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By LeetPenith
MOF Media Analyst
Published Saturday, December 3, 201


Welcome ladies and gentleman to Leet's season 39 predictions. This will start to be a tradition and seperate from the MOF's official season predictions. Enjoy!

AFC East Coach W L Comment
Jets Pauly2110 14 2 Pauly Mr Regular season. My biggest critque of Pauly for years has been his lack of offense. He showed last year that he has the skills of racking up yards and points
Bills MrRoclo 8 8 Roc will have a hard time repeating last years playoff run. The Wc blowout at the hands of the chargers is more of what we should excpect from him this season. 
Pats Hovadagod_23 6 10 An aging Tom Brady
Dolphins Ukcat98 4 12  
Pauly will be walking about with this division by week 8 with the rest of the AFC East looking for their gold clubs. Really no challenge for Pauly.
AFC North Coach W L Comment
Steelers  Commissioner Jeff 10 6 This is Jeffs year… 3rd times the charm? Jeff will go 10-6 again and make a playoff run. But will he just be one and done like years past? Probably. 
Ravens Cheef 9 7 Like every year Cheef starts off hot when the game comes out then kind of flat lines the rest of the year. I do see him making the playoffs though and being a contender all season
Browns Bengalsonly7 2 14 Bad teams are tough in win with in All Madden CFM. Unless he hit some home runs in the draft excpect him to emulate the real life browns
Bengals Mizaan 4 12  
This division will go down to the wire with a coin toss going really for Jeff or Cheff. You can excpect a WC birth coming from this division.
AFC South Coach W L Comment
Colts Ygold90 10 6 Ygold showed last year he had the skills to win this division by a game. With Shawty quiting and a returning Alex not sure anyone here has the fire power to over throw him.
Texans Latinyank 4 12 TURN YOUR MIC OFF!!
Jags Krayzie300 9 7 I like the young roster and I think Krayzie will benefit from a years worth of XP. Just not quite enough to make the playoffs.
Titans Texmexgalvan 8 8  
This division too will come down to the last few weeks. I like Ygold to take it but don’t count out Krayzie. Just have to see how upgraded the Jags roster is.
AFC West Coach W L Comment
Chargers Jonesy 14 2 This is Jonesys division to lose.  No disrespect to the Champ but Jones arguably the best player in MOF right now with unmatched user skill. He is still a dumb redneck though.
Broncos Dre 13 3 Dre breezed throught he playoffs last year on his way to his first MOF title.  Best defensive roster in the game and a great 3rd down blitz it will be hard to score on him. With that WR squad and Lynch having a year under his belt it will be easy for him to score on you.
Chiefs Leet 8 8 Excpect a middle of the road performance from Leet this season. As in years past his defense is suspect but you can count on him to put up big numbers.
Raiders Lap1993 5 11 Trading away Carr and putting a rookie in at starter… going to be a long year for him in this division.
The heavyweight division. This division has produced 3 of the last Super Bowl winners and it will be a dog fight. In the end it will be too much Jonesy and Dre
Playoff Seeding        


I feel like Pauly and Jonesy are the class of the AFC and the class of the MOF. The only issue I have with pauly is can his deplted roster produce enough fire power to stop Jonesys one play TDs? I like Jonesy winning the AFC title and the Super Bowl. Too much user skill for the rest of the league to over come.


NFC East Coach W L Comment
Dallas Q 13 3 Q comes back with a vengance and his QB actually plays a full 16 games. He has to run through arguably the best division in the MOF. With his steady QB play look for Q to be the favorite in most of his games.
Skins Betts 13 3 Our angry skins fan. Betts is a natural at the game and always is a challenger for the playoffs. He added some major pieces with Earl Thomas and Bowman so his already good D is only going to get better.
Eagles Mrosado 10 6 Eagles lost on a tie breaker last season to just miss out. Mrosado is getting a better feel for MOF and I sense will start making some moves up the ladder.
Giants Natureboy 5 11 Havent seen much out of natureboy over the last few seasons. Not sure what hes capable of.
The real heavy weight division. Best thing about this division is Q, Betts and Mrosado are using their real life favorite teams. I see this divison being decided late in the season. With Q taking the divison title and Eagles and Skins taking the wild cards.
NFC North Coach W L Comment
Vikings BigReg 10 6 Reg plays in a lot of leagues and seems like a guy who gets better as the madden season goes on. 
Packers Lhu27 9 7 Dan is the opposite of Reg his play gets worse as the season goes on due to lack of play. Look for dan to have a good season but come up short in the play off hunt
Lions Sweetaz 6 10  
Bears Aaronpgh13 0 16 A A Ron will be booted fairly early so I see the bears as floundering until we can get them a steady owner.
Another close division.  I tip the scale in favor of Reg as I know his game improves over the season. Dan just doesn’t put the time in but that doesn’t mean count him out. Give the edge to Reg (rymes ha!) to finish strong at the end.
NFC South Coach W L Comment
Saints DoubleD187 11 5 I watched a few of the Saints game last season and I was impressed with what I saw. He is a legit baller and I except him to make a deep playoff run.
Bucs Jfon 9 7 Ole Jfon has a lot of potential and loses a lot of close games. A good year for him but playoffs Im not sure.
Falcons  Trig 8 8 The NFC champ from last season will have some trouble  this season as the league figures out he only throws corner routes. Once the league figure out what cloud coverage is his playoff days will be over.
Panthers Dpanther 7 9 I liked what Ive seen from Dpanther in the 2 games Ive played him. His defense is really good and if he can get his 3rd down % up I see him improving season after season.
Double D should have a fairly easy time in this division. I think Jfon will compete early but fade down the stretch.  If Jfon can win some of the games hes suppose to win then it will be a different story. I do not excpet it to happen. 
NFC West Coach W L Comment
Seahawks Duran 9 7 Duran has to be the heavy favorite in probably the worse division in the MOF. Hes got the best team even though he traded his best player… time will tell how that move will pay off.
Cards Pettijew 8 8 Pet is struggling the last few season of madden. Needs a full game overhaul to get back to the Pett we all know and love
Rams Kali 8 8 Kali is just to inconsistent. But being in such a weak division can only help his playoff chances.
49ers C Dubb 2 14 Havent seen enough out of him to really make a good read. His last years 1-15 record kinda says it all.
Don’t be surprised if the winner of this division has a losing record. This division is a mess and the only bright spot is Duran has the best team and should win the divison based on that. Regardless the winner of this division will be one and done in the playoffs. 
Playoff Seeding        


I have the NFC coming down to the NFC east. I have Skins and Eagles meeting in the NFC championship game for the ultimate trash talk bowl with the Eagles using some late season youtube plays to squeak by Betts and head to the super bowl. It will all be for nothing as whoever comes out of the AFC should make light work of the Eagles. The better super bowl matchup would be Betts or Q representing the NFC...


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