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By Chris Berman
MOF Media Analyst
Published Monday, February 20, 201


Welcome once again ladies and gentlemen to the annual MOF Season predictions. We are officially ready to begin a fresh franchise with a fresh new game, Madden '17. This will be the first time the MOF has started from the get go with a CFM style league, so this should be interesting!

The MOF is coming off a great set of seasons, with the last one being Season 37. Rookie Coach WLJones228 took the Panthers all the way to the title as they beat Pauly's Chiefs, which marks Pauly's 5th Super Bowl appearance and 5th Super Bowl loss! The MOF was saddened by the losses of Leetpenith and Beast10790, both perennial picks to get to the big dance every single season. So that means we will start to have some new dominant faces around here, and we cant wait to see who emerges in their absence! Without further ado, here are your Season 38 MOF Predictions.

Buffalo Bills - Coach MrRoclo

Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Buffalo Bills (7-9)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Buffalo Bills (10-6)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: (136-131) .509 
Team's Overall Record: 298-308 (.492)

Coach Roclo had a down season 39 after a playoff appearance in Season 38. This season he looks to focus and compete once again for a wild-card spot. The Bills did not lose much in free-agency, just LG Patrick Lewis who wound up signing with interstate rival New York Giants. Tight End Craig Stevens announced his retirement early after the Super Bowl as well. The Bills were extremely quiet during free-agency as they did not sign any player of significance. They did have a decent draft however, grabbing WR Clim Watts from LSU and Rashawn Pierson from Penn State. Coach Roclo is going to need to rely on sophomore sensation Gabriel Goddard to carry the offense as their QB and WR positions are a little scarce. On the defensive side of the ball Roclo Marcell Dareus heading the D-Line at a 94 overall and very good speed at the LB positions. Darby and Gilmore lead the secondary in one of the top 1/2 punches at Corner in the MOF. If Roclo wants to compete in this division he has to get more out of the QB position. Tyrod Taylor just isn't cutting it right now, but if he can turn things around Buffalo will be a contender.

Miami Dolphins - Coach Ukcat98
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Miami Dolphins (4-12)
Coaches 2nd Full Season: Season 38 Miami Dolphins (5-10-1)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: (110-143-1) .435 
Team's Overall Record: 295-325-1 (.476)

This will be Coach UKcat98's 3rd full season with Miami and he looks to turn things around as the first two seasons of Madden '17 have not been very kind to him. Going 4-12 last season after a 5-10-1 Season 38, the Miami front office is not happy with his performance. The Dolphins upgraded their QB situation as they signed the recently traded then cut Alex Smith from Seattle (from Kansas City), however second year QB Bryant Dodge might get the start under center, even after his 29 interception debacle last season. We will have to wait and see who Ukcat98 starts. The running back situation in Miami is ugly, their starter right now looks like its going to be Kenyan Drake or Jay Ajayi. Drake is quicker, so we're thinking Ukcat will probably give the majority of the carries to him. Landry and Parker are a very good 1 and 2 at WR, but it all starts with the QB. Wake and Suh man up the D-Line which is a huge strong point on this team. If you want to run the ball, you better take it outside because the linebacker corps of Miami could use some help. Kiko Alonso, Koa Misi, and Jelani Jenkins look to be the starting 3. The secondary of Miami is also very weak, with their #1 CB being newly added Lamarcus Joyner from the Rams. Reshard Jones and Will Hill make up for some of the talent lacking at corner, by bringing their talents to safety. The Dolphins still have building to go if they want to compete with the Jets or even the Bills for that matter.

New England Patriots - Coach Hovadagod_23
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 New England Patriots (5-11) 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 New England Patriots (6-10) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: (90-217) .293 
Team's Overall Record: 290-323-2 (.473)

Coach Hova's comes into Season 40 with one of the worst winning percentages in MOF history. However that does not stop him from competing week in and week out. There is something to be said for a never give up mentality. The last two seasons of Madden '17 have been disappointing, with the loss of Tom Brady last season the Patriots have been looking for a replacement ever since. Right now Zac Convington is the #1 and last season was not pretty as he threw 37 interceptions to 21 touchdowns. The Patriots offensive line is one of the weakest, if not the weakest o-line in the MOF. The best rated lineman is an 81 Nate Solder at LT. Dion Lewis is the #1 back and he's not very impressive either. Gronkowski is the best player on the team no doubt about it, but its tough when there is literally no help on the offensive side of the ball. If i were Hova i'd trade Gronk for a package of picks. The defense took a hit when they lost Alan Branch to the 49ers and right now their d-line is very weak. Collins and Hightower are the two bright spots on defense at LOLB and MLB respectively. Logan Ryan and Malcom Butler are a decent 1/2 at CB and McCourty and Chung are solid safeties. The Patriots need a lot of work, especially on offense. If they have no protection for a young QB there are going to be alot of mistakes. Rebuilding is needed here in Foxboro, we can only hope Hova can get there soon.

New York Jets Coach Pauly2110
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 New York Jets (14-2) 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 New York Jets (15-1) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: (332-164) .669 
Team's Overall Record: 337-287 (.540)

Coach Pauly is entering his 3rd season as the Jets head coach, and he's lost a combined 5 times in 2 seasons (including playoffs) that's pretty impressive. However, there's no ring in that equation. Pauly's quest for a MOF title has been wide known press for a while now, and he's being called the Marv Levy of the MOF. An incredible regular season record with 332 wins but his playoff record is far from impressive as he has gone 18-24 in his career. The off-season has not been kind to Coach Pauly as he lost Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, and Trent Cole to retirement. Nick Mangold left for Cleveland, and he traded up and coming WR Quincy Enunwa for RT Derek Newton. The signing of Charles Sims and Julius Peppers was his way to try and replace Forte and Cole. The QB situation is an interesting one in New York, last season Pauly traded for Philip Rivers and he had a great season with 28 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. However we don't think Pauly is happy with Rivers, as they drafted QB Wes Darby out of Wisconsin in the first round. We expect Rivers to be the starter, but the leash might be short. Pauly has an average O-Line, and a slow offense. His fastest player on offense is Wide Receiver Robby Anderson, and he doesnt look to be a promising player. The defense is the strongest point of this team, and that's all Pauly needs. Wilkerson, Richardson, and Williams lead one of the best d-lines in the MOF. Newly signed Jerrell Freeman is the new starter at MLB and Peppers is the new starter at ROLB. Revis is getting older, but still has it at CB, and Buster Skrine is a year removed from winning CB of the year. Gilchrist and Pryor are an above average tandum at Safety. Pauly is the best coach in the division, he might not have the best offensive talent, but it doesn't matter. Pauly will always be a contender, no matter what team is coaches.

Far and away Pauly and the Jets division to lose. The Bills can cause some rukus if they can upset Pauly once or twice, but other than that the Dolphins and Patriots are double loss teams and not a threat. Pauly just needs to cruise to the playoffs and get over that hump.

Baltimore Ravens - Coach Trevpap
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Baltimore Ravens (5-11) *1-7 as replacement
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 33 San Francisco 49ers (7-9)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: (59-112) .345 
Team's Overall Record: 307-309 (.498)

Good ole Trevpap made his way back into the MOF mid-season last season taking over the Baltimore Ravens. He took over at 4-4 and finished 1-7 for a final 5-11 record. This was after an undefeated Season 38 for the Ravens under Coach Cheef. Trev is having some problems at QB , as Joe Flacco looks to be the starter once again with Jay Cutler backing him up. Flacco had a miserable Season 39 as he had 46 interceptions, wow. The signing of Jason Witten should help a little in the passing game, but Witten is a little long in the tooth as well. The loss of RB Tallaferro will hurt, but the Braxton Spencer out of Ole Miss will be the real deal. His speed is off the charts, and he is expected to get the majority of the carries in Baltimore. The o-line of the Ravens is pretty strong with Yanda and Stanley leading the way. They are very weak at receiver, but Witten and Pitta at TE will make up for their lack of talent at wide out. The defense of the Ravens is still pretty much in tact, with Dumervill and Suggs leading the d-line. The loss of Jernigan shouldn't really be felt. CJ Mosely leads a sub-par linebacking corps and Casey Heyward and Eric Weddle lead a secondary that could use some help. The Ravens have some young talent, and i expect Trev to use Spencer alot and take advantage of that speed. He will win some games solely on that, but they need to improve at QB and WR asap if they want to compete in this division.

Cincinnati Bengals - Coach W0pSurprise
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Cincinnati Bengals (14-2) *Defending Superbowl Champions* 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 15 Denver Broncos (11-5)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: (55-25) .688 
Team's Overall Record: 314-300 (.511)

Ladies and gentlemen the champ is here! Coach W0pSurprise made his triumphant return to the MOF last season and won the whole thing! W0p is an old timer, he was around during the golden era of the MOF Seasons 1-15 and had a lot of success back then. He since then ventured off, i believe running his own league for a bit, but has found his way back home to the MOF and we hope to have him around for a long time. So the Bengals come into this season as the team to beat, they did not sign a single free-agent and why do they need to? Dalton, Bernard, Hill, and AJ Green is a great corps of players throw in Tyler Eifert and they have an extremely solid offense. Their offensive line is probably their only weakness on offense, so if you can get pressure on the champ, you can shake him up. On the defensive side of the ball, they are mourning the loss of LB Rey Maualuga who went across the river to Cleveland and that's a big loss because Mauluga had 14 interceptions last season roaming the middle of the field. Justin March looks to take his place, but we're sure Coach W0p might put Burfict at MLB before its said and done. Atkins and Dunlap are an incredible 1/2 punch at D-line and they are in the prime of their career. The LB corps could use some help, but Burfict leads the way. Their secondary is the weakest part of their team, with Pacman Jones being the top rated corner back on the team. George Illoka is the captain of the safeties rated an 87 overall. The Bengals are a solid team, and have a solid coach. However how will Coach W0p deal with the Super Bowl defense? Will he have a Super Bowl hangover? Or will he defend with pride? That's yet to be known, but he will definitely be a top team in the division and conference.

Cleveland Browns - Coach Bengalsonly7
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Cleveland Browns (5-11) 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Cleveland Browns (4-11-1) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: (20-43-1) .320 .320 .320 .320 .320 .320 .320 .320 .320 
Team's Overall Record: 255-364-2 (.412)

The Cleveland Browns had the best off-season of any team in the MOF, hands down. We couldn't even fit all of their signings into the picture. But not included was CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, C Nick Mangold, and RB Christine Michael. Also, they did not lose a single player to free-agency. They lost Tramon Williams to retirement, and that is all! Of course Coach Bengalsonly7 needs to improve, as he finished 4-11-1 and 5-11 in back to back seasons. The offensive line was not really addressed , and some think that was a big mistake. Their top rated lineman is an 84, everyone else is 80 or below. That might comeback to haunt them. Ryan Tannehill, who was acquired last season for LT Joe Thomas, had a rough season with 39 interceptions and just 19 touchdowns. The 3-headed monster at runningback should be a force Duke Johnson, Bishop Sankey, and newly acquired Christine Michael. Jordy Nelson comes to an already decent receiving corps that includes Casey Coleman and Josh Gordon. Gary Barnidge at TE finishes out a pretty good offense. The question marks will be Tannehill and the time he has to throw. The defensive line was improved greatly with the signing of Snacks Harrison, Everson Griffen, and Haloti Ngata. They are starting Emmanuel Ogbah and Everson Griffen at the Ends. Linebacking for the Browns is very good, Rey Maualuga takes his Super Bowl ring to Cleveland and joins Kirksey, Demario Davis, and CJ Messina. Joe Haden leads the secondary and the addition of Rodgers-Cro will be at #2. Jimmy Redd and Dexter Haskins are the starters at safety. Don't forget Myles Blake, the strong safety out of Oregon that alot of people are high on. The Browns have an extreme amount of talent and they paid for it, only $3.13m under the cap, they will have to make this team work. I believe it all teeters on the QB play and offensive line. If they can overachieve then they have a shot.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Coach MOF Commissioner
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Pittsburgh Steelers (7-9) 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 320-253 (.558) 
Team's Overall Record: 337-278-1 (.548)

Commish had a rough season 39 with 6 sim/forfeit losses. He's going to have to be more active if he wants to compete. In the games he did play last season, he beat the Champion Bengals, the Texans, and the Jaguars who were all playoff teams. Commish lost some talent on defense, DT Tuitt and DT Fairley to free-agency and left a need at Defensive Tackle. They went out and signed Justin Ellis from the Raiders. The offensive line of the Steelers is very solid, high 80s across the board. We all know that Big Ben is a great QB, but he's on his last legs at 36 years of age. The last two seasons Commish has had more TD passes than interceptions, something that he is proud of. The signing of Colin Kaepernick is a personal favorite, since he was the first to use the QB back in the day when no one heard of him. DeAngelo Williams retired in the off-season but he was rarely used by Commish, since LeVeon Bell is one of the top backs in the MOF. The drafting of Harlos Dockery will be a nice spell back with some speed. The receivers of the Steelers are a strong point. Some rumors had Martavius Bryant possibly going to Seattle, but the Steelers held onto him and drafted Faysal Roan from Ole Miss and we all know about Antonio Brown. TE Ladarius Green is a solid player as well. Commish had to re-work the defensive line a bit, re-signing Arthur Moats to a 1 year deal, and Justin Ellis to replace Tuitt. Their linebackers is where the money is made. Bud Dupree (86 speed), Travis Feeney (87 speed), Malcolm Smith (84 speed) and last but not least Ryan Shazier (94 speed) are the 4 starters at linebacker. Not to mention the signing of Ty Drayton (84 speed) and rookie Danton Simpkins (87 speed). By far the fastest linebacking corps in the MOF. It will have to be because the secondary is a weak point. The signing of Alterraun Verner and re-signing William Gay helps a bit, but Ross Crockwell and Artie Burns look to be the starters at CB. The Steelers cut Mike Mitchell earlier this week, which opens the door for rookie Marquise Mili to start. The Steelers are one of the most talented teams in the MOF, and if Commish can stay focused and play his games, he has a real chance to knock off the Bengals for the division.

Like i just mentioned if Commish can stay focused he has a chance since he was one of only 2 teams to beat the Bengals last season. The Bengals are obviously the favorite since he is the defending champion, but look for him to have a bit of a hangover. Look for the Browns to be one of the most improved teams, but around the same record since he has a gauntlet of a schedule.

Houston Texans - Coach Latinyank77478

Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Houston Texans (11-5) 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 33 Seattle Seahawks (12-4) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 148-121 (.550) 
Team's Overall Record: 302-318-1 (.487)

Coach Latinyank (Alex) made his way back to the MOF last season with the Houston Texans and he made an impact right away. Finishing 11-5 and making the playoffs. He would lose in the 1st round to the eventual champion Bengals, but overall the season was a success. It's great to have Alex back, and he had a very busy offseason. Signing Devonta Freeman was the prize of free-agency, and Jake Matthews wasn't too shabby too. He did lose alot as well, CJ Fiedorowicz and Johnathan Joseph were key losses, as well as the retirement of Vince Wilfork. The offensive line of the Texans are average, but better than most teams. The addition of Jake Matthews really helps that LT spot that was a problem last season. The QB position will be a toss up between Tony Romo and Geno Smith. We all know Alex tries to play both secretly but knows its unsim to do so. Either way it doesnt matter when you have two star runningbacks in the backfield. Lamar Miller and Devonta Freeman both rated 91 and both have speeds of 92 and 93 respectively. Add the addition of Lorenzo Tallaferro from the Ravens for security, and you have the best backfield in the MOF. Hopkins and Fuller make a good 1 and 2 at WR and the addition of Quincy Enunwa will be a good slot WR. TE isn't a strong point for Houston, but who needs one when you put LT's at TE half the time. The defensive line of the Texans is no joke. JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, and Whitney Mercilus is just not fair. The linebacking corps could use some help with Brian Cushing getting a little older he's starting to lose a step or two. The secondary of the Texans is below average, Andre Hal at safety and Robert Blanton will have to provide over the top help if the corners cannot do their jobs. The Texans are a solid team, especially on the d-line and backfield. That combined with Alex's experience in the MOF all spells division winner. I believe the Texans have a great shot at getting that crown this season.

Indianapolis Colts - Coach Ygold90
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Indianapolis Colts (6-10)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Indianapolis Colts (9-7)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 15-17 (.469)
Team's Overall Record: 305-314 (.493)

Coach YGold90 made his debut 2 seasons ago and won the AFC South. His sophomore season wasn't too sensational to say the least as he finished 6-10 and in 3rd place in the division. The off-season wasn't too busy for the Colts, as they only signed a backup QB in A.J. McCarron. Andrew Luck is coming off an injury but had a solid season with 29 TDs and 21 INTs. The Colts look to bounce back as they drafted RT Jared Dareus out of Auburn with their 1st round pick (14th overall). Their offensive line could use the help, with one of the weakest in the MOF. Their runningbacks are also very weak with their top rated back being 75 overall. Their receivers are decent, leading the way is T.Y. Hilton, adding onto that is Donte Moncrief and Phillip Dorsett. Dwayne Allen rounds out the offense, that isn't very impressive if we must say. Their defensive line is average, with Henry Anderson, Kendall Langford, and Terrance Knighton on the starting line. Their linebackers are also below average with the top rated guy Akeem Ayers at 77 overall. Their corners? You guessed it, below average. The loss of Vontae Davis to Dallas was a huge loss because now their #1 corner is Patrick Robinson who is a 74 overall. TJ Green and Rashawn Lewis-Harris make up for the CB's at Safety, but these guys are hurting for some talent. The Colts do not look very good on paper and that's a shame. Andrew Luck's career is stuck on a bad team, and if i were YGold i'd look to deal Luck for some picks and really make it a rebuild. YGold has shown that he has what it takes to compete in this league, but with the addition of Latinyank to Houston and the emergence of Krayzie in Jacksonville, it's going to be tough without any talent.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Coach Krayzie300
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Jacksonville Jaguars (8-8)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 151-196 (.435) 
Team's Overall Record: 325-295 (.524)

Coach Krayzie300 really came into his own last season going 11-5 and winning the AFC South in what could arguably be his greatest season of his MOF career. Of course it did not end well, with a wild-card loss to the Chiefs, but successful none the less. The Jaguars did not lose much in the off-season, just practice squad player Ty Drayton to the Steelers. They did sign a few guys, one in particular Jason McCourty away from division rival Tennessee. We start with the breakdown of the offensive line of the Jaguars, a little above average with Kelvin Beachum leading the way at LT. Blake Bortles continues to improve as he starts under center. Last season was a little below average for Bortles, who had 35 TDs but also had 37 INTs. The Jaguars will have to limit the mistakes if they want to repeat success this season. The runningback position is impressive for Jacksonville, with T.J. Yeldon, Chris Ivory, and up and coming Corpsy Grant (who has a 96 speed). Receivers are also extremely talented, with Allen Robinson leading the way who had a wonderful season with 2,000+ yards and 19 TDs. Defensive line of the Jags is above average with Fowler Jr. and Malik Jackson. The signing of Nick Fairley gives them depth at DT. Myles Jack and Telvin Smith lead a very young and talented LB corps that will be good for years to come. Jalen Ramsey is a true shutdown corner and Aaron Colvin is a great #2. The addition of Jason McCourty in an already crowed safety depth chart is a good thing along with Cyprien and Huff. The Jaguars have a ton of talent, prob the most talented team in the division by far. Krayzie really knows how to play with these guys, but the question is "are the Jaguars more of a Season 38 team or Season 39?" I think the answer is somewhere in the middle, i never seen Krayzie sustain success in the MOF, so back to back great seasons will be tough for him. We will anticipate Season 40.

Tennessee Titans - Coach Texmexgalvan
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Tennessee Titans (3-13)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Tennessee Titans (8-8)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 64-146-2 (.307) 
Team's Overall Record: 303-319 (.487)

Coach Texmexgalvan is ready to bounce back from his awful Season 39 performance. Season 38 was not a bad one as he finished 8-8 and 1 game back of first place. The Titans did not do too much to improve their squad in the off-season, they did not sign any free-agents worth mention. However they did draft Cornerback DeMarco Irving from Oregon who is touted to be a top CB in a few seasons. Mariota looks to bounce back from his Season 39 which saw a 16 TD and 28 INT performance. The offensive line of the Titans is average, nothing to write home about but not too shabby either with Taylor Lewan leading the squad. DeMarco Murray is still the #1 back in Tennessee but Derrick Henry is on the radar to get some carries as well. The receivers need some help desperately, Rishard Matthews is not a #1 WR but he is here in Tennesee. Pierre Garcon is their #2 and Kendall Wright and Tajae Sharpe round out the receiving corps. Gavin Escobar and Vernon Davis will spit time at TE. The defensive line sees Jurrell Casey as the lone star and everyone else is below average. The linebackers are decent, with Derrick Morgan, Avery Williamson, Wesley Woodyard, and Brian Orakpo. Their secondary also needs some help with 3rd overall pick DeMarco Irving as their #1 corner, which could be great or terrible for his career. Da'Norris Searcy won Safety of the year in Season 39 so he looks to build off that performance. The Titans have a weak team, and they got weaker with the loss of McCourty, so Texmex is going to have to really fight in this division filled with talent. I think he will finish last, but i wouldnt be shocked if he finished around .500 as well.

This was once a very close division between all 4 teams, but now its more of a 2 team race with the Jaguars and Texans. The Colts are a dark horse, but i dont think they have enough talent to compete with Houston or Jacksonville. The Titans are a little messy they are going to need some development. I believe the winner of the head to head battles between Houston and Jacksonville will determine your division winner.

Denver Broncos - Coach BigDre245

Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Denver Broncos (9-7)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Denver Broncos (12-4) *Season 38 Champions*
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 183-89 (.673) 
Team's Overall Record: 332-290 (.534)

BigDre had himself a Superbowl hangover season in Season 39 by going 9-7 after winning it all in Season 38. Some consider 9-7 a successful year but not BigDre. For Dre this was the first time he missed the post-season since Season 35, a big deal. Being in this division has its disadvantages, clearly. The Broncos however re-tooled and re-loaded for Season 40. They made some deals, including acquiring one of the best Tight Ends in the MOF from the Redskins, Jordan Reed. They also acquired Jalen Strong and Tyreek Hill. They did give up Emmanuel Sanders and Bennie Fowler, but they are happy with what they received back. The Broncos lost Ryan Clady a few seasons ago and they havent really replaced him as of yet. Their LT right now is Russell Okung, and he's a shell of Clady. The rest of the line is also very mediocre to say the least so that is something they must address in the upcoming offseason. Paxton Lynch has developed into one of the top QBs in the MOF although last season wasn't so great for Lynch 19 TD / 26 INT. They have runningback by committee in CJ Anderson, Devontae Booker, and newly drafted Cesar Spaeth. Spaeth  has great speed and he might steal the majority of the carries in Denver. The receivers are very good in Denver, leading the pack is veteran Demaryious Thomas. Jalen Strong, Tyreek Hill and rookie Cordaveous Benoit are all quick and agile and sprinkle in Jordan Reed and you have a very dynamic offense. Derek Wolfe is the lone star on the D-line , the rest of the players are average at best. Von Miller obviously is the best LB on the planet right now, and he is a hybrid so you'll see him at DE here and there too. Brandon Marshall at MLB is extremely talented and quick and Shaquil Barrett rounds out the LB corps. Possibly the best cornerbacks in the MOF, Aquib Talib, Chris Harris, and Bradley Roby are all highly rated. Their safeties are Darian Stewart and possibly Ryan Murphy. The Broncos are undoubtedly talented on both sides of the ball. They have some serious players on offense and defense. The problem is the division they are in. You have 3 coaches that have Super Bowl rings, and one that has an undefeated season under his belt. I still think Dre is a playoff team, as far as the division, that will be very tough.


Kansas City Chiefs - Coach Leetpenith
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Kansas City Chiefs (12-4) 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Kansas City Chiefs (6-10) *4-4
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 83-22 (.790) 
Team's Overall Record: 322-281 (.534)

Prestige, honor, respect are three words that come to mind when i think of Coach Leet. Leet returned midway through Season 38 and took over a Kansas City Chiefs squad that he quickly turned into a playoff team last season as he finished 12-4. He eventually fell to Jonesy's Chargers. This off-season was excellent for the Chiefs. They traded away Marcus Peters and Alex Smith for Russell Wilson in a blockbuster unbelievable move. They also acquired Emmanuel Sanders from in-division rival Denver Broncos and Coach Dre. The Chiefs offensive line is not good, plain and simple. It will haunt them this season if they dont fix it immediately. Russell Wilson is great, but if he doesn't have time to throw the ball, it's useless. As far as Wilson, he had a miserable season with Seattle in Season 39 with 51 interceptions. He looks to turn his career around under Coach Leet, and we think he will quick. Jamaal Charles is back at the age of 31 in what will most likely be his last season in Kansas City. Look for Charcandrick West and DeVan Fenderson to get some carries as well since they have fresher legs. The receivers are solid in KC with the addition of Sanders, and Maclin who was already there. Chris Conley is a nice slot receiver with some speed. Travis Kelce is a very good tight end and will provide a nice safety blanket for Wilson. Their defensive line is what most teams are jealous of. Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, and Donatri Poe are perennial all-stars. The signing of Jayrone Elliot from the Packers was a good one as it looks like he will start at LOLB other than that, the LB corps is not very talented, and Leet will have to come up with some schemes to mask their weaknesses. The loss of Marcus Peters puts a hole at CB as Philip Gaines becomes the new #1 corner. Eric Berry and Kenny Vaccaro are excellent safeties and provide some over the top help from their young corners. The Chiefs are a talented team, and with Russell Wilson they are now a dangerous team. I think Leet is in the top tier of coaches in the MOF and he will always be a Super Bowl contender every single season. However i think some of the weaknesses on this team will be his downfall when he goes up against the other elite coaches in the MOF.

Oakland Raiders - Coach CheeferD
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Baltimore Ravens (4-4) *Left mid-season
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Baltimore Ravens (16-0)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 152-98 (.608) 
Team's Overall Record: 289-318 (.476)

Coach Cheefer has himself the greatest season of his career back in Season 38 when he went 16-0 with the Baltimore Ravens. He did lose in the divisional round of the playoffs, and from there things went downhill in Baltimore. Last season Cheefer went 4-4 before announcing his retirement and gave up the Ravens and rode off into the sunset. However he regretted his decision after his MUT cheese league started to become stale. Cheefer was coaxed back into the MOF but the Ravens were not available any longer, so the Raiders were his team now. Some say that's a flawed system, I say Cheefer shouldnt've quit in the first place. Anywho, the Raiders did not have a busy off-season. Not signing anyone of significance and just simply using the draft as their free-agency. Cortez McCauley was the 2nd overall pick in the draft and it was a good one, you can build a defense around this man. The Raiders o-line is average, they have some great lineman and some bad ones. Osemele is a great lineman, but Jon Asamoah is not a great LT. Sam Hastings was a blue chip rookie last season, his numbers were not excellent (19 TD / 27 INT) but its something to build off. Latavius Murray is still the #1 back in Oakland and i expect him to have a real big year under Coach Cheefer and his stretch plays. Cooper and Crabtree are a great 1/2 punch at receiver, and Clive Walford is a very good tight end for young Sam Hastings. Their defensive line is average to say the least, with the loss of Justin Ellis and Jihad Ward, they are left with Dan Williams at DT and Carl Bradford at DE. Khalil Mack is the best player on the defense, maybe even the team. Bruce Irvin is a solid MLB, and we should see McCauley starting somewhere as well. Bogan and Amerson are a great tandem at CB and Joseph and Nelson round out the safeties who are also very solid. The Raiders have a solid team, thats the best way to put it. They definitley have the talent to compete, however they are in the best division maybe the MOF has ever seen. Cheefer needs to stay focused or he could easily lose double digit games. If he can stay focused, he could win the division. That all depends on his MUT habits.

San Diego Chargers WLJones228
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 San Diego Chargers (15-1)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 San Diego Chargers (12-4)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 42-7 (.857) 

Team's Overall Record: 291-326 (.472)

Jonesy has turned into the juggernaut of the MOF. His 40-9 young career record speaks for itself, including a Super Bowl title and an undefeated season he looks to continue his success in Season 40. Last season was disappointing for Jonesy as he lost in the AFC Championship to the Bengals, the season before he was blown out by BigDre in the AFC Championship as well. Will three times be the charm? The Chargers literally lost NOBODY of significance this season, they just retooled. Their offensive line is not rated very good, but Jonesy shows that numbers don't matter. Their top rated lineman is rookie De'Ondre Wesley, everyone else is under 80. Johnny Manziel returns coming off his MOF MVP award but with competition. Jared Goff was acquired from the Rams in the off-season to be the emergency backup. DJ Drake returns to split carries with Melvin Gordon in a very above average backfield. Keenan Allen, Breshard Perriman, and Travis Benjamin complete a very speedy receiving tandem that will make defensive coordinators sweat. Don't forget TE Hunter Henry who is also one of the fastest TE's in the league. The defensive line of the Chargers is one of their strongest points. Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram are two beasts don't forget Corpsy Luiget at Nose Tackle. Their linebackers are young and fast (are you seeing a trend here?) Jatavis Brown, Denzel Perryman, and Jeremiah Attaochu are the projected starters. Every player in the secondary has a speed of 90 or above. Jason Verrett is the #1 corner and Evans and Brice round out the safeties. Speed, speed, speed. That's all that matters to Jonesy. He will sign a 43 rated corner with 95 speed over a 95 rated corner with 88 speed. This is his game, and maybe the rest of the league should follow suit. Jonesy will be in the playoffs, and he will be right there when its said and done. Whenever he loses its an upset, he's on top of the league right now and i'd be shocked if he didnt win the division.

Best division of all-time. I believe we will see 3 playoff teams coming out of this division, and if there could be 4, i think they'd all be there. The Chargers are my pick to win the division, but it could be any of the big three, Denver, KC, or SD. Those are my playoff teams. If Cheefer can get off to a hot start, he could swap places with Dre.  


Dallas Cowboys - Coach Qpeezy35

Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Dallas Cowboys (13-3)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Dallas Cowboys (10-6)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 237-151 (.611) 
Team's Overall Record: 341-277 (.552)

My man Q comes into Season 40 with two straight playoff appearances as Cowboys coach. Last season was a great one for Q, as he finished with the #1 overall seed in the NFC. However the playoffs have not been too kind for Coach Qpeezy, as he fell two seasons in a row in his first game. The off-season wasn't too busy for Dallas, but it was a solid one. Signing CB Vontae Davis from the Colts, and TE CJ Fiedorowicz from Houston were his two big signings. The pick of DT Markus Poindexter in the first round should soften the blow of losing Snacks Harrison in the off-season. The offensive line of the Cowboys is the strongest in the MOF. 3 of the 5 starters are rated in the 90s and that's just unfair, Tyron Smith is a 99 overall, Travis Frederick is a 95 and Zack Martin is also a 95. I think my grandmother could run behind these guys. Dak Prescott had himself a wonderful year as the full-time starter of the Cowboys last season. He had 26 TDs to 19 INTs and was named MOF NFC QB of the Year. Ezekiel Elliot leads the backfield that sees some young talent and speed all over. There were some talks of Dez Bryant being moved in the off-season but Coach Q decided to stick with Dez, and that is probably a smart move. We all remember when Q traded Antonio Brown a few seasons ago, to Buffalo and he never was able to replace him. Jermaine Kerase and Terrance Williams are nice compliments to Dez. Fiedorowicz takes over as Jason Witten signed with Trev and the Ravens. The defensive line is very young for Dallas with the average age at about 26. Tyrone Crawford looks to take over for Snacks Harrison in the starting DT role, but expect to see newly drafted Poindexter as well. Jaylon Smith leads a talented linebacking squad that also sees Aldon Smith and Braxton Gilliam on the ends. The signing of Vontae Davis was a huge one as he takes over as the #1 corner in town, and Scandrick goes into the #2 spot. Barry Chruch and Byron Jones are your projected safties. We can't forget to mention Dan Bailey who had one of the best seasons a kicker has ever had in the MOF. He nailed 38 out of 39 FGs and 40 for 40 on XPs. That's 154 points only 4 points off the MOF Single season record. The Cowboys are the class of the NFC East. The talent on the line, and on offense is really hard to compete with. Couple that with a newly crowned Hall of Fame coach in Qpeezy, and you have a recipe for success.

New York Giants - Coach Natureboy
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 New York Giants (5-11) 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 New York Giants (4-11-1) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 30-67-1 (.311) 
Team's Overall Record: 309-307-2 (.502)

Coach Natureboy comes into Season 40 with a not so impressive career record. He has a .311 winning percentage, and the last two seasons have not been kind to the Giants and Coach Natureboy. The G-men were not extremely active in the off-season but they filled some needs with adding Patrick Lewis from the Bills and Bobby Massie from the Bears. They also drafted Asher Darche from Stanford with the 7th overall pick, a player who should have an immediate impact on this defense. The offensive line of the Giants took a hit when they lost Justin Pugh to the in-division rival Redskins. The right side of the line could use some help, with Massie and Ducasse in the starting roles. Ereck Flowers and Weston Richburg are the bright spots of the line. The drafting of Lucky Wohlabaugh from Wisconsin could prove beneficial if they move him to tackle. Eli Manning was actually benched last season for rookie Rich Spear out of Texas A&M, Spear threw 36 interceptions and did not have a great season. Eli looks to remain on the bench however, and Spear looks to have a better sophomore season. The Giants only have 2 halfbacks on the roster with Orleans Darwka and Mack Mayo. That's surprising and not a very good sign. Both backs are below average. Odell Beckham Jr. is obviously one of the top receivers in the MOF and he's really the only threat they have on offense. Shepard is a good #2. Tight End is also a trouble spot for the Giants, as Joseph Fauria and Will Tye look to split time. The Giants defensive line is still very talented with JPP, Olivier Vernon, and Johnathan Hankins leading the way. The signing of Kevin Pierre-Louis will help a thin LB squad, that sees some speed but very young talent. The Giants have a lot of defensive backs, Janoris Jenkins is the #1 CB and Eli Apple is the #2. Wilcox and Landon Collins round out the safety position. The Giants need work on offense there's no doubt about that. Beckham is their only real threat and defenses know this. If the Giants want to turn things around, it starts with some offensive weapons.

Philadelphia Eagles - Enzo
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Philadelphia Eagles (4-12) *3-6 as replacement
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 36 Carolina Panthers (4-12)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 32-52 (.381)
Team's Overall Record: 289-330 (.467)

The Eagles have had a high coach turnover rate the past few seasons. From MRosado to Dacode10, and now to Enzo, the Eagles are now in good hands. Enzo took over last season at 1-6 and finished the season 3-6. The off-season was a little tough for Philadelphia as both of their RBs retired in Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles. Of course they took care of that by signing Adrian Peterson to a 2 year deal. Brent Celek also retired on the Eagles, and they did not technically replace him. The offensive line of the Eagles is a little weak with their top rated lineman being Lane Johnson at RT. They have three decent centers, so we expect one or two of them to maybe play a different spot on the line. Carson Wentz had some sparks of brilliance last season, but overall he had 33 interceptions which isn't ideal. We expect those numbers to improve with a full season of Enzo at Coach. As we mentioned before the signing of Adrian Peterson fills the hole that was left when Mathews and Sproles retired. They also drafted Aramide Foreman out of UConn in the 7th round which could have been the steal of the draft. Jordan Matthews and Dorial Green-Beckham are the 1 and 2 WR on the roster, with Nelson Agholor being a very nice slot guy. The loss of Celek really wont matter since Zach Ertz is the clear cut starter anyway. Wayne Ebron was the first round pick of the Eagles, out of Alabama and looks to start at LE. Fletcher Cox is obviously back and at RE, and Bennie Logan rounds out a solid defensive line, at DT. The linebackers in Philly are also pretty solid with Graham, Bradham, Kendricks and Barwin being a very nice squad. Cornerback is definitely the weakest part of the team, with the #1 being Deantre Combs, they will definitely need safety help and its a good thing they have McLeod and Jenkins to help out. Enzo is always a tricky coach to figure out. He could come out and win 10 games or come out and win 4. The Eagles are going in the right direction but i still think they are a season away. I'm not sure if Peterson is going to stay healthy for him, and that offensive line definitely needs some help. The corners are gonna be beat up in this division and its going to be tough to deal with Dallas and Washington.

Washington Redskins - Coach NYRedskins35
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Washington Redskins (9-7) 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Washington Redskins (10-6) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 293-138 (.680)
Team's Overall Record: 377-245 (.606)

Coach Betts and the Redskins are like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots. The Redskins earned the #6 seed last season but were knocked off by the Saints. He looks to re-tool after a solid off-season once again. Signing Johnathan Joseph, TJ Ward, Justin Pugh were all solid signings. The Redskins lost Tight End Jordan Reed in a trade, but signed Dion Sims to replace him. The offensive line of the Redskins is strong. Trent Williams leads the way at Left Tackle and the newly signed Justin Pugh solidifies the left side. They could use some help at Center, but Brandon Scherff and Morgan Moses are also solid on the right side. Kirk Cousins is back after an un-Betts like season with 22 TDs and 23 INTs. I expect him to comeback strong without the shadow of Jimmy Garoppolo waiting in the wings. Matt Jones leads a young backfield, and should get most of the carries coming off two great seasons back to back. Unlike Betts, there is no clear #1 WR on this team. They made a trade for Bennie Fowler, and on paper Jamison Crowder is their #1 but with speedy weapons they are dangerous wherever any of these receivers line up. The Redskins also decided to go stronger with blocking at TE when they traded Jordan Reed and signed Dion Sims. The Skins also signed Timmy Jernigan away from the Ravens to start at LE, along with Michael Brockers and Chris Baker they have an above average d-line. Linebacker is the strongest point of the defense with Ryan Kerrigan, NaVorro Bowman, and Preston Smith at the starting positions. The secondary is also very good in Washington, with the signing of Joseph he and Josh Norman make one of the best 1/2 punches at CB in the league. The loss of DeAngelo Hall to retirement opened the door to sign TJ Ward and the trade for Earl Thomas last season makes these guys excellent at safety. The Redskins have a lot of talent on defense there's no question there. Their running game is excellent as well, their passing game could use some help but i think these guys have enough to be a playoff team and if they can figure out their passing attack, they have a shot at the division too.

The NFC East is always a fun division whenever Qpeezy and Betts are involved. Those are the two favorites, obviously, to get that division crown and the other is most likely a wild-card team. The Eagles are a special case, like i said, you never know what Enzo is going to bring to the table. I do think he is a season away but they could upset some teams this season. The Giants are the least talented team and they are in rebuilding mode.


Chicago Bears - Coach Aaronpgh13

Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Chicago Bears (12-4) 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Chicago Bears (7-9) *1-2 as replacement 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 80-48 (.625)
Team's Overall Record: 357-263-1 (.576)

Coach Aaronpgh13 came back at the end of Season 38 and went 1-2 with the Bears. He re-tooled the team in the off-season and last season made it all the way to the big dance. He fell short to the Bengals but getting to the Super Bowl in just 1 off-season was very impressive. The Bears made some moves in the off-season this season too, picking up Ronnie Hillman from Minnesota and De'Anthony Thomas from the Chiefs. They drafted LeVeon Wharton who will probably be the rookie of the year with that speed. The offensive line of the defending NFC Champions is a little below average with the best lineman being Josh Sitton at LT. Other than that they are young and in developement. Brock Osweiler looks to be the starting QB once again coming off a solid season with 19 TD and 15 INT. The Bears don't throw the ball that much so Brock is more of a game manager. Jeremy Langford and rookie LeVeon Wharton look to split time, also Ronnie Hillman im sure will grab some carries too. Their running game is very strong, and that will be a problem for other teams. Brandin Cooks is entering his 2nd season in Chicago as the #1 WR and KR/PR. Kevin White, DeAnthony Thomas and the other receivers on this team are all very quick and going to be tough to cover. Tigh End is a little underrated for Chicago since Zach Miller retired in the off-season, but they dont seem to mind as they didnt address that need in the off-season. McPhee leads a solid d-line that also includes Randy Gregory and Jonathan Bullard. Speed is the name of the game at LB for Chicago as they send out PJ Dawson, Leonard Floyd, and Christian Jones at the starting positions (WhO?) Kyle Fuller is the #1 CB with Marcus Burley and Jalen Mills splitting at #2. Adrian Amos is at FS and it looks like Deon Bush or Davon Worrell will start at SS. These guys are going to be called "San Diego North" soon because they are turning their team into speed demons as well. Speed speed speed. Thats all that seems to matter with some coaches and it obviously works since Chicago was a super bowl team last season. Chicago is a top team in the NFC with a lot of talent, and i expect them to be battling for the division and NFC crown.

Detroit Lions - Coach Sweettaz1
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Detroit Lions (6-10) 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Detroit Lions (5-11) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 19-45 (.297)
Team's Overall Record: 313-310 (.502)

Coach Sweetaz's last two seasons here coaching Detroit have not been successful. He's in a tough division, there's no question about that, but to improve you must make your team better. The Lions did not make any moves of significance in the off-season and he has $44.63M of cap space. That's just insane. They lost DT Haloti Ngata and they only improved via the draft. We start with the offensive line breakdown. The line of the Lions is really not that bad. They could use some help at LG, but other than that, they are better than most teams in the MOF with three guys rated in the 80s. Matthew Stafford is a very good QB and will have to improve on his 31 interceptions from a season ago, if these guys want to have any shot at making a run. Theo Riddick looks to be the starting RB on paper, but Ameer Abdullah will also see some carries in a pretty decent backfield. Golden Tate and Marivn Jones Jr. are good receivers that should provide some nice weapons for Stafford. They lack speed which is the name of the game here, so that could be a problem down the line. Eric Ebron is one of the better all-around Tight Ends in the MOF as well. The Lions are stacked at DE with Staley and Ezekiel Ansah manning the ends. The loss of Ngata hurts but they have A'Shawn Robinson in the starting role now. The linebackers are also decent for the Lions, with Tahir Whitehead and the speedy DeAndre Levy. Darius Slay is a shutdown corner, but they could use some help in that department. Their secondary overall is a little weak and that could be their downfall. The Lions have talent on both sides of the ball, but not doing anything in the off-season is really making me confused. With all that cap room and nothing to show for it, the Lions remain a mystery to me. In this division, with Green Bay and Chicago, you need all the help you can get.

Green Bay Packers - Coach Lhu27
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Green Bay Packers (12-4) 
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Green Bay Packers (10-6) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 137-82-1 (.625)
Team's Overall Record: 304-317 (.490)

Coach Lhu27 is back to prime form after an NFC Championship appearance last season. It looks like he has finally returned to MOF HOF form, the way we know he can play. Of course he fell last season to the Bears in the title game, and the season before in the divisional round. So that means theres only 1 more step forward! The Packers didn't sign anyone of significance in the off-season, just reworked their team in the draft. They did lose some big pieces in Jordy Nelson, Julius Peppers, and Mason Crosby. Not to mention Jayrone Elliot an up and coming LB. The Packers offensive line is in need of some LT upgrading. The rest of their line is pretty solid, but the LT is the weakest part of the squad. Aaron Rodgers is arguably the best QB in the MOF and the season he had in Season 39 (29 TD / 25 INT) will only get better this season. Shawn Ruffin looks to take over the starting RB role as he was drafted 30th overall from Ole Miss. He has good speed and can catch the football out of the backfield. The loss of Jordy Nelson will definitely hurt their receiving corps but Cobb and Adams will have to pick up the slack. Mix in Ty Montgomery and you have a pretty decent tandem without Nelson. Dont leave out Richard Rodgers, he is one of the most underrated TEs in the MOF. The defensive line of the packers is solid, with Mike Daniels leading the way. Isreal Burfict is a young and upcoming DT and Kenny Clark had a breakout season with 10 sacks last season. Clay Matthews leads a very talented LB squad that includes Jake Ryan and Nick Perry. Don't forget the newly drafted Cleon Monty who should see some time as well. Sam Shields avoided free-agency and was re-signed by Dolan, team him up with Quinten Rollins and you have a good 1/2 at CB. Clinton-Dix and Burnett round out arguably the best safety tandem in the MOF. The Packers are very good, especially on defense. Dolan knows what he's doing on both sides of the ball and will be one of the favorites to win the whole thing this season. It will be interesting to see him go up against those Bears twice this season.

Minnesota Vikings - Coach BigReg
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Minnesota Vikings (8-8)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Minnesota Vikings (7-8-1)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 21-24-1 (.467)
eam's Overall Record: 260-354-4 (.423)

BigReg is back for his 3rd season in Madden '17 with the Minnesota Vikings. He improved by 1 game last season, and we know thats not enough in this league or this division. He did sign Ryan Kalil which was a big deal for them, but he also lost Adrian Peterson and Everson Griffen which are pretty big losses. The Vikes also lost Sam Bradford, but he was only a backup. The offensive line of the Vikings got a couple upgrades in Ryan Kalil and Marcus Cannon. Ontop of Matt Kalil and Shawn LeBlanc these guys have a pretty strong line that should help their QB and RB have some time to throw and run. Teddy Bridgewater is ready to make his return to greatness after a terrible season 39 where he threw 32 interceptions to just 15 touchdowns. Don't count out RG3 who's waiting in the wings if something happens to Bridge. The Vikes lost AP to free-agency but they drafted a stud named Carlos Kaiser out of Louisville. He is a speed back and should get the majority of the carries. Don't forget about Jerick McKinnon who will also see some time in the backfield as well. Stefon Diggs returns as the Vikes #1 WR , behind him is Laquon Treadwell and Coradarrelle Patterson. Kyle Rudolph is one of the better TEs in the league but behind him is Maxx Williams who is also very good and a little quicker, and behind both of them is McCoyle Pruitt who is quicker than the other two. So there is some good depth here at TE. At DE the loss of Everson Griffen will be felt, but Danielle Hunter should be ready to take the reigns as the DL leader. The drafting of Frank Clark should also help with the transition. Linval Joseph is a force up front too. Anthony Barr is one of the best OLBs in the MOF and he is helped by Sean Lee who had a great Season 39 and Eric Kendricks who round out a very good LB squad. The Vikes are a little weak at CB with Xavier Rhodes being the #1 , they have to hope the safety help really does help against teams like Chicago and Green Bay. The safties Harrison Smith and C.J. Fudge are another great tandem. So far BigReg's career has been hovering around .500 and this season probably wont be too much different. He is in a tough division but he has a talented team that could win some games. That usually spells .500 to me.

Chicago and Green Bay are your two teams to watch out for in this division. Both of these guys have the ability to go all the way and come home with a ring. It will be fun to see them duke it out for the division title. The Vikings are on the cusp and if things can go their way they might be able to sneak into a wild-card. The Lions are about a season or two away, but they do have some good talent as well.


Atlanta Falcons - Coach Trigrdan
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Atlanta Falcons (8-8)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Atlanta Falcons (9-7)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 246-194 (.559)
Team's Overall Record: 299-322-1 (.482)

Trig is two seasons removed from a Super Bowl appearance where he lost to the Broncos. Last season was not a typical Trigrdan season, as he finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs. The Falcons however had a busy off-season, signing Duke Williams and losing a bunch of talent. Devonta Freeman, Jake Matthews, Kemal Ismael and Ra-Shede Hageman to name a few. They did most of the addressing in the draft and we think they might have helped themselves out. The loss of Jake Matthews hurts, because now they have Dalton Tomczak, rookie out of Texas, carrying that load and that's alot for a rookie. Andy Levitre, ALex Mack, Earl Watford, and Ryan Schraeder round out the rest of an offensive line that is aging but still solid. Matt Ryan, obviously is back after a 37 Touchdown season.. but also a 32 interception season. He will have to get those interception numbers down if they want to be better than 8-8 this season. At halfback the reigns go to Tevin Coleman and newly drafted Mike Bradshaw (96 speed) out of SMU. The loss of Freeman stings but instead of paying him, they decided to draft Bradshaw and go with Coleman. Its nice to have these kinds of options. At receiver, obviously Julio Jones is the #1 an all-world receiver. Under him is Mohamed Sanu, and Jeff Janis. Crockett Gillmore is at TE for Atlanta and had a solid season for Trig last season. At LE is converted LB Brooks Reed, RE you have Rashawn Session, and at DT Grady Jarrett. In a sub-par defensive line. Vic Beasley is the best linebacker on the team, with the best speed. Other than that, there is age and slowlness everywhere and it starts with Lawrence Timmons who is on the back 9 of his career. Desmond Trufant is a blue chip CB who can cover anyone in the MOF. Losing Ismael will hurt the safety position a little but we're told Duke Williams will probably move over to FS. The Falcons and Coach Trig are another one of those tricky teams. He could easily win 10 games or he could go 8-8 again. The team has some obviously holes on defense and thats going to be a problem when you're trying to stop the Saints in this division. I would be surprised if he won the division, but wouldnt be surprised if he snuck in as a wild-card.

Carolina Panthers - Coach Dpanther95
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Carolina Panthers (5-11)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Carolina Panthers (6-10)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 133-256 (.342)
Team's Overall Record: 297-324-1 (.478)

Dpanther is entering his 3rd full season of M17 with the Carolina Panthers. His first two seasons have not been great, finishing 6-10 and 5-11 but he continues on and tries to improve his team. He did not make any significant moves in free-agency basically because they do not have any cap room to spare. So Dpanther had to improve via the draft. They did lose LT Ryan Kalil which is a big deal, but having Michael Oher should be an okay replacement. Speaking of the offensive line, Andrew Norwell, Gino Gradkowski, Trai Turner, and Gage Tartt round out the rest of them and these guys arent bad. This is a pretty good line considering whats out there in the MOF. Cam Newton of course is Cam Newton, but he had a down season with 31 picks and just 20 touchdowns. He will need to improve that greatly this season. Their running game is very young and filled with guys you really haven't heard of like Antwan Sanders, Cameron Artis-Payne, Gabe Shotwell, and C.J. Green-Ellis. The receivers are led by Kelvin Benjamin who is a #1 on any team in the MOF, Devin Funchess is a nice #2 and Joe Sepulveda provides some speed out of the slot. Tight End Greg Olsen is back for another year and is ready to contribute. Besides Kawann Short, the defensive line of the Panthers is nothing to get excited about. Charles Johnson is getting older, and will probably be replaced by newly drafted Sanchez Gaston who is out of Texas. Luke Kuechly is a star at MLB and is surrounded by some good speed with Shaq Thompson and AJ Klein. The Corners are average with Bene Benwikere being the #1 and James Bradbery being the #2. Tre Boston and Kurt Coleman round out the safety position on a telnted defense. The Panthers have talent everywhere, Cam Newton can make things happen, and Luke Kuechly is arguably the best defensive player in the MOF. However Dpanther's struggles continue, we always hope that he can turn that corner one season and really make a run at it but he hasn't yet. Maybe this will be the season?

New Orleans Saints - Coach DoubleD187
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 New Orleans Saints (11-5)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season:
Season 38 New Orleans Saints (9-7) *8-4 as replacement
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 19-9 (.679)
Team's Overall Record: 336-284 (.542)

The Saints look like they finally got some stability for the first time in a few seasons in Coach DoubleD187. DoubleD took over season 38 and took the 1-6 Saints to a 9-7 record and into the playoffs. Very impressive to say the least. In his first full season in the MOF he won the NFC South and finished 11-5 before being knocked out by the eventual NFC Champions. The Saints weren't very busy in the off-season, not losing a single player of significance and signing RT King Dunlap from the Rams. The offensive line of the Saints is decent. Terron Armstead is the leader at LT. Carson Fowler, Max Unger, Leonard Whitted, and King Dunlap round out the strong line of the Saints. Drew Brees is entering what many think to be his last season at the age of 39. The Saints believe to have found his replacement in Tanner Kinne who is waiting in the wings for a shot but the solid season Brees had (25 TD, 19 INT) he's going to have to wait one more season at least. Eddie Lacy was signed last season but it looks like Knile Davis might get the starting job since he does have better footwork. Expect to see Dri Archer here and there too, the speedy wonder. The Saints also traded Brandin Cooks last season for Alshon Jeffrey in what many think was a bad move, nevertheless Jeffrey is a great receiver and Willie Snead and Michael Thomas are good compliments. Coby Fleener heads a good TE tandem with Josh Hill. Cameron Jordan is coming off his MOF NFC Defensive MVP award at LE. Paul Kruger, Sheldon Rankins, and David Onyemata round out the rest of the solid defensive line of the Saints. Linebacker is a weakness of the Saints, especially after the Miles Killebrew scandal that forced him back to Strong Safety after some league sanctions. Stephone Anthony looks like the best linebacker on the team and he's rated a 79. Nigel Brackens and Arthur Brown are the other two starters. The Saints have three strong cornerbacks in Delvin Breaux, P.J. Williams, and Prince Amukamara. Vonn Bell, and Miles Killebrew are the two safties with Jamaal Hilton backing them up. The Saints are an extremely talented team and loaded at almost every position. Linebacker might be an issue after the Killebrew scandal, but other than that these guys should continue to dominate the NFC South.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Coach Jfon
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-8) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 184-198 (.482)
Team's Overall Record: 297-310 (.489)

Good ole' Jfon is back again with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The last two seasons have been mediocre or as we call it "Jfon-ish". Flirting with .500 is something that Jfon loves to do. It doesn't matter if he startes off 1-5, or 7-0, he always seems to finish 8-8. Last season though he finished 7-9 and had a very disappointing season. The off-season was full of movement for Jfon who made a trade and let go of some guys that we were surprised to see go. The signing of RT Joe Barksdale from the Rams helps out an offensive line that is average to say the least. Donovan Smith at LT is below league average at an 81. Ali Marpet is the highest rated lineman at 82, so the Bucs are going to have to figure out a way to help out this line. Jameis Winston returns for another season, last season he threw 22 interceptions to just 16 touchdowns and we know Bucs brass is starting to get frustrated with those numbers. So Winston's time might be numbered in South Florida. Charles Sims was let go in the off-season so that paves the way for Doug Martin to get the majority of the carries in the backfield. The Bucs also have Karlos Williams and Reshard Carney to split some of the load. Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson are one of the best WR tandems in the MOF. Don't forget the trade for Braxton Miller to get some speed at slot. Austin Seferian-Jenkins is one of the up and coming TEs in the MOF. The defensive line is a bit above average with Gerald McCoy manning the middle, and William Gholston and Robert Ayers at the ends. Junior Galette looks to be the LOLB, Kwon Alexander at MLB, and the great Lavonte David at ROLB rounds up a very good linebacking corps. The loss of Brent Grimes to retirement and Alterraun Verner to the Steelers left a little bit of a hole at CB for Tampa as Vernon Hargreaves now takes over as the #1 CB on the team. Jarrett and McDougald are at safety in a below average secondary. The Bucs are all or nothing usually, thats how Jfon rolls. He has some concerns, but he also has some solid players on this team. I look for him to challenge for 2nd place, but i dont think he's ready to dethrone the Saints just yet.

The Falcons used to be the top team in this division until DoubleD187 came along. Now the Saints own the top spot and i dont see any team knocking him off in the near future. The Falcons and Bucs are very similar and the Panthers are just a step behind those two teams. Look for the Saints to possibly be the division winner with the largest amount of space between 1st and 2nd.

Arizona Cardinals - Coach Pettigrew95

Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Arizona Cardinals (9-7)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Arizona Cardinals (8-8) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 144-79 (.646)
Team's Overall Record: 241-379 (.389)

Pettigrew had a better Season 39 than he did 38. He only won 1 more game than he did in Season 38, but he won the NFC West. There's no doubt that Pettigrew isnt the same coach he was last edition of Madden, and that might be the Arizona Challenge curse coming to haunt him. They come into this season with QB issues. Carson Palmer retired in the off-season and that forced them to sign Sam Bradford, yikes. Protecting him will be easy on the left side as you have Jared Veldheer and Mike Iupati. From center to RT its a little weak. Donald Heiden, Alfy Cherry, and D.J. Humphries rounds out the line. As we mentioned above Sam Bradford is your starter in Arizona, but i have a feeling he wont be the starter by Week 4 or 5 since the Cardinals have 5 QBs on their roster. But who needs a QB when you have David Johnson. The reigning MOF NFC MVP he is coming back after a huge Season 39 where he had 1400 yards rushing and 14 touchdowns. John Brown is the top WR on the team following Fitzgerald's retirement last season. Michael Floyd is right with John Brown and Jaron Brown looks like to be the slot guy. Jermaine Gresham is at Tight End is a nice target for Pettigrew and Sam Bradford. The D-line of the Cardinals is very solid with Calais Campbell leading the way. Newly signed Stephon Tuitt will start at DT and Akiem Hicks will be the #2. Chandler Jones and Deone Bucannon are speedy Linebackers and great cover guys.  ROLB will be a bit of a question mark but if i had to guess , Joey McAllister will get the start. Patrick Peterson is one of the top CBs in the MOF and Tyrann Mathieu is one of the best safeties in the MOF, creating a great 1/2 punch in the secondary. The Cardinals have a big problem at QB, Sam Bradford is definitely not the answer and he needs to address this issue asap before the season gets away from him. The Cardinals have a chance to win the division, but i think if Bradford stays the starter, they wont.

Los Angeles Rams - Coach Kalikarpenter
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Los Angeles Rams (8-8)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Los Angeles Rams (7-9)
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 39-41 (.488)
Team's Overall Record: 294-329 (.472)

Coach Kali returns for his 3rd season in LA and this season he looks to get over that hump and into the playoffs, and he has the squad to do so. The Rams were very busy in the off-season making some trades, getting rid of some contracts and drafting some good players. Kali got rid of Tavon Austin and Jared Goff, but gained Jimmy Garoppolo and Jihad Ward to name a few. They drafted Shawn Carman out of Oklahoma to help with their offensive line issues, guard and center is an issue but tackles are average. They need some good play out of these guys to compete here. As we mentioned Jared Goff was traded in the off-season and Jimmy Garoppolo was signed as the starting QB. Garoppolo spent the last two seasons as a backup in Washington. Todd Gurley looks to split time this season with newly drafted Moses Batten from Delaware who has great speed. Receiver is a big weakness on this team, especially after the loss of Tavon Austin. It looks like Malcolm Walls will be the #1, and Amari Williams will be the #2.. who? Tight end is not much better with Lance Kendricks the starter for now. The defensive line of the Rams is one of the best in the MOF. Aaron Donald is hands down the best DT in the MOF and Robert Quinn is one of the top ends as well. William Hayes, the LE isn't to shabby either. The Rams also signed Jihad Ward from the Raiders to rotate in. The linebacker position could use some upgrades too, as the best LB on the team looks to be Alec Ogeltree, converted Safety Mark Barron is at ROLB and either Gussie Tamme or CJ Scott will be at LOLB. The secondary of the Rams is also very below average. #1 CB is Trumaine Johnson, EJ Gaines is the #2, and at safety they are also weak here too with Jordan Kinder and TJ McDonald as the projected starters. The Rams have some weaknesses, on paper they could be one of the least talented teams in the MOF, but Kali has a way about him. I believe they have enough to compete for the division title. The running game and defensive line will win games all by themselves in some instances, and he's in the right division to shock some people.

San Francisco 49ers - Coach Sawemoff420
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 San Francisco 49ers (4-12) *2-3 as replacement
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Rookie
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 2-3 (.400)
Team's Overall Record: 332-290 (.534)

The 49ers are starting to turn into the Saints with new coaches up and down. Season 38 first was Astro2trill, then Cdubb, then last season Cdubb left and Sawemoff420 took over. What's funny is that through only 5 games Sawemoff420 had more success with the 49ers than the other two coaches combined! 2-3 isn't something to stop the press for, but with this team, it is. The 49ers were extremely busy in the off-season, only losing QB Colin Kaepernick to the Steelers, they went out and grabbed Alan Branch, Devon Kennard, Kemal Ishmael and Jace Amaro to name a few. Don't forget the drafting that was very good too. LT Nick Andrews was their 2nd round pick and looks like he will get the start there, and hopefully he can develop quick. The rest of the offensive line is putrid, with the highest rated lineman being a 79. Derek Carr looks to start his 2nd season here in San Francisco , and hopefully he has a better season than last where he threw 16 interceptions to only 15 touchdowns and coming off an injury. Carlos Hyde will get the majority of the carries in the backfield, with 2nd year man JaMichael Spruill getting some carries as well. DeSean Jackson returns for what could be his last season in the MOF as the #1 WR on the team. Markus Wheaton is a nice #2 and the quickly declining Torrey Smith is your slot guy. The signing of Jace Amaro at TE will push Vance McDonald to produce a little bit better than he did last season (40 Rec, 496 Yds, 2 TD). The defensive line of the 49ers is actually above average with DeForest Buckner, Aaron Lynch, and the newly signed Alan Branch. Linebacker has always been a strong point of the 49ers, well not this season. Devon Kennard was a great signing because he takes over at LOLB. Stephen Tulloch is getting older but will be the starter at MLB, and we're not really sure what they are doing at ROLB but it looks like Sean Porter will get the starting job. The secondary is also a mess in San Francisco. The #1 CB is #5 overal pick, Shamell Myles who will be a star, unless he gets lit up left and right which we expect. Eric Reid is an underrated safety and should have a decent season, and Kemal Ishmael although a good pick, shouldn't be a starter. The 49ers are a mess, we know this. Coach Sawemoff420 is doing his best to rebuild this franchise the best he can, and it's challenging, but fun. We wish him the best, but we know that its going to be ugly.

Seattle Seahawks - Coach Bubbaduran07
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 39 Seattle Seahawks (6-10)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 38 Seattle Seahawks (10-6) 
Coaches Overall Regular Season Record: 77-67 (.535)
Team's Overall Record: 334-284-2 (.540)

Bubbaduran has turned this Seattle Seahawk team upside down to put it nicely. Seattle was this close to rioting after they traded Russell Wilson to the Chiefs for Marcus Peters and Alex Smith... then cutting Alex Smith, what!? What a shocking turn of events as they drafted QB Everett Tripp out of Ole Miss to be the #1 guy in Seattle. Well who will be protecting him? The offensive line of Seattle could be the absolute worst in the MOF. The highest rated guy, well its 2 guys rated at 77 Mark Glowinksi and Germain Ifedi. Yeah we had to google them too. As we mentioned above, Everett Tripp will be the starter going into the season, which might be a huge mistake... why cut Alex Smith when he could've been your back up? Anyway.. Thomas Rawls will be at RB along with CJ Prosise and Philip Alexander because they also let Christine Michael walk too. Doug Baldwin is a true #1 WR and the trade for Tavon Austin was very smart in addition to Tyler Lockett and you have yourself a very nice receiving corps. Jimmy Graham is an excellent TE and huge target in the endzone for Tripp if he can have the time to throw it. Defense is Seattle's bread and butter. Michael Bennet, Cliff Avril, and Jarran Reed make up an excellent defensive line. Bobby Wagner leads a linebacking team of Shane Ray and KJ Wright that can rival almost any linebacking corps in the MOF. Of course Richard Sherman is one of the best CBs in the game, and the trade for Marcus Peters along with Bashaud Breeland, gives the Seahawks one of the best cornerback teams in the MOF. Jeremy Lane and Kam Chancellor round out arguably the best secondary in the MOF. Seattle is nuts for trading Wilson, that's for sure. They handicapped their team because the real issue is the offensive line. Can they win games still? Sure. They are in the right division. However keeping Wilson could have been a no brainer division win. We will have to see what Duran can do now.

This is a tricky division, because we dont really know how well the 49ers can do. I think the Rams, Cardinals, and Seahawks all have a fair shot to win this division with the 49ers just not having enough talent to compete. If you put a gun to my head i will lean towards the Rams, and Seattle wouldve been my pick if they kept Wilson.



AFC MVP: Johnny Manziel (SD) NFC MVP: Aaron Rodgers (GB)
AFC Defensive MVP: Ryan Shazier (PIT) NFC Defensive MVP: Navorro Bowman (WAS)
AFC Coach Of The Year: Pauly2110 (NYJ) NFC Coach Of The Year: Lhu27 (GB)
AFC Comeback Coach Of The Year: MOF Comimsh (PIT) NFC Comeback Coach Of The Year: Kalikarpenter (LA)



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