutely need to improve, and I think it will. The Bengals also lost A.J. Green but have some young talent at receiver. The Ravens, as I mentioned above, snuck around the Browns and won the division at 10-6 last season. There were times when Gouch looked like one of the top teams in the MOF last season, but he dropped 2 straight to end the season and his wild-card game as well. A lot of the success of this team revolves around Lamar Jackson. Jackson did not rush much at all last season, and I think that's more of Gouch being afraid to injure Lamar or fumble. This will have to change if the Ravens want to take the next step. Use his speed, use his skill set and run all over the field! The Ravens did have the biggest loss in the division when Calais Campbell retired, but they did sign Justin Houston to replace him. I also expect Patrick McQueen to build on his strong rookie season. The Steelers, or should we say Nostradamus GM, finished 8-8 last season. Disappointing for Coach DoubleD who has had a lot of success here in the MOF. Of course, DoubleD had the strongest player picked in the draft in the division with Darrell Pinkney. Expect Pinkney to become the next big receiver in the MOF when DoubleD is done with him. Right now i have the Steelers as the team on the outside looking in, in this division. Mainly because they do not have a Quarterback or a Running back that is rated higher than a 73. That just spells trouble when you're trying to compete in a strong division. He could surprise us all but Easton Stick and David McCall aren't the answer.


Baltimore Ravens: Coach Gouch
We start with the Division winner from last season, Coach Gouch has built a solid rep with solid gameplay and a penchant for signing old veterans and getting the very best outta them in the twilight of their careers. The Ravens coming off a good season made a lot of changes in the offseason. The Ravens added LB Whitney Mercelius, DB Prince Amukamara and DE Justin Houston. The Ravens are reloading for another division title and hoping for a deeper playoff run. With Lamar Jackson at the helm, anything is possible. Can he repeat as division champ this year?
Last Season 10-6 (1st place)
Season 58 Prediction: 8-8 (3rd place)

Cleveland Browns: Coach Mr. Witness
The Browns has high hopes coming into season 57, arguably the favorite last season, he was upended for the division but still finished 9-7 which was good enough for a wildcard spot. Adding DE Oliver Vernon, DB Daryl Worley, DT DaQuan Jones and drafting DB Bruce Coleman in the first round clearly shows he is looking to bolster his defense to compete with the high octane offenses in his division. Will this former MOF Champ rebound to bring the Division Title back to Cleveland?
Last Season 9-7 (2nd place)
Season 58 Prediction: 12-4 (1st Place)

Pittsburgh Steelers: Coach DoubleD
Widely Known as a draft Guru Couch Double D was at it again in the draft, making moves to trade up all the way to the #2 overall pick where he selected speedy WR Darrell Pinkey. Pinkey will most likely Start opposite Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster but who is gonna throw him the Ball? Big Ben after spending 17 years in Pittsburgh, is now an LA Charger. This leaves the reigns in the hands of either Mason Rudolph or Easton Stick. We see Stick winning the competition however he will not be the answer in Pittsburgh. Barring a move to bring in another vet QB this looks to be a rebuilding year in the steel city
Last Season 8-8 (3rd Place)
Season 58 Prediction: 6-10 (4th Place)

Cincinnati Bengals: Coach Jfon
It is still extremely odd to see Coach Jfon anywhere other than Tampa Bay. In the offseason he started the transition of turning Cincy into TB North. Signing LB Lavonte David in Free agency gives jfon a familiar LB to anchor and mentor to the young LB corps and be a team leader. Jfon was also active on the offensive side of the ball in free agency adding, HB Tevin Coleman, TE Kyle Rudolph, LG Pat Elflein and drafting WR Kevin Boone, clearly trying to add some weapons for 2nd year QB Joe Burrow. Losing AJ Green hurts, but with John Ross and Tee Higgins at WR I dont see to big of a fall off here. The Bengals might still be a year or 2 away from competing for a division title, but he is trending in the right direction and dont be surprised if he gets a wild card spot.
Last Season 5-10-1
Season 58 Prediction: 8-8 (2nd Place)

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR DeAndre Hopkins - HOU (98 Ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: HB Marlon Mack - IND (87 Ovr)
Best Draft Selection: LT Erick Kelly - JAX (74 Ovr)

The AFC South is another one of those divisions that is going to be super competitive. Any one of these teams could win this division, maybe with the exception of the Texans. Last season was a down season for BigDre, although he was caught moving in the first 4 games of the season. So technically he finished 6-5 after that. I believe we will see a rejuvenated Jaguars team this season and Dre will have his eyes on the division title. The Jaguars wound up grabbing the best player in the draft in their division, with LT Erick Kelly out of Miami. He will start immediately with the loss of Cam Robinson. Dre's focal point in the off-season was to improve that secondary, and he did, oh boy he did! CB Logan Ryan and CB Jason Verrett were both signed to go along with C.J. Henderson, Tre Herndon, and D.J. Hayden. Now, a very good secondary. The Jaguars have a lot of young talent and a lot of money to work with. They also signed HB Marlon Mack from the Colts, to split time with Leonard Fournette (who is still on the roster). Expect the Jaguars to win this division. Roclo's Titans fell short last season, in what could have been a playoff berth with just a simple win over the Texans in Week 17, they fell short and wound up staying home once again. Roclo has finished the last two seasons with the Titans, with a winning record but missed the post-season. I could see that happening once again. The Titans will battle for this division, there's no doubt about that, but it will all come down to the divisional games. The Titans didn't do too much in the off-season to improve the team. They lost some talent in Johnathan Joseph and Marcell Dareus, they did sign Gerald McCoy but that was about all they did. They didn't have a 1st round pick in the draft, so when their time came they decided to draft CB Tyrone Ramsay who they immediately regretted after Henry Burroughs went 2 picks later, and wound up looking like a stud. The Titans still have a good team, very good team and if they pound the rock with Derrick Henry they will win games. The decision last season to roll with Cole McDonald paid off, as he threw for 30 TDs and ran for over 500 yards as well. Roc's style is all about that run game, and if he can stick to that and limit the turnovers he will be a force. I still believe he will fall short in the division, but again, it's certainly a toss up. The Indianapolis Colts wound up winning the division last season at 10-6 and Trig looked great at times, but like the Browns in the north, the Colts fell apart at the end of the season losing their last two games. They did defeat the Chiefs in the wild-card round in overtime, but then got beat up by the Pats in the divisional round. I think the Colts were exposed a little bit in that game. If you can key on Jonathan Taylor (The MOF's leading rusher in Season 57) then you can really shut the door on the Colts. That is a very tall task though. With that offensive line, arguably the best in the league, and Jonathan Taylor, who is turning into the best RB in the league, it's hard to stop. The Colts let Brissett walk in the off-season, so now they are stuck without a QB. It looks like James Morgan will be the starter, but we're not exactly sure. The Colts will also be there at the end when the division is up for grabs, but I think with the lack of talent at QB they will be the team on the outside. The Houston Texans made quite possibly the biggest move of the off-season, re-acquiring WR DeAndre Hopkins from the Cardinals. They did give up J.J. Watt however, but the impact might be low since he's nearing the end of his career. Talente wise, the Texans can compete with anyone in the division. Watson at QB, Aaron Jones at HB, Hopkins and Fuller at WR. Their offense is great, but the defense is where the issue is. They had a hard time stopping anyone, let alone the teams inside the South. The Texans were able to keep the Titans out of the post-season in Week 17 last season, but that was the only bright spot of the season, as they finished 5-11. I do not expect much more than them this season as you see I predicted them at 3-13. This division is going to be hard, Bengalsonly has proved that he can make the playoffs in this league, but he is really going to have to fight hard to do it this season.


Indianapolis Colts: Coach Trigrdan
Coach Trig went 10-6 and won the division last season with old Vet Phillip Rivers at the helm. But at 39 years old the Colts decided to move on after just 1 season. The problem is they didn’t have any “Luck” at addressing the QB position at any point in the offseason or draft. Leaving the Starter (barring an early season trade) to be either Jacob Eason or James Morgan. Both were rookies last year. However whoever wins the job will not much matter. The colts lack true playmakers at almost every position. Aside from last years rookie sensation Jonathan Taylor who looks to be every bit of the superstar he was projected to be. He will have to carry this team on his back literally if the Colts wanna repeat as division champs. The Colts did however land 2 potential game changing rookies in the 4th and 5th round of the draft that have superstar potential. Lets hope for Coach Dans sake they pan out.
Last Season 10-6 (1st place)
Season 58 Prediction: 6-10 (3rd Place)

Tennessee Titans: Coach MrRoclo
The Titans have a solid roster up and down the board, with a some stars mixed in here and there, most notably All World HB Derrick Henry on offense and DB Adorre Jackson and S Kevin Byard on Defense Combine that with a veteran owner like Roclo and good things generally happen. However Roclo is a little bit of an enigma. Seemingly always finishing on the playoff bubble. Most of his games are always close and if he can find a way to win those close games I see him winning this division this year. Having no 1st round pick this year they selected CB Tyrone Ramsey in the second round. The also Landed DL Gerald McCoy and CB Sidney Jones in FA. With largely the same roster in place I dont see a ton of improvement in overall record but 10-6 could be enough to win the division this year.
Last Season 9-7 (1st place)
Season 58 Prediction: 10-6 ( Place)

Jacksonville Jaguars: Coach BigDre
Coach Dre was about a month behind the rest of us and by the time he made it home his season was all but lost. Now given some time to get his feet wet with this edition and a full offseason to start shaping his hometown team Duval could be in like for a move upwards in the division. Most teams in rebuild mode start with a cornerstone at LT. Dre found that in the draft when the Jags selected LT Erick Kelly, He will immediately take over as starter and protect the blindside of Mr Mustache Gardner Minshew. Dre doubled up on the OL Selecting BJ Woods in the second round. Building for the future the Jags might not be relevant this season but look for them to make some noise before the trade deadline to speed up the process. Dre is always a tough out and his team improves so will he…..but will it be this year?
Last Season 6-10 (3rd Place)
Season 58 Prediction: 8-8 ( 3rd Place)

Houston Texans: Coach BenglasOnly
The Texans had a rough season finishing 3-13, to make matters worse, they had no 1st round pick to bring in a potential star. In fact the didnt pick until the 30th pick in the second round where they landed MLB Zach Allen. A potential Superstar they landed on that pick. They have a lot of weapons on offense. Watson, Hopkins, fuller, Aaron Jones etc. but if they are gonna improve on their 3-13 record from last season the defense is gonna need to play above their rating this year
Last Season 3-13
Season 58 Prediction: 5-11 (4th Place)

Biggest Off-Season Addition: ROLB Demario Davis - LAC (83 Ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: ROLB Melvin Ingram III - LAC (88 Ovr)
Best Draft Selection: WR Larry Burley - LV (77 Ovr)

The AFC West was exactly what we thought it'd be last season. The best division in the league. 14-2, 13-13, and 11-5 for the top three teams and all made it into the playoffs. Of course only of those teams won it all, the Denver Broncos and Coach Knightnoles. We have been talking up Knight's time here and it has been history making to say the least. 3 seasons, 3 SB appearances and 2 championships. Can't get much better than that. We expect Knight to be right there once again when this season ends, as I am predicting another division title and 1st round bye. It doesn't really matter who is on Knight's roster, when you have mastered the game as well as he has, he can play with any player, any team, and win 10+ games. Denver did not do much in the off-season, not that he had to. Lock will still be the starting QB, Lindsay at HB, and their young receivers Sutton, Jeudy, and Halmer. Don't forget Noah Fant! The Broncos and Knight are the top tier, and he will be tough to knock off. If anyone can though, it could be the Kansas City Chiefs. Coach Enzo finished the season 13-3 and almost finished 14-2 if he didn't lay down for Coach MackDaddy in Week 17. Last season Enzo was beat up by the Broncos, 41-28 and 51-21. This season he is looking to settle that score. The Chiefs might not win the division, but they will definitely be in the post-season. Mahomes, Hill, Hardman, Kelce and Damien Williams make up one of, if not, the most talented offense in the MOF. The linebackers and secondary could definitely use some work, but with defending defensive MVP Tyrann Mathieu out there, he can turn a lot of guys into stars. Chiefs will be a top team. The Los Angeles Chargers and MackDaddy was quieted down last season by, you guessed it, Knightnoles. The Chargers lost 2 regular season games to him, and another in the playoffs. Mack's record against everyone else 12-3, his record against Knight 0-3. That will have to change, and change quick. The games were as close as you can get with Knight last season, losing 28-24, 30-27 and 30-24. Those games could have easily gone either way. The Chargers and Mack lost Rivers in the off-season but they signed Ben Roethlisberger. I don't see Ben starting, so i think it will be Herbert time even though his accuracy really isn't on par with what Mack is expecting. The trade that brought in Stefon Diggs for Keenan Allen has paid off, and will continue to pay off again this season. I think the Chargers, of course, have a great shot at winning the division because i mean how many more times can he lose to Knight without winning at least 1? It will be fun to see, but I expect the Chargers to be right there as well as a playoff team. The Las Vegas Raiders are sitting on the tracks with three trains coming in every single direction at them. They are in one of the best divisions we have seen in recent memory, and there's no getting out. I give TheBigMaine all the credit in the world, to hang in there and compete with these behemoths but the truth is the Raiders will be lucky to win more than 1 game this season. Brutal schedule to say the least. They did however, draft one of the best players in the draft in Larry Burley. Burley and Ruggs will be a real fun combination to watch, and we are all rooting for the Raiders to steal one from the big 3, that would be a hell of an accomplishment.


Las Vegas Raiders: Coach BigMaine
The Raiders moved to Vegas last season and placed their bets on Coach BigMaine, little did they know that the AFC West would turn into murderers row in terms of MOF success. Sitting in a division with the defending SB Champ and 2 other coaches who are perennial MOF playoff teams, Big Maine has work cut out for him. The Raiders however are not without weapons. QB Derek Carr is prob not the answer but when you have the fastest WR in the League (Ruggs III) anything is possible. Pair that with sensational HB Josh Jacobs TE Darren Waller and #1 overall pick WR Larry Burley and offensively the pieces are in place to compete. The defense definitely needs some addressing but in this division its gonna be shootout after shootout anyways. Can the Raiders score enough to make some noise this season?
Last Season 3-13 (1st place)
Season 58 Prediction: 5-11 (4th Place)

Los Angeles Chargers: Coach Mackdaddy
Its the miggity miggity Mackdaddys Chargers of LA. Mackdaddy knows how to win in this league, A notorious team team builder, who builds to his strengths as a user. The Chargers have 2nd year QB Justin Herbert in place and is progressing nicely. Star players at the right positions and the recipe is there for a division winning season. Adding DT Derron Perham in the 1st round to pair with all-world Joey Bosa makes the DL as ferocious as it can be. Cashing in on the 2nd round with C Chip Rutherford is also a nice feather in the cap. The only thing stopping Mack from the division is 2 coaches names Knight and Enzo. Both play Mack extremely well whoever wins the bulk of these divisional games is gonna have the division. However much like last year 3 teams very possibly could make the dance again at the end of the season
Last Season 11-5 (3rd place)
Season 58 Prediction: 12-4 ( 2nd Place)

Denver Broncos: Coach Knightnoles
The Reigning, defending, undisputed champion of the MOF. Coach Noles won his 2nd super bowl in 3 seasons in season 57. Until he is unseated its hard not to see him back in the drivers seat and the early favorite to repeat as Superbowl Champs. Standing is his way is Enzos Chiefs and Mackdaddys Chargers. All of these games will be must see TV. After a 14-2 Superbowl winning season what did the Broncos do to upgrade in the offseason? Well they drafted 7 MLBs and a DT. They didnt address the suspect Offensive Line whatsoever. But in a division where shootouts are gonna be the normal maybe focusing on defense wasnt a bad idea at all
Last Season 14-2 (1st Place)
Season 58 Prediction: 12-4 ( 1st Place)

Kansas City Chiefs: Coach Enzo
Coach Enzos window to win a superbowl maybe closing as the Chiefs are cap strung with a lot of high dollar contracts. But with those high dollar contracts comes very high player performance. Mahomes, Kelce, Hill, Mathieau, Clark the list goes on and on. Roster wise the chiefs are built better for this year than the Chargers or the Broncos, so again its gonna come down to the H2H games between the division. Enzo has been around a long time and also knows how to make the most of his team, but will it be enough to unseat the defending SB Champion?
Last Season 13-3
Season 58 Prediction: 12-4 (3rd Place)

Biggest Off-Season Addition: TE Zach Ertz - WAS (91 Ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: HB Saquon Barkley - NYG (96 Ovr)
Best Draft Selection: HB Matt Jones - DAL (78 Ovr)

The NFC East was sort of a surprise last season, I did not see the Giants and Eagles both playing as well as they did. So much so that Betts did not win the division! He still finished 12-4 though and made it to the NFC title game, naturally. The Washington Football Team is currently my favorite to walk away with this division this season, walk away? Yes! I expect Washington to have a really big season out of Bryce Love and Antonio Gibson. Look out for Steven Sims to also have a breakout season. The WFT acquired C.J. Mosley in the off-season to make up for Reuben Foster's departure, and I think it was an upgrade. He also traded for TE Zach Ertz, in a huge move. Betts knows his team inside and out, and when you have that kind of chemistry, you are very hard to beat. Washington got hot at the end of the season, and I think it will carry over to this season. The New York Football Giants surprised the MOF and won the division last season at 13-3 even after being predicted to go 7-9. It looks like Estrada is all in and playing well with these Giants. We all know Estrada likes to trade, as he had about 15 different Quarterbacks last edition in 3 seasons, but he went ahead and traded Saquon Barkley to the 49ers for Fred Warner and Kwon Alexander, in a questionable move at best. He was able to replace Barkley with Breida, and hopefully he doesn't miss a beat. I do expect a little bit of a come down from the G-men this season. Despite what he thinks, Breida is not Barkley and it will show here and there. I still expect the Giants to be a playoff team and fight for the division, but I smell a fall back season coming. The Philadelphia Eagles and Coach AssuredFame burst onto the scene last season and took over the Eagles mid-season when they were 5-2. AssuredFame finished the season 5-4 and earned a trip to the post-season. In the wild-card round he defeated the Rams and went on to lose to the Packers, in a good game. Coach AssuredFame is battle tested already in his young MOF career, and there's no teaching experience. I do, however, think the Eagles are also due for a step back. I think we will see more of that 5-4 record and the Eagles will flirt with .500 all season long. The Eagles biggest signing was the ageless wonder A.J. Green, who will give them a solid season or two. They did lose Brandon Graham, Nickell Robey-Coleman, and Marquise Goodwin though, very tough losses to say the least. Last but not least are your Dallas Cowboys and Coach Texmexgalvan. Coach Tex had a tough Season 57, finishing 5-11 and in last place in the East. He did have some nice wins, including a sim win over the Giants in Week 17, but more or less he had a tough season. The Cowboys also were not active at all in the off-season. Losing Everson Griffin, Sean Lee, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Tyrone Crawford, and Michael Gallup (Trade). Their biggest move was drafting HB Matt Jones out of Wisconsin, which struck some questions inside the organization. Why would you draft a HB in the 1st round when you have Elliot? Maybe a move is on the way. Anyway, the activity level needs to be there especially in this division. If Tex isn't all here, he will have another tough season. Either way, i think the season will be tough. Maybe it's time to start thinking about trading off some assets and rebuilding?


New York Giants: Coach Estrada
The Giants in a surprising move traded Barkley to the 49ers, yes he got Fred Werner for him which fits his user style and his Defense is top notch adding coveted rookie DE Bryson Verdon as well but where is the offense. Dan Jones is still the QB, Matt Breida is nice but hes no Barkley and the WRs, aside from the speedy Goodwin, are noting to write home to mom about. In a Division with Betts and last years rookie coach AssuredFame Its this writers opinion they will fall off a bit this season after winning the division last year.
Last Season 13-3 (1st place)
Season 58 Prediction: 9-7 ( 2nd Place)

Washington Football Team: Coach Betts
In what could be considered a down season for Betts, not winning the division and not making a superbowl appearance. Its safe to assume he will improve and is the early favorite to be the NFC rep in the superbowl once again. He added Zach Ertz and CJ Mosely. Just 2 more guys he can be dangerous with. Look for Betts to retake the division this season
Last Season 12-4 (2nd place)
Season 58 Prediction: 15-1 ( 1st Place)

Philadelphia Eagles: Coach AssuredFame
A rookie coach from last season that made a quick name for himself by not only making the playoffs but making the playoffs in a division that has Betts and Estrada in it. A feat well done for sure. It doesnt appear that he made many moves in the offseason at all. So hes content with the talent already there for him. They did add TE Quentin McCloud in the first round of the draft. Wentz will be happy about that. Again I ask though as the other teams in the division improve and this one stands pat. Will they improve or will they fall a bit?
Last Season 10-6 (3rd Place)
Season 58 Prediction: 9-7 (3rd Place)

Dallas Cowboys: Coach TexMex
Americas Team, or Eddies Team anyways, Another team that didnt make many moves and decided to stand pat for the most part he did make a few draft pick position trades in the offseason. Just staying put in this division is not gonna do you well. However the Cowboys still have Zeke, they still have Dak, they still have Cooper and CeeDee so nothing is out of the question.
Last Season 5-11 (4th place)
Season 58 Prediction: 5-11(4th Place)

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR Allen Robinson II - MIN (89 Ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR Allen Robinson II - CHI (89 Ovr)
Best Draft Selection: DT Sean Vaughn - DET (77 Ovr)

The NFC North was one of, if not the worst division in the history of the MOF. Hicks went 16-0, yes undefeated! The rest of the division? 8-40. In fact, I don't think we've ever seen a 13 game lead in any division,, in MOF history. The Packers had everything going right last season, every single thing! Clearly. You do not go 16-0 here without everything falling your way. Hicks almost did it, he almost became the 3rd coach to have a complete undefeated season. Instead he was beat in the Super Bowl by the Broncos and Knightnoles. 18-1 is a pretty damn good season though, and it's something to be proud of. I expect a lot of the same from Hicks this season. As long as he has Aaron Rodgers, he will win a lot of games. Although Rodgers is getting up there in age, his attributes didn't really diminish too much. Last season Rodgers threw for 5,347 yards and 55 Touchdowns. Both numbers landed him in the top 10 all-time in those categories. There's no doubt in my mind that Hicks will win this division, by a landslide, once again, I'll bet every dollar I got! The Minnesota Vikings were nothing short of a complete disaster in Season 57. I predicted them to go 8-8 with a playoff berth, instead they went 3-13 with two losses to the Lions. Krayzie is better than this! What is going on? Dalvin Cook!? C'mon? Unfortunately what I saw last season, does not make me too hopeful for this season for the Vikings. They did sign away Allen Robinson from the Bears but they still have Kirk Cousins throwing the ball (54 interceptions). The bright spot is, that i really like their offense, he will just need to stop turning the ball over so much and maybe they can win more than 6 games, but that's what I am predicting. Remo's Chicago Bears had another tough season going 2-14 with wins over the Lions and the Vikings. I see the same type of fate this season. They lost Allen Robinson, inside the division no less, and they did not replace him with anything valuable. Their receivers are depleted but they do have Latavius Murray and David Montgomery.. who? Nick Foles or Andy Dalton at QB.. who? The offense is not very good, the defense will have to carry these Bears if they want to win more than 2 or 3 games. I know Remo can do it, but will he? The Detroit Lions had themselves an awful Season 57, going 3-13 as well. They defeated the Vikings twice, and the Bears once and lost every other game. Coach Hova has talent, he just needs to focus up. Detroit signed Sammy Watkins in the off-season to go along with Golladay, Alshon Jeffery, and Josh Gordon. Very good receivers. They have 6 runningbacks and Kerryon Johnson looks to be the front runner to get most of the carries. Sean Vaughn looks to be a beast, with the 4th pick overall, so let's see how he can develop. I don't see much from Detroit here, another tough season.


Green Bay Packers: Coach Bhicks
Its hard to say that 16-0 is a disappointing season, but when you start 16-0 and finish 18-1 you cant help but feel like it was a lost opportunity. Aaron Rodgers returns to Green Bay for another season under coach Hicks. Rodgers had career highs in Yards (5347) TDs (55) QBR (127.7) and is the clear leader on this team. The running game is efficient when it needs to be with Duke Johnson leading the way. And lets not forget about Davante Adams. For an offensive juggernaut thats all you need to win however the defense is stacked too with the Likes of Kenny Clark, the Smith bros at LB and CB Alexander. Rookies HB Kyle Felix and DE Barry Jones will add to dangerous dynamic in Green Bay. Couple that with being in the worst division in the MOF and there is a 99.9999998 % chance the Packers repeat as division champs. Can they go all the way this season and bring the Lombardi trophy back home?
Last Season 16-0 (1st place)
Season 58 Prediction: 13-3 (1st place)

Detroit Lions: Coach Hova
The Lions have a lot of holes to fill, but they definitely beefed up their offense, in what could be Staffords swan song, the Lion invested in the WR corp to help him out. Golladay has improved tremendously, and then they added Sammy Watkins, Alshon Jeffery and Josh Gordon in the offseason. The Lions would also draft Ish Ingram. With Youngsters Deandre Swift and TJ Hockenson already in the mix, this could be a very dangerous offense, provided the Offensive Line can protect Stafford. Defensively they drafted DT Vaughn to beef the DL. Expect a lot of shootouts against Detroit this year as the defense still needs work.
Last Season 3-13 (2nd place)
Season 58 Prediction: 6-10 (3rd Place)

Minnesota Vikings: Coach Krayzie
After taking an edition away from the Vikings Coach Krayzie came back home and promptly had his most disappointing season in his MOF career. Despite having Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, Justin Jefferson on offense and some major players on defense as well, the Vikings just could not get outta their own way. Cap Strung by Kirk Cousins salary the Vikings still found ways to make a few moves in FA adding WR Allen Robinson II and bringing home Everson Griffen to bolster the DL. They also drafted the Heismann trophy winner 3rd overall in MLB Derrick Simms. The Offensive Line still needs some work, if there late round OL draft picks can pan out and Kirk Cousins stops throwing INTs the Vikings could compete for a wild card spot
Last Season 3-13 (3rd Place)
Season 58 Prediction: 7-9 (2nd Place)

Chicago Bears: Coach Remo
The Bears enter season 58 with a lot of questions on offense. Defensively they are in very good shape. Solid starters would great depth. I see them maybe trading a piece of that defense to answer some questions on offense. Most notably at the QB position. They moved on from trubisky but Foles is not the long term answer. With no QB worth a damn in the draft the bears sat tight. Foles will have to play perfect this season to give the Bears a chance. Heres to hoping, for Chicagos sake they can find a trade partner for a QB. Or hope to see one they covet in the draft next season.
Last Season 3-13 (4th Place)
Season 58 Prediction: 4-12 (4th Place)

Biggest Off-Season Addition: MLB Alexander Johnson - TB (80 Ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: QB Drew Brees - NO (93 Ovr)
Best Draft Selection: LOLB Keon Douglas - TB (73 Ovr)

The NFC South had itself a new division champ, CoachQKP35's Saints overtook the Falcons and BigReg. The South was supposed to be all about that Jfon, Dpanther, BigReg rivalry, but Jfon was pushed out of Tampa. The rivalries still continue though, but it's more of a Q vs Reg type of deal. Speaking of which, the Saints come into the season with a new QB, Jameis Winston, who flirted with free-agency and had some contract disputes with CoachQ finally agreed to come back and start for the Saints, following the departure of Drew Brees. The Saints also went out and traded for Raheem Mostert who you will see in a lot of split back formations. Alvin Kamara had a historic season with 96 catches and was a dual threat all season. I expect more of the same from these Saints this season. Coach Q has the mojo working for these guys and I really like the addition of Mostert to the run game. I expect the Saints to be division champs once again, until I am proven otherwise. The Atlanta Falcons. Coach BigReg finished 2nd and missed the playoffs for the first time since Season 53. The last time we told Reg he was washed up was in the Season 54 predictions, what did he do to answer that? Just win 3 straight division titles. So here we are again, at a crossroads. Will Reg turn it around and take back what was once his? Or will he flutter out and watch Q hoist up that division title once again? The offense will be there for Reg, there's no question. Ryan is getting older and this could be his last season, but Jones, Ridley, Gurley and Ito Smith gives you a lot of weapons. They really didn't do too much in the off-season, but I do expect the Falcons to fight for the division and for a playoff spot. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Powers were a disappointment last season, finishing 6-10 and out of the playoffs. However, they did not go out without a bang. Tom Brady had himself one of the best seasons (if you don't count the interceptions) in recent memory with 5,927 yards and 48 touchdowns. The Buccaneers however, couldn't stop a wet tissue on defense. Ranking dead last in yards given up per game. Obviously they will need to limit the turnovers, with the 44 year old Brady, and start stopping offenses. I think we will see some improvements, but not enough as the Buccaneers are still rated the 3rd best team in the division, in my eyes. The Carolina Panthers and Coach Dpanther had themselves another tough season at 4-12 last season. The bright spot was Christian McCaffrey who caught 109 balls for 828 yards, in addition to his 1,482 yards rushing. Extremely productive season. However, it was the play of Teddy Bridgewater that held them back with only 14 TDs to 37 INTs. We say this every season, but we are waiting for the day that Dpanther turns it around and wins 10 games , we are really hoping it is this season! He has McCaffrey, just limit those turnovers and you will win!


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Coach Rpowers
Coach Powers took his talents to South Beach. Where Tom Brady, Fournette and Gronk joined an already potent offense. Under Coach Powers Brady threw more interceptions than even coach Krayzie did in New England with him. In what could be Bradys last season he will have to cut down on those INTs, if He can do that Tampa Bay will be a force on offense. The Wide receiving corp is among the best in the league with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and the emergence of "Superstar" Scotty Miller. On Defense they lost LB David, that could be a huge blow to an already struggling defense. With that being said the secondary as a whole has a lot of talent and are young, with the proper coaching could become one of the best, led by 2nd generation DB Antoine Winfield Jr. They Drafted OLB Keon Douglas to replace David, if he pans out that defense will be on the fast track.
Last Season 6-10 (3rd place)
Season 58 Prediction: 9-7 ( 2nd Place)

Atlanta Falcons: Coach BigReg
The Falcons narrowly missed the playoffs last season finishing .500 on the year at 8-8. Reg has one of the most high octane offense in MOF history. Led by Matt Ryan at QB. Yet another NFC South QB who could be on his swan song. This is the third team that wouldnt surprise if they try and pull off a QB trade before the deadline as Ryan is clearly regressing. However that regression is masked by the likes of Todd Gurley, Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. Lets see if they can put together one last run before its rebuild mode for the Dirty Birds on offense. Defensively the Falcons boast a strong front 7 led by DT Grady Jarrett and LB Deion Jones, however their secondary is very young and has a lot of room to grow. In a division with the likes of the three headed monster in Tampa or Micheal Thomas in NO that could spell disaster this season
Last Season 8-8 (2nd place)
Season 58 Prediction: 7-9 ( 3rd Place)

New Orleans Saints: CoachQKP35
Brees finally retired freeing up some much needed cap room in NOLA. Its Jamis Winstons team now. If he doesnt pan out it wont kill the Saints as they signed him to a very team friendly contract. With the money they saved on Brees retiring they were able to resign All World HB Alvin Kamara and also swung a deal for Raheem Mostert to give the seconds a very dangerous two headed monster at HB. Not to mention Micheal Thomas and the emerging Deonte Harris at WR. Defensively they are pretty stout with their on weakness on paper looking to be the LB group. They draft to LBs in the mid rounds of the draft. If they can both pan out, that group could become a strength.
Last Season 9-7 (1st Place)
Season 58 Prediction: 10-6 (1st Place)

Carolina Panthers: Coach Dpanther
Coach Panther had a rough season 57, and much like the Saints have all the pieces in place to win this season. Returning with Teddy Bridgewater, CMC and a core of WRs in David Moore, Robby Anderson and Curtis Samuel are as dangerous of a group as any in the MOF. Defensively they Draft what many considered a reach in the first round taking MLB James Gonzalez however he had a huge combine and has the tools needed to become a Superstar in this league. The Defensive line is anchored by Kawann Short with young superstar Derrick Brown next to him and a pair of young DEs. This division is gonna come down to who makes the least amount of mistakes
Last Season 3-13 (4th place)
Season 58 Prediction: 6-10 (4th Place)

Biggest Off-Season Addition: LE J.J. Watt - ARI (97 Ovr)
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR DeAndre Hopkins - ARI (98 Ovr)
Best Draft Selection: RE Doug Murray - ARI (77 Ovr)

The NFC West was an interesting ride last season. We saw the two hall of fame veterans, Coach Healy and the Commish wind up in the cellar and the new comer Showkiller take control! It was a very competitive division to say the least, even though it did not look that way in the standings. The Seattle Seahawks won the division, Coach Mindenplaya was consistent all season. Russell Wilson was a dominant QB, with great deep ball skills to D.K. Metcalf who also had a great season. I expect more of the same from the Seahawks who didn't really change much in the off-season at all. Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams are both back and thumping you all over the field. I think the Seahawks will be a playoff team once again, and I don't really see them losing this division. The 49ers and the Commish had himself a tough season. Jimmy G's interceptions were the biggest problem, as he threw 54 of them. There were internal talks about Garoppolo being released, but they decided to stick with him for another season hoping things improved. The 49ers had a very busy off-season. They traded for Saquon Barkley which was a mega move, and they dealt Fred Warner and Kwon Alexander away in the deal. They replaced them with Avery Williamson, Nigel Bradham, and Matthew Judon. They also drafted a superstar in George Green at SS. Richard Sherman was moved to FS too. The 49ers gave away about 5 or 6 leads last season so I think if they can turn half of those into wins, they are a playoff team. I expect them to turn it around, now that Barkley is here! The Los Angeles Rams had a wonderful Season 57, winning the NFC West and developing Cam Akers into a great runningback. The Rams lost Andrew Whitworth and Terrell Suggs to retirement, and it always hurts losing offensive lineman. I think the Rams still have what it takes to get to the playoffs and win this division again, but I believe lady luck turns her cold shoulder sometimes, and it might be on the other hand for this season. The Arizona Cardinals were one of the biggest disappointments of season 57. We expected huge things from the Cardinals, including a playoff berth. However they busted and finished 5-11. Kyler Murray had a tough season throwing 38 interceptions. They also never really got a consistent running game going, which really hurt their offense. They went ahead and signed Kenyan Drake to take over the reigns, and hopefully give them a solid rushing attack. They also traded away DeAndre Hopkins but they got Brandin Cooks and JJ Watt in return. A move that i think made them better. They also drafted DE Doug Murray, who was clearly the best in the division. This defensive line is one of the best in the league and will be a problem for oppositions. I just think the Cardinals are in a tough division, they could easily win it, or they could go 6-10... I am predicting somewhere in the middle for these guys this season.


San Francisco 49ers: Coach Dypko
The 49ers Made a ton of moves coming off a 6-10 season where they battled who would start at QB, Jimmy G had his moments but was replaced by Nick Mullens who was then replaced by Jimmy G once again. It looks like the 49ers have settled on Jimmy G going forward but they added some weapons on offense and Defense. The trade of the offseason saw the 9ers bring in Saquan Barkley and also brought in HB Leveon Bell in free agency. The front 7 on defense is young but very good, the secondary is still pretty good but age is catching up to them. They did grab a steal in the draft in SS George Green, who looks to be the real deal and will pair nicely with Dick Sherman. This team is ready to win now and with Coach Dypko bringing in guys that fit his style more, its only up from here.
Last Season 6-10 (3rd place)
Season 58 Prediction: 10-6 ( 2nd Place)

Arizona Cardinals: Coach Canesbucs
Coach Cane had a rough go of it in Arizona in season 57. He looks to rebound this season after retooling the squad. Kyler Murray is obviously the focal point but needs some help on offense after trading away Deandre Hopkins. The hope in Arizona is the speedy trip of Cooks, Kirk and Isabella will work and with the scrambling ability of Murray teams will have to pick their poison so to speak. They managed to secure JJ Watt in the Hopkins deal last year and he anchors the defensive line his bookend is Rookie Doug Murray who looks to be the real deal as well. Oh did I mention he also has Fletcher Cox? Well he does and this is shaping up to be the best defensive line in the league. Isaiah Williams will only get better in year 2 and Budda baker on the back end. This team should vastly improve from their 5-11 showing last year and is my favorite to win the division
Last Season 5-11 (4th place)
Season 58 Prediction: 11-5 ( 1st Place)

Seattle Seahawks: Coach Mindenplaya
Let Russ cook! He’s gonna need too this season. The Hawks lost KJ Wright and Bruce Irvin in the offseason, however they added veterans N. Suh and Derek Wolfe to the Defensive Line and Drafted Des Hugh Melvin and Kai Peerman. But for the Hawks to compete this year they will have to rely heavily on Russel Wilson. He has the offensive weapons to do it as well with Chris Cason, Lockett and DK Metcalf. I do feel the Seattle Seahawks will take a small backwards this season but will still find themselves in the hunt for a wildcard. Let Russ cook!
Last Season 10-6 (2nd Place)
Season 58 Prediction: 9-7 (1st Place)

Los Angeles Rams: Coach Showkiller
The LA Rams and Coach Showkiller, another coach that im not very familiar with, but what I do know is he won a very competitive division last season going 11-5. Goff returns and looks to improve on his season 57. Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods are still there and the emergence of last years rookie Van Jefferson have the Rams poised to do good things yet again this season. The real question is gonna be can
Last Season 3-13 (4th place)
Season 58 Prediction: 6-10 (4th Place)

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